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What is the Best UL Bivy?
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Jeremy Best
(ultralitejer) - F
What is the Best UL Bivy? on 01/16/2005 22:05:55 MST Print View

I have been a R&R packer for a long time and in the last few years have been refining my gear to an ultra light system. This year I plan to have a base load of 6 to 8 Lbs. with fishing gear. I am looking at buying the WM Ultralight bag and using the Montbel UL Bivy (Gore II) or the Bozeman Quantum Bivy. Of course I will carry a tarp, but in the Sierra Nevada Mountains it usually is very dry. Is the Gore just overkill? Is the bag the best for me?
Last year I carried a A16 Bug Bivy, Tyvek 5x7, and sleeped in my Moonstone Lucid 800 and was fine. It did sprinkle a few times, but I just used the shelter of the Tyvek.
Please give me some feedback.
Thanks Jeremy

Joel Hansen
(zuker88) - F
What is the Best UL Bivy on 01/18/2005 02:02:44 MST Print View

The WM UL bag is a work of art. IT roughly has the same fill rating that your moonstone has but weighs 6oz less.
You could check out the Arc-type hoodless bags if you wanted a higher warmth/weight ratio.

David Neumann
(idahomtman) - M

Locale: Northern Idaho
MontBell U.L. Bivy on 01/18/2005 16:22:06 MST Print View

I have a MontBell U.L. Bivy and have used it with success here in Idaho under similar conditions to the Sierra. It is light and compact and I have not experienced condensation problems during the summer or early fall. I carry a small tarp or poncho to provide additional protection and use a head net when bugs are a problem. I have no experience with the BL Bivy.

Jeremy Best
(ultralitejer) - F
UL Bivy on 01/18/2005 19:39:27 MST Print View

Thanks guys,
Joel I will look into the hoodless sleeping systems, though I usually sleep a bit cold. Oddly enough my feet never seem to get cold so I guess I am not that cold.
Dave, The condensation is one of my concerns. Second is the Gore just over kill. But if it works well with your system then I'd bet it will with mine.

If any one has used the Bozeman please let me know.
Thanks Jeremy (Not Jerome)

carlos fernandez rivas
(pitagorin) - MLife

Locale: Galicia -Spain
montbell and BMW bivies on 01/24/2005 01:36:09 MST Print View

I have both ... the montbell is really light and compact, i experienced some frozen condensation with sub cero (ºc) temperatures but its a common problem with ALL the bivy bags in this aspect (condensation) the montbell is the best waterproof Bivy that i tried. The only serious problem that I found is that the gore is worn out im some places (specially in the hood zone)

The BMW is ligther (some grams, has a bug net is wider and yo can close the hood (i prefer a fully closed hood in cold temperatures), its more breathable but is not 100% condensation free..... because the silnylon floor in subzero (Cº) i experienced the same frozen condensation problem
REmember that in both cases the condensation is low, but exist.

If you use tarp I think that the BMW is a better option I didn´t use tarp (mainly alpine use) for this reason i use the montbell when i expect bad weather and the BMW in other situations.

Spain (sorry for my english :-(

Jeremy Best
(ultralitejer) - F
UL Bivy (Carlos from Spain) on 01/26/2005 22:36:47 MST Print View

Thanks for the insight Carlos. Also it is awesome to hear from Spain! With the internet as a tool to foresee storms I never go if it may become an issue. Usually it is very dry here in the Sierra Mt range and I don't really need much protection except for the mosquitos. I was settled on the BMW but I guess they don't ship until November.
Thanks again,
Jeremy (California)

carlos fernandez rivas
(pitagorin) - MLife

Locale: Galicia -Spain
good election on 01/27/2005 03:10:02 MST Print View

I think that is the best election but be patient with the shipping delays ;-)



Inaki Diaz de Etura
(inaki) - MLife

Locale: Iberia highlands
UL bivy and contact on 01/28/2005 08:24:04 MST Print View

I have the BMW bivy and have also experienced some frozen condensation on snow in sub-freezing temps but for the kind of use you mention I think it's the best choice. Nothing different from what you've already been told (and I'm not the kind who speaks just to state the obvious or already known) but let me please hijack the thread as I don't know of a way to make personal contact. Carlos, I'd love to hear from you, you may understand why as this is not the place where I'd expect to meet other people from Spain. You can find me if you want at ietura at wanadoo dot es

Jeremy Best
(ultralitejer) - F
Best UL Bivy on 01/30/2005 22:58:29 MST Print View

Nice Guys!

That is pretty cool! But Have Either of you guys heard of the Equinox Bivy? It weighs in at 6.5 oz. (I wish they posted grams) and is basically the same bivy. But is costs only $49! Is it too good to be true?


Michael Martin
(MikeMartin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: North Idaho
Equinox Bivy on 02/05/2005 12:14:17 MST Print View

Umm, I have to disagree with Kevin. The top of the Equinox Bivy is a DWR treated nylon which has even greater air-permeability than Pertex Quantum. The silnylon bottom material does wrap up somewhat farther in the footbox and hood area than the BMW bivy, but it is still a good design and a great value. It does have a couple of limitations, though:

It does not provide any bug protection.

It is more snug fitting than the BMW product. If you have a thick winter bag, expect some loft compression in the footbox.

It is short. If you're over 5'10" (178cm) or so, I'd look elsewhere.

Edited by MikeMartin on 02/05/2005 12:33:50 MST.