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What kind of pot, mug or kettle do you use?
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bobby c
(bobbycartwright) - F

Locale: i don't need no stinkin badges!
What kind of pot, mug or kettle do you use? on 07/09/2008 11:37:37 MDT Print View

Just trying to get a feel for what sort of UL cookware everyone's using. I think stoves, windscreens, utensils and the like have been covered very well in other threads, but pots, mugs, kettles, etc haven't been discussed enough.

So what do you have in your pack? Volume, weight, manufacturer?

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Chris W
(simplespirit) - MLife

Locale: .
Depends on 07/09/2008 11:42:17 MDT Print View

I have a BPL Firelite 550 and a couple of Evernew non-stick Ti pots (1.3L and 1.9L) for larger outings.

Andy Bailey
(AndyBailey) - F

Locale: The Great Plains
Cooking Pot on 07/09/2008 14:16:05 MDT Print View

I use a Kmart grease pot (cause I am a stingy guy). Costs less than $7.00 USD. Pretty light and has a very tight fitting lid. It is the perfect size for my Jim Falk 4-in-1 Cat stove.

Jeff Cadorin
(JeffCadorin) - F

Locale: paper beats rock
Re: What kind of pot, mug or kettle do you use? on 07/09/2008 14:31:47 MDT Print View

I just received my bpl trapper mug. Should be perfect for everything besides family trips. I am waiting for the release of the caldera to go with it.

Planning on picking up a bpl 1100 when they are re-released for the family trips. Finally be able to pickup the bushbuddy as well. I have had no reason to buy a stove that the pot is unavailable for...

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
JetBoil 1.5 L. on 07/09/2008 14:33:21 MDT Print View

I use a JetBoil 1.5 L. pot(but not the JB stove.)

This is THE most efficient pot I could find. Its Flux Ring corrugated bottom edge and neoprene sides AND wider bottom (more efficient than narrow bottoms) all work together to make this the fastest boiling pot around. The fast cooking time & reduced fuel use easily saved offsets any small extra weight of the JB 1.5 L. pot.

In winter it is great for melting snow with its larger capacity and low fuel use.


Jonathan Duckett
(Thunderhead) - F

Locale: Great Smoky Mountains
Re: What kind of pot, mug or kettle do you use? on 07/09/2008 14:54:36 MDT Print View

I use the MSR titan kettle. Hasn't let me down yet. Works great solo, and I can cook in it for two people.

Nick Chen
(fleetparadox) - F

Locale: Socal
Le Creuset on 07/09/2008 15:17:26 MDT Print View

I have this Le Creuset 5.5 Quart Stockpot.

It's cast iron and really heats up well. Unfortunately it is over the 9 lb weight limit of my scale so I don't know how much it weighs.

Actually, I carry a 0.9L Evernew (REI) Ti pot. Love the handles and snug lid. It fits my windscreen, pot stand, and stove perfectly.

Adam Rothermich
(aroth87) - F

Locale: Missouri Ozarks
Re: What kind of pot, mug or kettle do you use? on 07/09/2008 15:18:34 MDT Print View

I have a Snow Peak Trek 700 mug. 700 mL capacity (I guess, I've never actually measured the useful volume because I've never used it for more than boiling 2 cups of water), weighs about 3 oz or so (if you replace the steel lid with foil).

I used to just like the mug, but with the recent addition of a Caldera Cone system, I have a feeling I will probably grow to love it.


Sarah Kirkconnell
(sarbar) - F

Locale: In the shadow of Mt. Rainier
Re: What kind of pot, mug or kettle do you use? on 07/09/2008 15:50:58 MDT Print View

I have many I vary between. Depends on what I am using it for - for simple trips it is either my Primus or my GSI tea kettles.

I had a MSR Titan I used to use as well.

I also have a couple Ti cups (MSR and Snowpeak) for broiling a cup of water.

My favorite pot currently is my GSI Soloist. Yes, it is heavier and that is ok - I like it for its setup. If all 3 of us go I take the GSI Dualist.

But yeah.....I have many to choose from. I like to buy ;-)

Levi Allen
(leviallen) - F

Locale: Outdoors Somewhere!
pot on 07/09/2008 16:18:42 MDT Print View

I have all the jetboil stuff currently. I also have the BPL 1100 and I am working with it to lower weight but I love to eat so I will have to put i through its phases to see if it can replace the jetboil stuff.

Gail Lusk
(AlohaTink) - F

Locale: In the Middle of No Where!
"What kind of pot, mug or kettle do you use?" on 07/09/2008 16:41:02 MDT Print View

When Solo I love my MSR Titan Kettle w/ Lid (volume=.85 liters weight = 4.5 oz not exactly ultra light but dependable and the lid never pops off - no hot water burns :))

Two or three people I use the Caldera Cone Stove System with a Antigravity Gear 2 qt Pot w/ Lid (weight= 5.9 oz)

If my Titan ever wears out though I have my eye on the Evernew TI Volume= 0.9 weight = 4.05 oz)or REI (both the same)

or perhaps the Snow Peak Titanium Mini Solo Cookset for a 10 ounce cup and a 28 fl oz pot with lid all for just 5.5 ounces sounds pretty good to me, I can ditch my green measuring cup.

Nia Schmald
(nschmald) - MLife
Re: What kind of pot, mug or kettle do you use? on 07/09/2008 17:06:38 MDT Print View

I use an AGG 3-cup anodized aluminum. It is very light once I replaced the lid, comparable to most of the titanium stuff and much cheaper. I like the wide bottom for more efficient heating.

On my last trip I added a strip of silicone tape around the outside so it can be handled while hot. Seamed to work reasonably well but needs more testing before I recommend it.

Pot: 2.5 oz
lid: 1.5 oz
lid made from oven liner: 3g

Edited by nschmald on 07/09/2008 17:09:14 MDT.

Tom Kirchner
(ouzel) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest/Sierra
Re: What kind of pot, mug or kettle do you use? on 07/09/2008 17:34:33 MDT Print View

Evernew Titanium Tea Kettle-25 oz capacity
4.8 oz.
Nests a large fuel canister(220 g of fuel) nicely.
Rubber coated folding handles

Edited by ouzel on 07/09/2008 17:35:10 MDT.

Mike W
(skopeo) - F

Locale: British Columbia
Re: What kind of pot, mug or kettle do you use? on 07/09/2008 18:15:54 MDT Print View


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Michael Davis
(mad777) - F

Locale: South Florida
Re: What kind of pot, mug or kettle do you use? on 07/09/2008 18:58:54 MDT Print View

I always camp with my wife so my kitchen setp is geared for two. During 3 seasons we use a 0.9 L Vargo ti pot and for frozen winter trips we use the 1.3 L Vargo ti pot. They weigh 4 & 5 oz. respectively.

Although I am very happy with them, in retrospect, a Kmart grease pot, with handle removed, would probably be just a serviceable for a lot less money and not significantly different in weight. That would leave some money to lighten up elsewhere.

Then again, ti is cool and so am I, well, as long as I use ti cookware :-)

Seriously though, I use the Caldera cone in 3 season camping and I would not buy a pot that isn't compatible with it.

George Matthews
(gmatthews) - MLife
Re: Re: What kind of pot, mug or kettle do you use? on 07/09/2008 19:09:05 MDT Print View

BPL Trapper w/ Ti Wing (solid fuel)

FireLite SUL-1100 w/ Bushbuddy Ultra (wood)

MSR Kettle w/ homemade cat OR trangia (alcohol)

BD 2L and 1.5L pots with MSR Dragonfly (white gas)

b s
(smyth) - F
Re: What kind of pot, mug or kettle do you use? on 07/09/2008 21:08:33 MDT Print View

Snow Peak Ti Mini Solo pot. Works well for two cup or less meals with my alcohol stove setup. Just wish the pot had volume measurements as I don't carry the mug/measuring cup too often.

Edited by smyth on 07/09/2008 21:11:19 MDT.

Steve B
(geokite) - F

Locale: Southern California
Brasslite on 07/09/2008 22:50:19 MDT Print View

Brasslite 550 ml Titanium Mug combined with a caldera cone and a homemade cozy.


Kyle Rosenberger
(kyler55) - F

Locale: Greater Yellowstone
Re: Re: What kind of pot, mug or kettle do you use? on 07/09/2008 23:24:13 MDT Print View

I used to use a Titan kettle which is a great choice, I switched to a Base Designs titanium 550 with handles a while back.

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: What kind of pot, mug or kettle do you use? on 07/10/2008 05:12:26 MDT Print View

I like my pot/mug to house my entire kitchen -- everything (stove, lighter, fuel, towel, spork) in one place.

For my canister stove set up -- I use Snow Peak 600 pot/mug with a homemade lid.

For my alcohol stove set up -- I use FireLite 550 pot/mug.