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4 season gear list himalya backpacking
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raj nag
(rajnag21) - F

Locale: Currently NY
4 season gear list himalya backpacking on 06/28/2008 16:03:50 MDT Print View

Hi All,
I'm pretty new to backpacking in general. I figured I could ask you knowledgeable folks about the kind of gear I would need for multi week backpacking trips in the himalayan and ladakh areas.
I plan to make these trips regularly every year. So I'm looking for durable items.I currently live in NY.
I've also bought a bora 95 pack(not lightweight !!!!) which may not fit with a light weight approach but given that I know how rough Indian buses and other modes of transport are I really don't want tears etc messing up my plans in the last minute.
I'm looking for any and all suggestions !
This is an example of gear list that I saw on a commercial trekking agency's site:


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larry savage
(pyeyo) - F

Locale: pacific northwest
lots of gear lists everywhere, buy a pack lock on 06/28/2008 19:14:14 MDT Print View

You shouldn't have any trouble getting people to toss gear lists at you but you should consider a backpack security system like the pac-safe.
It is astounding how quickly stuff disappers in India and Nepal while getting about....of course you can buy it all back the next day in Kathmandu. I'm not trying to single out a particular group of people, I've "lost" more equipment at Norte America trailheads then anywhere else in the world. Actually the only thing I've ever had stolen was a pot on one of the Mexican volcanos and it's a fair chance it was a rodent.
Theft,slash and run, and bakeesh[another different form of theft] seem to becoming more common reading around the climbing and trekking blogs. I think Lonely Planet has some content relating to this.

raj nag
(rajnag21) - F

Locale: Currently NY
4 season gear possibilities on 06/29/2008 08:29:04 MDT Print View

Thanks but I nepal is not on the list right this moment. It's just that it'd be great if people who have done such trips in himalayas/similar alpine environments could share their gear list, I could have a general discussion with them and start buying stuff.

I have looked at NOLS list and would like to go as lightweight as possible without sacrificing safety/durability too much.
Check the course description and Equipment Lists:

1)I would go with western mountaineering bag. If the maximum I want to aim for is -20, what is the temp rating I can get away with. Some one suggested a 10 degree higher bag is ok as you can make up the rest with a bag liner/clothing combo/vapor liner.

2)I know the safe choice is capilene or smartwool's merino for base and the r1 hoody/LS Featherweight PowerDry Zip Neck for midlayers.Houdini wind shirt /similar stuff would be the next layer followed by Micropuff Vest/Thermawrap Vest + PolarBuff.Micropuff Pullover/Thermawrap Jacket + GoLite SnowCap would be the last layer.

To be more accurate I could calculate dry Iclu clo value of the ensemble I wish to

Is this accurate ? This post is six months old. Is there any changes to these layers in terms of newer products that any of you wish to share with me ?
3)This post only talk about 0 f. what if it's lower than that. How would I make up for it in terms of clothing

4)Which brand backpacking boots,mountaineering boots,snow shoes are recommended ? I know la sportiva makalu,koflach arctis,msr ascent/yowies/northern lites are possibilities.
Any insulating wear jackets,belay jackets etc recommended. I missed the das parka sale :(

5)Gaiters are pretty much decided with OR crocs being the most used ones.polar bluff neck gaiters look good.
How about gloves ?

I would appreciate any and all guidance. I am also trying to keep costs reasonable but also realize a lot of equipment is going to last a long time.
Lastly I'm of Indian origin and plan to go back. So I would like to take as much gear as possible back with me.

Jack H.
(Found) - F

Locale: Sacramento, CA
Re: 4 season gear list himalya backpacking on 06/29/2008 09:16:10 MDT Print View

4 season?? Are you planning on being out in the high areas mid winter? Or down in the lowlands? What type of skis are you bringing?

raj nag
(rajnag21) - F

Locale: Currently NY
himlayan trekking routes on 06/29/2008 09:45:04 MDT Print View

I'm planning on trekking some of the popular mountain passes,routes etc. Please check my first post as an example for the kind of routes I plan to do.

Here's one from one of the indian state government agency. These are some of the main routes I plan to undertake:

I also plan to live in the area. Skiing is a possibility( I did not want to clutter the post So did not talk about it.
I plan to start out with snowshoes.

raj nag
(rajnag21) - F

Locale: Currently NY
trek routes on 07/04/2008 13:41:50 MDT Print View

here are some pictures of the trek routes I plan to do

List :

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