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Durango to Silverton
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Kevin Sawchuk
(ksawchuk) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Northern California
Durango to Silverton on 06/17/2008 23:15:32 MDT Print View

I'm looking for advice on how to get from Durango to Silverton August 2. I arrive around 1pm and would like to backpack the Hardrock 100 mile course then back to Durango on the Colorado trail but Saturday the 9th.

If there is any bus service, public transportation or if someone wants to make some $$ shuttling I'd appreciate your input. If any speedy hiker wants to partner with me I'd love the company. However I'm thinking of 30-35 miles per day.

The narrow gauge train/bus service doesn't seem to have a schedule that works (I want to get started Saturday the 2nd not Sunday.)


PM me or email ksawchuk at

Richard Matthews
(food) - F

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Greyhound? on 06/18/2008 07:31:49 MDT Print View

Problem is it leaves at 11:15am daily. You would have a overnight layover.

Kevin Sawchuk
(ksawchuk) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Northern California
Silverton Shuttle on 06/18/2008 09:44:49 MDT Print View

Thanks. The bus leaves at 6:45am according to the Greyhound schedule so if I had to overnight I'd at least get an early start Sunday. It costs only $17 which is pretty sweet--comparing with $300 for a car.

joe w
(sandalot) - F
Durango to silverton on 06/18/2008 16:59:24 MDT Print View


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Kevin Sawchuk
(ksawchuk) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Northern California
Yeah!! on 06/18/2008 17:20:10 MDT Print View

This seems like a great deal. They said airport pickup and Silverton drop off for $60-80. Not cheap but I'm happy to pay it.

Klas Eklof
(klaseklof) - MLife

Locale: Northern California
Itinerary? on 06/18/2008 21:42:23 MDT Print View

I'm curious to know your itineray Kevin.

If you don't want to know about camp sites, stop reading.
Some super nice spots that are really high but campable:
- Maggie-Pole Pass (yes water) or Green Mountain Valley
- Top of Handies (no water, but you can load up close by or melt snow)
- Upper Bear Creek Basin (north side of Engineer)
- Upper Marshall Basin or Upper Governor Basin
- Upper Bridal Veil Basin
- Island Lake



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Kevin Sawchuk
(ksawchuk) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Northern California
Thanks! on 06/18/2008 23:17:23 MDT Print View

I plan to do the trip counter-clockwise so that when I get back to the Colorado Trail I'll just keep on heading into Durango.

I love high camps and if the night was right (no clouds/impending storms) camping on top of a fourteener would be cool (though perhaps not as conducive to recovery and a hard next day). My camps are determined by (in order of importance) view/beauty, comfort, availability of "stuff" like water/wood. I'll make some notes on my map and see if some of these would work out. Thanks.

Klas Eklof
(klaseklof) - MLife

Locale: Northern California
high camp on 06/29/2008 11:31:43 MDT Print View

During my race in '06, arrived at the top of Handies just in time to watch the sunrise, and here was a group of spectators who had bivy'd on the summit:


Kevin Sawchuk
(ksawchuk) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Northern California
WOW! on 06/29/2008 22:02:23 MDT Print View

Looks like a cool camp--I'll carry water or have dinner lower.

Kevin Sawchuk
(ksawchuk) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Northern California
Re: Yeah!! on 07/29/2008 17:56:21 MDT Print View

Well Hermosa Tours backed out leaving me in the lurch for Saturday. I can do Greyhound or if anyone happens to be heading from Durango to Silverton on Saturday afternoon I'll happily pay for gas.

Craig Burton

Locale: Smoky Mountains
Narrow Gauge? on 08/09/2008 07:14:20 MDT Print View

What was the problem with the Narrow Gauge rail? The first time I was in the area (maybe 6 years ago?), I recalled trains leaving Durango at around 8am every morning; and it was the most spectacular train ride I've ever been on!

Edited by MissingUtah on 08/09/2008 07:16:19 MDT.

Kevin Sawchuk
(ksawchuk) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Northern California
Re: Narrow Gauge? on 08/11/2008 18:12:35 MDT Print View

Trip is now done and was spectcular--especially the lightening storms.

Narrow gague didn't have convenient times. Thanks.

Christopher Plesko
(Pivvay) - F

Locale: Rocky Mountains
durango to silverton on 08/11/2008 18:41:41 MDT Print View

Hermosa Tours is run by a friend of mine but it looks like you already found them. Have a fun trip!

EDIT: Whoops they backed out? Crap. Maybe email my buddy directly at XXXX and see if he can do it?

EDIT AGAIN: Evidently reading comprehension is not my best skill...

Edited by Pivvay on 08/11/2008 18:45:58 MDT.

carl geers
(cgeers) - F
Getting to and from Silverton and the various trail heads in Southwestern Colorado. on 06/06/2011 17:11:35 MDT Print View

Buck Horn Limousine is run by a friend of mine and he offers, despite the name, really inexpensive shuttles to and from any destination in the southwest. He knows his stuff and spends thirty plus days backpacking in the Weminuche and the San Juans every Summer.

Call this number 970-769-0933 and tell them Carl sent you. He can transport up to 7 people with gear at a time in a super clean new suburban. Why ride in a bus?

Visit his web site at