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Not sure what this fabric is.
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Caitlin Guyton
(Cait_n_Josh) - F
Not sure what this fabric is. on 06/14/2008 08:02:52 MDT Print View

I found some fabric in the dollar a yard bin at Walmart. It is a grayish color and it frays around the edges. It some sort of ripstop but it is not waterproof. You can breath through it but it takes some effort. Water will drip through it when I leave it sitting on it. I know this will not be good for a tarp but I'm trying to figure out if it would be good for a quilt. If noone can determine the type of fabric from this description would anyone be willing to let me mail them a sample?


victoria maki
(clt1953) - F

Locale: northern minnesota
fabric on 06/14/2008 09:06:38 MDT Print View

caitlin. sounds like you picked up a piece of nylon acetate. it is used for under layment and linings. as you found out it is not water resistant or wind could use it as a lining, but i guess i wouldn't use it next to my bare skin, as it would be alittle warm and would be sweaty. hope this helps...vicky