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How about your Sub-10 list
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Jason Brinkman
(jbrinkmanboi) - MLife

Locale: Idaho
How about your Sub-10 list on 06/09/2008 16:48:36 MDT Print View

Sub-1 has been interesting, and sub-5 is pretty educational, but how about a thread for the rest of the UL community?

I believe that RJ considers a 10 lb base weight to be the UL cutoff. So let's see you sub-10 lists. Bonus points for pictures.

I just uploaded my proposed list for this summer (some gear still in the mail). Feedback welcome and encouraged as always.

Rocky Mountain Summer 3-day Gear List

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George Matthews
(gmatthews) - MLife
Re: How about your Sub-10 list on 06/09/2008 17:40:43 MDT Print View

Looks impressive to me.

Trappers mug and wing stove! We should be able to load up the reader reviews on the Trappers mug soon.

Jamie Shortt
(jshortt) - MLife

Locale: North Carolina
How about your Sub-10 list on 06/09/2008 18:23:11 MDT Print View

Jason, This looks like a solid list. What is the minimum temperature you think you get by with? You are even using the Murmur...looks like you recently did some shopping. Nice job.

The only thing that jumped out is if you expect temps below the 50's I would definitely add a fleece cap. I think the extra 1.5 oz would do a lot for regulating temps especially since you are using a vest as your insulator. BTW my sub 10 lb list is in my profile...looks like we have many similar pieces, but I must say mine is not formatted as nice as yours.


Klas Eklof
(klaseklof) - MLife

Locale: Northern California
Gear List - SHR Solo on 06/09/2008 22:50:26 MDT Print View

On my profile now.

My solo gearlist for Roper's Sierra High Route last summer just sneaks in under 10 pounds.

Please note it includes the following ballast:
- Ursack S29 w/ alum. liner
- Camera
- A lot of maps and 112 pages of written route description

Jason Brinkman
(jbrinkmanboi) - MLife

Locale: Idaho
Re: How about your Sub-10 list on 06/10/2008 11:01:49 MDT Print View

The Murmur is still in the mail, but my calcs say everything will fit inside (fingers crossed).

I have used this clothing system comfortably with daytime temps in the 40's and nighttime temps down into the 20's. I try to keep moving during daylight hours when it's below 50 degrees. The bivy and tarp overhead contribute to warmth at night, I always sleep in my base layers, and I can add the vest if necessary.

The fleece cap is a good suggestion, and something that I frequently add in the shoulder months (along with light gloves). I find that the Buff works pretty good as a hat when I need something extra over my ears and forehead (not unlike my avatar picture). The only real additional to make mine a full 3-season list would be dedicated rain jacket/pants, fleece hat, and gloves.

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Jonathan Ryan
(Jkrew81) - F - M

Locale: White Mtns
Re: Re: How about your Sub-10 list on 06/10/2008 12:07:11 MDT Print View

Looks like a pretty solid list Jason. I to am practice sub 10 for 95% of my trips. I just find that to get below 5 I need to leave stuff behind that I end up missing. While yes they are things I can live without, I enjoy my experience more with them (i.e. a pack with external pockets and my Torsolite). I have posted my list under my profile.

Thom Darrah
(thomdarrah) - MLife

Locale: Southern Oregon
" Sub-10 list" on 06/10/2008 12:56:33 MDT Print View

I have my Summer Sub-10 gear list ready to post. I made it in Excell, can I post in this format? Thanks for any help provided.

Jason Brinkman
(jbrinkmanboi) - MLife

Locale: Idaho
Re: " Sub-10 list" on 06/10/2008 13:29:29 MDT Print View

I think you should be able to post in Excel - most browsers will open it as an embedded document.

Christopher Holden
(back2basics) - F - MLife

Locale: Southeast USA
Re: " Sub-10 list" on 06/10/2008 15:38:09 MDT Print View

Last time I saw, it required pdf format. I have yet to find a decent AND FREE conversion tool.
Adobe Acrobat will do it too.

Siegmund Beimfohr
(SigBeimfohr) - M
Re: " Sub-10 list" / .PDF file on 06/10/2008 15:49:43 MDT Print View

Download and install the free PrimoPDF ( This creates a PDF "printer" on your computer and will create a PDF file from any printable program. Just select PrimoPDF in the printer dialog, supply a file name, and it writes a PDF file to the specified folder. Quick, easy, and free!

Adam Rothermich
(aroth87) - F

Locale: Missouri Ozarks
Re: Re: " Sub-10 list" on 06/10/2008 16:14:11 MDT Print View

OpenOffice has a "Export as PDF" option, as well as Office 2007 compatibility, and its completely free.


Christopher Holden
(back2basics) - F - MLife

Locale: Southeast USA
Re: Re: " Sub-10 list" / .PDF file on 06/10/2008 16:22:12 MDT Print View

PrimoPDF worked well. Thanks.
I suppose now I should finish my list.

Stephen Lastname
(hootyhoo) - F

Locale: East TN
Re: How about your Sub-10 list on 06/10/2008 19:00:50 MDT Print View

pdf conversion for free - try pdf995. I have been using it for about 4 years for my business and have had no problems.
Jason - how can I get the program that you used to post your list? Oh yeah, solid gear list - whats the sharpie for?

Thom Darrah
(thomdarrah) - MLife

Locale: Southern Oregon
"Sub-10 List" on 06/10/2008 19:22:58 MDT Print View

Casey Bowden helped me get my Sub-10 list into a PDF format (thank you) now I need to figure out how to attach it to my Profile for others to view.

* My list is now posted on my Profile, I look forward to hearing comments.

Edited by thomdarrah on 06/10/2008 19:50:45 MDT.

Tim Halberg
(Turtlehead) - F
slightly over 10... but..... on 06/11/2008 02:06:01 MDT Print View

My gear list is attached to my profile.

I'm just over the 10 pound mark, but, I am counting my bear canister...

Hopefully I'll get this list updated at the end of the week as my new gear arrives and I have a chance to trim stuff.

This list is for my through-hike of the JMT this summer and will be a 10 day hike.

Edited by Turtlehead on 06/11/2008 02:06:46 MDT.

Thom Darrah
(thomdarrah) - MLife

Locale: Southern Oregon
"Sub-10 Gear List" on 06/12/2008 13:24:07 MDT Print View

I have posted my Sub-10 Gear List (summer - three day hikes)on my BPL Profile, I welcome comments and or questions regarding this list. Thanks to Casey and others for their help in getting this formated and posted.

For summer trips much longer than three days, with no resupply, my only gear changes are replacing the MLD Exodus pack with a McHale LBP36 and also going to a trimmed gg thinlight pad. These changes add slightly over one pound to the listed pack/carry weight.

Edited by thomdarrah on 07/12/2008 06:24:18 MDT.

Frank Perkins

Locale: North East
Re: How about your Sub-10 list on 06/12/2008 15:19:48 MDT Print View

Here is my gear list which just makes it under 10lbs. It's a little tricky because I have shared gear: 3 season gear list with pictures. Where do I cash in my bonus points?

Jason Griffin
(JGriffinRN) - F
Trick Candle on 06/21/2008 21:54:26 MDT Print View

Hey Frank, that trick candle is a great idea..........those things are impossible to blow out.....consider it committed to my fire kit.

Russell Swanson
(rswanson) - F

Locale: Midatlantic
Re: Gear List - SHR Solo on 07/11/2008 09:13:01 MDT Print View


Hopefully you're out hiking the SHR and not reading this right now! If you do happen to be rading this, I see that you're planning on using the Ursack S29. I have one as well and I'm dreaming about the SHR sometime, maybe next year. I'm sure you know the SIBBG pulled the approval for the S29.

Are you concerned about the rangers when you have to roll thru Yosemite? Are you hiking S-N? If so, what about rangers at the S trailhead? I would much rather carry the S29 but am concerned about getting nabbed.


BTW, my avatar pic was taken right near the top of Vogelsang'll probably walk right next to that spot :)

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David T
(DaveT) - F
. on 07/11/2008 11:37:58 MDT Print View


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