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chlorine dioxide water treatment times
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Richard Mueller
(richca) - F - M

Locale: Western USA
chlorine dioxide water treatment times on 05/31/2008 11:25:48 MDT Print View

Both Aquamira and Klearwater chlorine dioxide water treatment mixes say that after 30 minutes the water is ready to drink. I understand that this treatment time is long enough for viruses and bacteria ( I believe), but is it long enough for protozoa and cysts like giardia and crytosporidium. A few years back I bought a pack of Micropur water treatment tablets and it said on the package that you should wait 4 hours for giardia and crytospordium. Then I was told that 30 minutes is long enough in clear water. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: chlorine dioxide water treatment times on 05/31/2008 11:38:07 MDT Print View

Although both use identical active ingredients, Micropur has three times the potency of Aqua Mira. Micropur is EPA registered and is allowed to advertise effectiveness against bacteria, protozoa (crypto, etc.) and viruses. AM is not EPA registered and mentions only treatment against bacteria (forbidden to mention effectiveness against the other two classes of baddies).

Treatment time for Micropur:

Bacteria and viruses -- 15 minutes regardless of water temp.
Protozoa - 30 minutes (room temp) -- all the way to 4 hours(!) if water is just about at freezing.