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Fenix LOD Super Clip and Mods
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(jhaura) - F

Locale: Trail
Fenix LOD Super Clip and Mods on 05/29/2008 20:32:26 MDT Print View

Looking at making a better clip for my Fenix LOD AAA pen light, I combined the OEM metal clip with the bottom half of an extra Photon Freedom Micro clip. Total weight of clip is 0.185 oz.

Also, I used a grinder to remove the protruding lip on the bottom of the light for a smoother hand and less weight. I don't use the keychain thingy. This shortened the light making it even better for a headlamp.

One might think this configuration would make it hard to switch the light through modes, but it is not. I chose to position the light to reduce the amount of protrusion making it less likely that the light gets knocked off the hat when going through tree limbs or when sleeping with it on (as I do since I wear all my clothes to bed including hat with light clipped on, makes it easy to light-up if needed). One could easily push the light forward so that the clip attaches to the body not the head of the light. This though will make the light stick out more.

Here's what I did:

1. Using a pulling force remove the lower clip part of a Photon hat clip. Pull hard! It won't break.

2. Take a Dremel with round sandpaper bit and grind the magnets and male attachment piece off.

3. Switch to a cutoff wheel and Dremel off the tail end of the Fenix OEM clip. The length of the metal clip should be such that when positioned onto Photon clip (detailed later) the Fenix clip ends right at the *teeth* on the Photon clip.

4. Bend Fenix OEM clip as shown in pictures, such that it tends to bend inward onto itself. This keeps the angle of the Fenix clip flush with the Photon clip. If you don't do this the light will point alittle upwards, no biggie, but not as nice of a fit.

5. Slide the Fenix clip onto the end of the Photon clip. Make sure the Fenix clip goes *under* the spring on the Photon clip. This provides tension keeping the Fenix clip in place.


Fenix LOD and Clip:


Showing parts with extra bits ground off:


Note angle of Fenix metal clip with bend inward:


Fenix LOD with keychain lip ground off:


Fenix metal clip should slide under spring:


On top of hat brim:


Or under hat brim:


Edited by jhaura on 05/29/2008 20:45:14 MDT.

ed short
(shortdottedline) - F
clips on 07/27/2008 23:34:43 MDT Print View

I use an adhesive dot of velcro, one on the cap bill one on the light sourse, simple cheap, light