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Patterns for Summer Quilt for Short Guy (5'6")?
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Michael Barber
(barber5) - F

Locale: Midwest
Patterns for Summer Quilt for Short Guy (5'6")? on 05/27/2008 21:19:53 MDT Print View

Anyone have a patter for a summer quilt for a short person? I am 5'6" and don't need to have a quilt for a 6' guy. Anyone done this and willing to help me out. Thinking of Climashield XP to insulate and silnylon or momentum shell.

Michael Barber
(barber5) - F

Locale: Midwest
Short Guys Unite!!! on 05/28/2008 20:14:27 MDT Print View

Help me with a Short Summer quilt.

Joe Westing
(pedro87) - F
Re: Short Guys Unite!!! on 05/28/2008 21:17:17 MDT Print View

As another short guy (5'6''), I would also be interested in a pattern. I have been planning on making a climashield quilt but have put it off due to heavy year-end schoolwork. However, the pattern would probably have to be modified anyway b/c everybody needs and/or wants different bag girth.

Bill Fornshell
(bfornshell) - MLife

Locale: Southern Texas
Re: Re: Short Guys Unite!!! on 05/28/2008 22:36:21 MDT Print View


Why do you need a special pattern?

Peter you have the right idea. Just that any quilt pattern and shorten the top and any other part necessary to fit you. This isn't rocket science.

Do it with some very cheap material first and when you get it the way you like it - take it apart and use it for your pattern.

David Erekson
(finallyME) - F

Locale: Utah desert
Patterns for Summer Quilt for Short Guy (5'6")? on 05/29/2008 07:47:49 MDT Print View

I'm with Bill here. You don't need a pattern. Let me apologize to the OP first for my rant. It is not directed at you personally, just an observation I have seen several times here on the MYOG pages.

There really aren't that many patterns for MYOG out there. If there are, you have to pay, because someone had to spend time making them understandable for others to follow. There are a few dedicated souls out there that do make patterns for everyone to use, and we really appreciate it, but this is a rarity. Also most OEM's who have patterns, don't want others making their stuff.
Most of the people here who make stuff don't use patterns either, because they are making it up as they go along. A good practice for this is (as Bill recommended) to buy cheap $1 a yard fabric and make a mock-up. A tarp and quilt really don't need patterns because of their simplicity. You should be able to just look at pictures of other projects of quilts and tarps and that be enough. Clothing is harder and does require a pattern, but you can find those at a sewing store. And, if I can make a backpack without a pattern, anyone can. I know it seems a daunting task, especially with expensive high performance fabric, but that is why you make one with cheap fabric first and learn for yourself.

Edited by finallyME on 05/29/2008 07:49:45 MDT.

Tim Marshall
(MarshLaw303) - MLife

Locale: Minnesota
Re: Patterns for Summer Quilt for Short Guy (5'6")? on 05/29/2008 10:44:37 MDT Print View

in the above thread easty posted pics and a sketch of a down quilt he made.

His quilt @ 58" is wider than anything i've used, and i weigh 300lbs, but recently i have been thinking i'd like more room so it doesn't always have to be tucked so mummy tight.

Just look at what he did and revise based on your needs.

Remember a quilt is just a sandwich. shells right sides together and insulation on top. sew around the whole thing, leaving only a 10" open section on the bottom, turn inside out and close up. I like to add drawstring tubes top and bottom and a couple cinch straps, just put them in there where you want them and pin before you sew it shut.

Michael Davis
(mad777) - F

Locale: South Florida
Re: Patterns for Summer Quilt for Short Guy (5'6")? on 05/29/2008 11:16:15 MDT Print View


I made a double quilt using Momentum and Climashield XP.
You mentioned silnylon as an option ... I wouldn't recommend that because of it's total lack of breathability.

I also agree with other posters, just wing it with cheap material! I've even used painter's plastic drop cloths for Home Depot to play with!

David Wills
(willspower3) - F
Re: Re: Patterns for Summer Quilt for Short Guy (5'6")? on 05/29/2008 13:31:44 MDT Print View

a starting place would be 72"x52"x42" given an average girth