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Sleep Apena & Backpacking
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Shawn DeShazo
(sdeshazo) - F
Sleep Apena & Backpacking on 05/26/2008 10:51:04 MDT Print View

I'm new to backpacking but have the chance to go on a Backpack Elk Hunt this September in Idaho with a friend. I'm in good health, 36 years old but I have sleep apnea & I'm wondering how to over come needing my cpap machine at night?

I guess the first thing would be to get in the best shape & just plan on not sleeping on my back, but did not now if others had similar problems & how they were over come.

I've heard of people taking car batteries & solar charges but carrying a batter is not an option.

Also if the sleep apnea is not enough I live in Florida so the altitude with the sleep apnea really have me wondering if I need to go or not.

Thanks for all the help.

Mike Little
(Mentalfloss1) - F

Locale: NW Oregon
Same here on 05/26/2008 12:09:12 MDT Print View

I had sleep apnea and tried the Cpap in a sleep lab. Very quickly I realized that I'd not be able to take the thing backpacking so I asked about alternatives. They offered the Pilar procedure. It was easy and effective and no Cpap needed. (I never used one except in the sleep lab.)
All the usuals apply too. If you're overweight, lose the weight. Some folks say that a decongestant helps. The old tennis ball sewn into the pocket of a t-shirt worn backward will keep you off your back.