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GoLite Chrome Dome? or other umbrellas
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(sheilabaynes) - F
... on 05/21/2008 15:35:59 MDT Print View


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Richard DeLong
(Legkohod) - MLife

Locale: Eastern Europe / Caucasus
Chrome Dome on 05/21/2008 15:42:46 MDT Print View

Yes, it's tough. Francis Tapon used one during his CDT thru-hike, as have many others, with no reports of breaking that I know of. If winds are super strong, you can let it fold a bit and support it with your body rather than relying on the tines alone.

The chrome feature is really nice and provides real shade unlike cloth alone.

It's not really big enough for two people unless you're just standing still. It covers the top of your pack well though, when using it for yourself.

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(sheilabaynes) - F
... on 05/21/2008 16:03:11 MDT Print View


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Richard DeLong
(Legkohod) - MLife

Locale: Eastern Europe / Caucasus
Re: Chrome Dome on 05/21/2008 16:09:20 MDT Print View

Let me measure... 25 inches. I think the design of this umbrella is pretty complete. It's been improved a couple times, and it really is light (7.8 oz).

jim jimson
(Magnum_Opus) - F
reflective on 05/21/2008 16:44:12 MDT Print View

how reflective is it

like could it be used as a signaling device in a pinch?

Eric Noble
(ericnoble) - MLife

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Re: GoLite Chrome Dome? or other umbrellas on 05/21/2008 17:06:12 MDT Print View

I just bought the Montbell Ultralight Treking Umbrella. It's a little lighter at 5.2 oz and seems tough enough, but I need to actually put it to the test. I had it on an outing this past weekend but we had no wind nor rain, drat.

Richard DeLong
(Legkohod) - MLife

Locale: Eastern Europe / Caucasus
Re: reflective on 05/21/2008 17:07:29 MDT Print View

less reflective than a space blanket

Robert McGaughey
(havoc) - F

Locale: North Texas
Birdiepal umbrellas on 05/21/2008 20:55:47 MDT Print View

You might also consider the liteflex swing umbrella by Birdiepal. It weighs just under 8 oz, is 25 inches tall, 39 inches wide, and is available with a silver reflective coating, like the Chrome Dome. Check it out at
If you search around on the site you can find a video of the wind tunnel test, bulldozer test, and ater test. Here is all I could find at the moment

I think both the Golite Chrome Dome and Birdiepal Liteflex would be durable enough for a long hike. best of luck and let us know what you choose and how it works out for you.

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Monty Montana
(TarasBulba) - MLife

Locale: Rocky Mountains
Re: GoLite Chrome Dome? or other umbrellas on 05/25/2008 20:13:53 MDT Print View

I've been using a collapsible bumbershoot for a few years now and consider it essential PNW gear. It folds down to a mere 7X2, weighs 6.8 oz. and can fit in my pocket. I couldn't tell you what brand it is because I found it in the gutter, but similar ones can be had at any drug store, etc. for less than $10.

For warm Spring or Summer showers it's my first choice as it works so much better than a Gore-tex jacket that doesn't breathe; however, when it gets really stormy - high winds, horizontal rain - then the gore-tex comes out. It's a matter of selecting the right tool for the job!

James D Buch
(rocketman) - F

Locale: Midwest
GoLite Chrome Dome? or other umbrellas on 05/26/2008 05:42:32 MDT Print View

I've used those collapsible consumer inexpensive umbrellas for years in town. All the ones I have had turn inside out in wind gusts really easily. They do seem to usually be able to be flopped around and made back into domes after an inversion.

Is that your experience?

Or have you luckily found some astoundingly engineered product/

mark cole
Re: Birdiepal umbrellas on 05/28/2008 15:31:51 MDT Print View

The Golite Chrome Dome and the Birdiepal Liteflex are the EXACT same product (I know, I have one of each), so buy whichever you find cheapest. They are quite well made and designed. A couple of famous thru-hikers have used them without incident for years.

John Carter

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Re: Birdiepal umbrellas on 05/28/2008 16:17:22 MDT Print View


Thanks for the helpful info; I own a GoLite Chrome Dome and was considering trying our the Birdiepal. That answers that question for me.

BTW, if any of you are trekking pole users and don't like the idea of having to stow the pole while using the umbrella, I've found a way to combine both. But you have to be willing to shell out some dough.

It is quite easy to remove the center pole from the Chrome dome; it is made of CF, and as such can be sawed in half with a regular household hand saw. The center poles removes from the top of the umbrella by removing a screw under the cap.

It so happens that the umbrella slides onto the lower shaft of a Komperdell C2 trekking pole. It will not work on regular 3-piece trekking poles, since the lowest segment is not long enough when the umbrella is closed. That's okay, though, since the C2 is the lightest 2-section trekking pole on the market that holds a person's body weight (it's the 2-section version of the BMW Stix PRO).

Anyway, if you insert the lower pole of the C2 into the Chrome Dome, and purchase a Black Diamond flicklock (sold as an accessory on their website), the flicklock clamps over the Chrome Dome base to create a secure grip. Thus deploying the umbrella is simply a matter of unlocking the flicklock, sliding it up the pole, and clamping back down. in other words, it works just like a regular Umbrella!

This will shave 3-4 oz off the umbrella, but it is just as strong, IMO. Then you don't have to fiddle with stowing your trekking pole, and I find it easier to use, since I can extend the pole and hold the umbrella from near my waist. The umbrella slides right off the pole, so removing and stowing it is quite simple.

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Elizabeth Kunkee
(ElizabethK) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
trekking pole umbrella on 05/29/2008 04:21:17 MDT Print View

John, can you post photos of your creation?

Richard DeLong
(Legkohod) - MLife

Locale: Eastern Europe / Caucasus
Re: trekking pole umbrella on 05/29/2008 04:31:34 MDT Print View

Wow, that would really be something! I checked my Titanium Goat poles, and they appear to be about 1 mm thinner than the Chrome Dome shaft. You would have to somehow remove the tips, though.

Patrick Baker
(WildMan) - F
Umbrella on 05/29/2008 15:36:15 MDT Print View

Spotlite Review:

John Carter

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: trekking pole umbrella on 05/29/2008 23:49:50 MDT Print View

I just left for the weekend, but I'll get photos posted when I return.

Indeed the GoLite pole diameter is a little thicker than these CF poles. It fits perfectly on the bottom section of my Black Diamond poles, but since they are 3-section, I can't fully close the umbrella. My solution was to wrap some black electrical tape around the section that holds the umbrella secure. Just a few times around gave it the perfect diameter, and also makes it grippy for a really secure fit.

Re: TiGoat poles: shouldn't you be able to slide the Umbrella onto the lower pole by pulling the two pole pieces apart? No need to slide it over the tip.

Being able to get the umbrella over a non-adjustable pole like the BMW Stix PRO would be the holy grail setup, since when not in use, the Umbrella could be slid up to near the grip, allowing for a much better swing when not in use. With my setup the Umbrella is stored on the bottom half, which adds a lot of weight the the swing. It's fine for intermittent storage, such as on-and-off rain or when approaching a section of thick trees. But for longer storage, such as a long ascent or descent where both poles are needed, I would probably remove the umbrella and stow it in my backpack. Having the Umbrella higher up the shaft during storage would mean I could permanently leave the umbrella on the pole.

Again, I'll post images when I return. Stay tuned...

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Mary AltzSmith
(rheumaltz) - F
Re: GoLite Chrome Dome? or other umbrellas on 06/30/2008 21:14:32 MDT Print View

I owned a GoLite regular dome umbrella for years which never failed in all types of weather. I purchased a Chrome Dome within the last year for supposedly more UV protection. Within one year the fabric separated from the struts in two spots leading to, of course, much less effectiveness. Thus far, GoLite has not answered my questions about repair/guarantee, etc. An umbrella in the backcountry has become an indispensible item but would not recommend the Chrome dome at this point...stick with the regular dome which I think provides both water, UV protection and virtual weightlessness.

Jack H.
(Found) - F

Locale: Sacramento, CA
dome breaking on 06/30/2008 22:49:17 MDT Print View

I've broken two chrome domes in the wind. Each time because I thought that it wasn't really windy enough to put it away, then bam! a gust flipped it and broke it.

ed short
(shortdottedline) - F
umbrellas on 07/04/2008 17:06:53 MDT Print View

it looks goofy as all get out but it is light , cheeeep and works. google trick or novelty head umbrellas. they attach ,(fit arround the head) are funny colors and have to be modified (some elastic tape worked) for my big head. no handle. the gnome of blue island

ed short
(shortdottedline) - F
head umbrella on 07/04/2008 17:09:15 MDT Print View

ps, you of course can use your treking poles while wearing your umbrella, light too!