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Mike Barney
(eaglemb) - F

Locale: AZ, the Great Southwest!
Re: Re: Re: Check with Philmont - Isopropane is available on 05/27/2008 23:02:54 MDT Print View

I guess I dropped the .9, should have read 6.9 oz empty.... Was actually weighed.

Bruce Tolley

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Canisters vs White Gas at Philmont on 06/21/2008 19:04:53 MDT Print View

I led a crew last summer and we used white gas stoves.

The Philmont trading post was selling Coleman Powermax cartridges. Some of the commissaries were also selling the Powermax cartridges.

Many of the staffed camps are very particular about what kinds of "trash" was acceptable. I inquired at several camps and the staff seemed to have not heard of any policy about accepting or not accepting Powermax, or any other cartridge for that matter.

Mike Barney
(eaglemb) - F

Locale: AZ, the Great Southwest!
Re: Re: Re: Check with Philmont - Isopropane is available on 06/23/2008 20:35:17 MDT Print View

I actually weighed one on my digital (non certified) scale. The difference could be the delta in manufacturers (of the cylinders or the scale :)

John Myers
(dallas) - F - MLife

Locale: North Texas
Re: Bushbuddy on 06/25/2008 10:59:03 MDT Print View

I loved the idea of the bushbuddy for a stove. We just returned from our trek last night and the fire danger is rated extreme so they would not have allowed it while we were there. I recommend calling ahead if you are planning to do this to see if the ban has been lifted.


Walter Underwood
(wunder) - M

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Coleman Exponent Xpert stoves on 07/03/2008 13:44:23 MDT Print View

We chose Coleman Exponent Xpert stoves (PowerMax cartridges) for our troop. I wrote up the criteria and some experience here:

They are very efficient with fuel. We only used half the fuel we brought on our big snow camping trip.

Wesley Witt

Locale: Northwest
Re: Re: Check with Philmont - Isopropane is available on 08/07/2008 11:09:04 MDT Print View

Why not just buy them when you arrive in Albuquerque? Don't really need to deal with the trading post at Philmont.

Timothy F Mulligan
(tmulligan) - F
Just returned from Philmont on 07/09/2009 11:27:44 MDT Print View

Just returned from Philmont. Used MSR WindPro with MSR IsoPropane canisters which were available in back country commisaries (Ute Gulch and Phillips Junction) for $4.95 each for 8oz. canisters - cheaper than elsewhere and with no sales taxes charged by Philmont.

Staffed camps accepted our empty canisters with our garbage. Biggest problem we had was over-estimating our consumption because Scouts carrying canisters didn't always get them out of their packs at campsites. We thought we had used more than we actually had. Bought more than we needed in backcountry and left (3) full and (1) partial in the swap box at last staffed camp and carried one to base camp.

Don't forget to check the Advisor's lounge. We had been told there is usually a supply left there because you can't take them on the plane ride home. When we arrived at Philmont no treks had yet returned from trail and so there were none to be found.

Phil Barton
(flyfast) - MLife

Locale: Oklahoma
Canister use at Philmont on 07/10/2009 17:04:41 MDT Print View

We just returned from Philmont this week. We had another successful use of MSR Windpro stoves. We carried 2 full canisters for each stove. With our small crew we were better able to track our use -- nearly 2 complete canisters used for each stove. With canisters now available at backcountry trading posts canisters are hard to beat -- fast, easy to use, no flare-up, and lightweight.

Glenn Smith

Locale: Southern Arizona
Re: Canisters vs White Gas on 07/12/2009 13:59:55 MDT Print View

Our two crews (7 persons each) just returned on Friday, July 10th. We did Trek 25 and Trek 30. Both crews used two large MSR isobutane canisters with a Jetboil Helios stove with a 2L and 3L pot. We cooked with turkey bags. Everything worked great.

Bob Summers
(SM498) - F

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
How Much Gas to Carry? on 07/12/2009 15:35:06 MDT Print View

I'll be taking two crews (total 19 people), hiking as sister crews on trek 25 at Philmont in 2 weeks. We'll be using canisters.

How much gas to take? We'll have a Jet Boil, 2 MSR Reactors (about as efficient as a Jet Boil) and a backup Snow Peak Gigapower.

I'm guessing that we'll need about 9 - 8 Oz (227 gram) canisters for the whole trip. Does that sound right?

I plan on calling the Tooth of Time Traders a few days before we go to verify that canisters are available. If not, we'll have to make a bus stop to pick some up in Albuquerque.

Phil Barton
(flyfast) - MLife

Locale: Oklahoma
Re: How Much Gas to Carry? on 07/13/2009 05:23:04 MDT Print View

Robert, our experience has been that we used about 2 canisters for each stove over the entire Philmont trek. We used turkey bag cooking for dinner. We made coffee every morning. There were 2 oatmeal breakfasts for each trip.

If you need more we found that you can resupply fuel while on your trek.

MSR and Primus brand canisters were available at Tooth of Time Traders at base camp and at all of the backcountry trading posts we've visited.

Edited by flyfast on 07/13/2009 05:23:42 MDT.

Glenn Smith

Locale: Southern Arizona
Re: Re: How Much Gas to Carry? on 07/13/2009 11:22:16 MDT Print View

Definitely check the advisors lounge upon arrival. My other advisor told me there were a lot of canisters available in the lounge with various amounts of fuel in them. Certainly worth a look!

Bob Summers
(SM498) - F

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: Re: Re: How Much Gas to Carry? on 07/13/2009 21:27:06 MDT Print View

Thanks for your responses.

The easier it is to get canisters, the less we have to carry. If I verify that canisters are available at the Tooth of Time Traders, we can check the advisors' lounge. With luck, we might be able to scrouge all that we need :-)

Likewise, if they assure us at headquarters that canisters are available in the backcountry, we can run closer to the edge. I just don't want to be eating cold, dry Philfood while I'm there.

Glenn Smith

Locale: Southern Arizona
Re: Re: Re: Re: How Much Gas to Carry? on 07/14/2009 08:55:27 MDT Print View


Canisters are definitely available at Ute Gulch, Baldy Town, Phillips Junction, and Ponil Trading posts.

You should be fine.

Mallory Caldwell
(mc1263) - F

Locale: Texas
How many stoves per trekker? on 05/27/2011 15:16:40 MDT Print View

Guys. This thread very helpful.

We have 12 total in our patrol (3 adult, 9 scouts) -- at the "Philmont of the East" (the High Knoll Trail in Virginia).

We have planned 3 total stoves (1 msr reactor, 1 jetboil "pcs", and 1 jetboil "helios") with a selection of the larger matching pots.

Is 1 stove for every 4 people enough?
Are three stoves with combined boiling capacity of 6.5 liters sufficient for rehydrating meals for 12?


Glenn Smith

Locale: Southern Arizona
Re: How many stoves per trekker? on 05/27/2011 15:59:37 MDT Print View


Take the Helios with the 2L and 3L pots. In my opinion that set-up should be sufficient. The reason you are taking these types of stoves is the speed of heating water. We typically only heat water for the evening meal. The other stoves are redundant given the speed of the Helios. My thoughts only.


Donald Howard
(DonH) - F
Re: Re: How Much Gas to Carry? on 04/17/2012 13:47:08 MDT Print View

"we used about 2 canisters for each stove over the entire Philmont trek".
What size canisters?

Glenn Smith

Locale: Southern Arizona
Re: How Much Gas to Carry? on 04/17/2012 14:16:11 MDT Print View

My guess is that it would be the 8 oz. canisters but that is only based on our crews' set-up. The majority if not all of the back country trading posts carry the canisters.

Phil Barton
(flyfast) - MLife

Locale: Oklahoma
Re: How Much Gas to Carry? on 05/04/2012 13:56:21 MDT Print View

As Glenn says, the 8 ounce canisters are readily available at Philmont. Our crews have used 2 x 8 oz. canisters per stove over a trek.

Don't get too concerned about resupply. You can obtain resupply at the backcountry trading posts. Practicing the meal routine with your crew before you go can help increase your confidence in the fuel supply. You'll have a great time at Philmont!

Edited by flyfast on 05/04/2012 13:58:53 MDT.

bill berklich

Locale: Northern Mid-West
White Gas on 05/15/2012 05:06:43 MDT Print View

So our Troop is taking 2 MSR WhisperLites for a Crew of 12 (3 Adults, 9 Scouts). The plan was to take 3 16 oz fuel bottles. Question one is 48oz of fuel enough and question two can you buy liquid fuel at the back country commisaries? Thought about switching to canisters but lots of pushback from the older Troop Leaders.