Northern California Coastal trail
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Vanessa Service
(vservice) - F
Northern California Coastal trail on 05/12/2008 15:43:38 MDT Print View

Hi, Im looking for a hiking partner (or partners) who would be interested in hiking along the California Coastal trail from San Francisco possibly all the way to Cresent city.... Id be leaving SF around July 13... anyone interested in doing even part of the distance please let me let me know!!


Dave T
(DaveT) - F
coastal trail. on 05/12/2008 16:04:40 MDT Print View

hi there.

i've wanted to do that trail for a long time now, though i would do it from the oregon border south to san francisco. i think you might have the wind at your back-ish more if you head north to south (not positive). i'm not sure when the most consistent (good) weather would be - maybe august or september?

if i did it, i'd probably not stick to full thru-hiker, connect-all-the-footsteps mode, but instead be liberal in hitch-hiking the longer (ca. 5+ miles) road walking sections, as there are some fairly long, and semi-dangerous ones on hwy 1. also it would be fun to try to "hitch-boat" across the river mouths.

resupply would be easy with all the little coastal towns, and finishing by crossing the golden gate bridge would a triumphant ending for sure.

if anyone is curious, there are maps, etc. at:

have a great trip!

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