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Need feedback on poncho-tarp design
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Jason Brinkman
(jbrinkmanboi) - MLife

Locale: Idaho
Need feedback on poncho-tarp design on 05/02/2008 23:35:20 MDT Print View

I enjoy using a poncho-tarp. It makes great rainwear, covers my pack, and is dual use as a tarp. However, I have been slightly dissatisfied with my rectangular 5'x9' poncho-tarp for a few reasons.

First gripe: 5'x9' is a tad small for full coverage in most tarp-mode configurations. This results in me carrying a relatively heavy eVENT bivy in order to get full protection. I would like to move to a PQ or Momentum bivy with a fuller coverage tarp.

Second gripe: my current poncho-tarp has a round attachment hole for the hood, which is hard to close and hard to tension across. I would like to go to a slit attachment for the hood that I can roll to close.

Third gripe: the 5' width ends just below my elbows when in poncho mode, leaving the lower end of my sleeves exposed.

To solve these minor annoyances, I have been sketching up new patterns, with the hope of building one soon. Take a look and see what you think. Any major drawbacks that I am missing? The wide end would be folded under when used in poncho mode. I would be able to use stake loops midway up the sides as thumb loops. And the hood would have ties for when rolled up in tarp-mode.

poncho-tarp pattern design

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Mike Hinsley

Locale: England, UK
Need feedback on poncho-tarp design on 05/03/2008 02:44:32 MDT Print View

Why not consider a 2-part design?

A Poncho Tarp is about as large as you can go for rainwear without tripping over it and as small as you can go for shelter without getting wet.

Why not just taper your tarp as shown and make that a slightly shorter more comfortable and wearable length and then have an additional part - like an extension that joins onto the front with an overlapping join?

For a single-piece design you could say ensure that the top third rolled up or fitted into some pocket like a rolled hood.

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Brian UL

Locale: New England
Re: Need feedback on poncho-tarp design on 05/03/2008 10:23:51 MDT Print View

I like it. It seems a simple answer to a real problem.
I wonder why I havnt seen that "fold and tuck" before to allow for a bigger tarp. I cant see any real problems it would cause?
Please write some plans for making a hood in the ridgline instead of a circular cut-out when your done.