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Join JMT Hike July 26 2008 at Reds Meadows going to WP?
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Roleigh Martin
(marti124) - MLife

Locale: Moderator-JohnMuirTrail Yahoo Group
Join JMT Hike July 26 2008 at Reds Meadows going to WP? on 04/27/2008 12:37:14 MDT Print View

3 of us men (ages 56-60, all seasoned High Sierra Hikers who average 10-11 miles a day in the past) have a permit for 5 (room for 2 more) to join us July 26, 2008, at Reds Meadows (our starting point) headed to Whitney Portal. We aim to finish Aug 10 or Aug 11 (if we can get resupplied midway between MTR and WP, otherwise we might resupply at Cedar Lodge which would cause us to leave the trail Aug 12 or Aug 13 because that resupply would extend the hike about 1.5 days). We are used to hiking for 2 weeks in the High Sierra (we did the HST round trip hike with a resupply in 2007 taking 15 days). We typically only hike 9 miles a day the first 2 days on the trail but average 11 miles a day over the 2 weeks. Our goal is to resupply every 6 days on this JMT section (at Muir Trail Ranch and midway between MTR and WP). If you or you and a partner used to this pace want to join us, email me.