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Please advise on suggested improvements
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Craig Ballard
(Talynne) - F
Please advise on suggested improvements on 04/25/2008 14:14:45 MDT Print View

Been hiking for 30 years, but only started to switch to a lightweight style in the last 1-2 years. Please review my current list and advise if anything stands out for improvement.

Note, the list is for 3-season trips and for 3-5 days in length at temps around 30+ degrees. Little chance of snow exposure, and relatively little chance of rain exposure (though I've had my share of sudden rainstorms).

Also, I tend to hike with 2 friends, and generally am "solo" from a gear perspective.

Oh, and I'm not against "tarp-tent" style shelters, but am not yet at a point of being OK with a pure tarp.


Go Lite Jam 2 Pack 21.00 oz
Marmot Hydrogen 21.00 oz
BA Insul. Air Core 18.00 oz
BD One Shot Tent 36.00 oz
Titanium Stakes x4 1.00 oz

Equipment: ~96.00 oz (6.00#)

REI Ti Mug & Lid 2.80 oz
M MSR Pack Towel 1.00 oz
Platypus 2.4L Bottle 1.20 oz
Platypus Drink Tube 2.20 oz
REI Storm Matches 0.65 oz
Snow Peak Spork 0.60 oz
Snow Peak Lite Max 1.90 oz
Snow Peak 110 Fuel 7.00 oz
Vargo 0.9L Kettle 4.00 oz
Pot Grips 1.00 oz

Kitchen: ~22.35 oz (1.40#)

Micro Pur Tabs 1.00 oz
Storm Matches 0.65 oz
Mylar Blanket 2.50 oz
Tinder (5 Pieces) 0.35 oz
Trip-Tease Line 1.00 oz
E-Lite Head Lamp 1.00 oz
Polaris Compass 1.00 oz
Micra Multi-Tool 1.75 oz
Whistle with Cord 0.20 oz
Mirror/Signal 0.80 oz

Essentials = 10.25 oz (~0.65#)

Ex Officio Airstrip Shirt 8.50 oz
Ex Officio Convert Pant 9.90 oz
Mont Bell UL Down Parka 7.40 oz
Mont Bell UL Down Pant 6.70 oz
Mont Bell UL Wind Parka 3.30 oz
Mont Bell UL Wind Pant 2.40 oz
Mont Bell UL Umbrella 5.80 oz
Mont Bell UL Field Hat 0.70 oz
Mont Bell Trail Gloves 1.00 oz
Paramo Briefs 2.50 oz
Mont Bell ZLiner Socksx2 2.20 oz
Merrell Radius C/T Shoes 32.00 oz

Clothing: ~50.40 oz (~3.15#)
(Excluding boots)

Sunscreen 2.00 oz
Chap Stick 0.50 oz
Insect Repellant 2.50 oz
Hand Sanitizer 1.00 oz
Toilet Paper 1.00 oz
Brush or Comb 1.00 oz

Toiletries: ~8.00 oz (~0.50#)

Adv Medical UL9 10.00 oz
Adv Medical Solo 2.00 oz

Emergency: ~12.00 oz (~0.75#)

Total Base Weight: ~12.45#
(Excludes boots/food/water)

Thanks for your input!


Mark Verber
(verber) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: Please advise on suggested improvements on 04/25/2008 14:31:49 MDT Print View

> BD One Shot Tent 36.00 oz

you could certainly drop 1lb. Based on the conditions you listed i would think something like the gossamer gear the one would be good. The other thing I would consider... especially if rain is fairly rare would be the the six noon designs gatewood cape + a16 bug bivy.

> REI Ti Mug & Lid 2.80 oz

I would swap this out for something lighter that would pack inside your pot with your canister and stove.

> Mylar Blanket 2.50 oz

I would drop it. If you shelter and insulation this doesn't add that much. useful when you aren't carrying a tent.

For me, in conditions where the temp is >30F I would leave the wind pants and insulated pants behind.

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Please advise on suggested improvements on 04/25/2008 15:02:37 MDT Print View

IMO, you don't need insulated pants when you are sleeping in a fully downed sleeping bag like the hydrogen on top of a full length pad. I do take wind pants to pull over my hiking pants to keep my sleeping bag cleaner.

Edited by jshann on 04/25/2008 15:05:24 MDT.