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Shoes are wrecking our feet?
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Mark Larson
(mlarson) - MLife

Locale: Southeast USA
Shoes are wrecking our feet? on 04/23/2008 19:44:34 MDT Print View

Interesting article today in NY Magazine talking about shoes and the health of our feet:

Discusses the mechanics of walking and how the padding, the raised heel, and inflexibility lead to other problems. Especially intriguing in light of the ultralight switch from boots to shoes, and recent product developments like the Inov8's line of trail "slippers", the Nike Free models, and the Vibram Five Fingers.

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John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Shoes are wrecking our feet? on 04/23/2008 20:15:25 MDT Print View

Maybe going barefoot was good in the days before the invention of concrete, glass and nails..not anymore : )

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Mark Larson
(mlarson) - MLife

Locale: Southeast USA
Re: Re: Shoes are wrecking our feet? on 04/23/2008 20:41:47 MDT Print View

Yep, it's a harsh world for feet. I don't think I'd want to go bare everywhere outdoors. But I think it's a cool parallel with ultralight philosophy... Part of it just getting back to the basic understanding and mechanics of walking, and also to think more consciously about the shoes we choose, and how they affect other parts of your body besides the feet. Kind of like when selecting gear, you add an ounce here, a little reinforcement there, an extra something to compensate for that other thing, something more for fashion's sake... It's all a system.


Mike Hinsley

Locale: England, UK
Shoes are wrecking our feet on 04/24/2008 05:03:48 MDT Print View

It's only when you do something barefoot like Yoga or a martial art that you realise who weak our feet and ankles really are.

Hiking books and heavy footwear will often mask a failure of feet to do the job and heavy and badly loaded packs do not help.

Moving to lightweight footwear forces your feet to do their job.

I've recently seen photos of nepalise sherpas carrying huge loads on their backs over rocky terrain wearing only cheap sneakers. Some of them are carrying 80% + loads....

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Shoes are wrecking our feet on 04/24/2008 07:24:34 MDT Print View

I guess Cody Lunden (?sp) the survival guy does go barefoot most of the time.