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Packaging of spices and herbs
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Michal Babinec
(michalb) - F

Locale: Tatras
Packaging of spices and herbs on 04/23/2008 11:07:46 MDT Print View

I am a student on the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and we are currently working on a seminar project concerning spices and herbs. In the course of our project we found out that users prefer space-saving packaging when it comes to herbs and spices.

I believe that the need to save space as much as possible is a big issue when it comes to backpacking. Therefore I would like to ask you, how do you package your herbs and spices when you go backpacking, hiking or camping so they take out the least space possible? What are the problems you experience? Have you thought about your own space-saving solutions? Or do you know anyone who has?

I would be very greatful for any insights or comments to this issue. Thank you very much for your help!

Michael Crosby
(djjmikie) - MLife

Locale: Ky
RE:"Packaging of spices and herbs" on 04/23/2008 12:15:07 MDT Print View

On short trips(less than 7 days) I pack spices in straws, sealing the ends with tape. For long trips, look at

(Sorry, but I do not know the trick to make this a word)


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Joe Kuster
(slacklinejoe) - MLife

Locale: Flatirons
Packaging of spices and herbs on 04/23/2008 13:57:39 MDT Print View

Ditto on the straw method used above, it's highly effective and cheap - even commercially viable and offers reusable containers. I do wish that there was something similar on the market that offered a bit more durability for the caps without relying on tape or glue. If commercially produced I envision a collection of 5-10 straws with a clear plastic "wallet" made out of 3mil to 5mil plastic with indvidual slots for each straw it to slide into with a fold over to help protect them from getting scattered about. It'd be the ultimate reusable spice kit pouch and empty weight should be <1oz. One of the major up sides of the straw method is the ease of control for sprinkiling without relying on divider with a bunch of holes in it to control application.

Other options - I have a vacuum sealer, I sometimes bother to make up packets the similar in shape but smaller dimensions to the crystal lite on the go, propel single serves or other powders that are simply a tube-ish packet of powder in a standard plastic wrapper. Just make sure the miniturized packages offer convient single serve portions and you are set.

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Elliott Wolin
(ewolin) - MLife

Locale: Hampton Roads, Virginia
RE: Packaging of spices and herbs on 04/23/2008 14:11:06 MDT Print View

We just use tiny ziploc-style bags. Look on eBay.

Scott Ashdown
(waterloggedwellies) - F

Locale: United Kingdom
Re: Packaging of spices and herbs on 04/23/2008 16:58:28 MDT Print View

" I do wish that there was something similar on the market that offered a bit more durability for the caps without relying on tape or glue."

You can get away without tape or glue.

Take a drinking straw and cut off two one inch lengths from the straw. Then fold one end of the straw over and place the first one inch section over it to keep the fold inplace. Fill the straw with your powder then fold over the other end and seal with the other one inch section.

How much powder you can fit in depends on the diameter of the straw and length.

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Michal Babinec
(michalb) - F

Locale: Tatras
Packaging of spices and herbs on 04/24/2008 03:35:37 MDT Print View

Thank you very much for your replies. Straw packaging sounds really interesting.

Duane Hall
(PKH) - M

Locale: Nova Scotia
Packing spices or any seasonings on 04/24/2008 03:54:22 MDT Print View

I don't mean to be frivolous, but if you are preparing your own backpacking meals, then I think the most efficient and space saving technique is to add the spices to the meals as they are packed.


Laurie Ann March
(Laurie_Ann) - F

Locale: Ontario, Canada
spices and herbs on 04/24/2008 08:02:40 MDT Print View

that's what I do for the most part Duane and it is what I did throughout the backcountry cookbook I wrote. That said, sometimes I like to take a little extra with me because I like things spicier than my husband does. I mentioned in another thread that contact lens cases work wonderfully for this... so do the mini zipper bags but they are more difficult to find.

The straw idea is brilliant though... I'm going to have to try that.

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