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UL eVENT Rain Jacket & Pants
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Jolly Green Giant
(regultr) - MLife

UL eVENT Rain Jacket & Pants on 04/15/2008 18:25:21 MDT Print View

I'm looking for suggestions for a lightweight eVENT rain jacket (XXL) and pants (XL).

My biggest difficulty in my attempts to go ultralight is the fact that I'm a big guy (6'6" and 265) because manufactures simply rarely make ultralight shirts/jackets in XXL. I can usually find XL bottoms, but it's always more costly, hard to find, leg length is often an issue, and I exhaust a ton of effort which results in a general pain in my non-ultralight fanny.

My desire to find an eVENT jacket is because I currently use a Mountain Hardwear GTX 2.5 Paclite jacket (25 oz). It is a very durable and waterproof jacket which I like a lot, but it is too heavy to carry in an UL capacity and it doesn't breathe particularly well.

It was suggested to me to purchase the NF Diad, made of HyVent, but after reading many posts and reviews on eVENT, I feel compelled to purchase an eVENT rain suit. I also didn't like the fact that HyVent seemed like a fabric treatment, one which would wear over time.

With that said, HELP! Is HyVent really that bad? Is eVENT really worth buying? Is there any eVENT jacket which comes in an XXL?

Thanks all!

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John Carter

Locale: Pacific Northwest
UL eVENT XXL on 04/15/2008 18:59:57 MDT Print View

I'm 6'2", 210lbs, and the Integral Designs Thru-Hiker Jacket in XL fits me well. The sleeves are plenty long on me (they cover most of my hands when at my sides), but I think the hem would be a little short on you.

However, I combine this with Rab Bergen Pants (eVENT) in XXL. They weight almost the same as the Integral Designs pants, and are too large for me. I am able to pull the pants up past my bellybutton and they still sag at my angles.

So one option you could do is the ID Jacket in XL and the Rab Pants in XXL. The hem will be high, but the pants will make up for it by being high as well. Of course, you could get an eVENT Rab jacket in XXL, but i believe it's a few oz heavier than the ID Thru-Hiker.

Can't say enough good things about eVENT fabric - take the plunge!

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Jolly Green Giant
(regultr) - MLife

UL eVENT XXL on 04/17/2008 11:43:38 MDT Print View

In the last few days I've been obsessing about getting my fingers on an eVENT jacket. Again, the issue is an XXL. Integral Designs has volunteered to make their eVENT jacket for me for $220 + 20% custom fee + shipping. On the other hand, I could get the Rab Super-Dru for about $275 + shipping (shipped from the UK). The Rab is heavier (11 oz vs. 14 oz), but I figured it would stand up better to a backpack rubbing against it because it appears more reinforced in the appropriate areas. Am I over thinking the functionality of the jacket or would the ID eVENT Jacket handle the wear and tear just as well?

Thom Darrah
(thomdarrah) - MLife

Locale: Southern Oregon
" event jacket XXL" on 04/17/2008 12:08:59 MDT Print View

WildThings has stock size XXL listed in their eVent Superlight Alpinist Jacket. Their quality is very high but at 16 oz this would not qualify as UL. The price listed is $275.00 and comes in four colors.

Martin Rye
(rye1966) - F

Locale: UK
eVENT Jacket on 04/17/2008 12:41:53 MDT Print View

James have you looked at Montane Jackets; try this link for a XXL Montane eVENT Superfly XT. It’s in the UK but, it’s at a reduced price. I used a Superfly for the last two years and it was great. The XT jacket is a more durable version.

For a lighter eVent jacket they have Montane eVent Quick-Fire Jacket. The medium size is 320g Again it is in your size XXL.

They ship out side the UK