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Lightweight Stove from Bozeman Stoveworks
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JR Redding
(GrinchMT) - F
Lightweight Stove from Bozeman Stoveworks on 04/10/2008 17:57:36 MDT Print View


Since I got accused of being a spammer and then subsequently had my thread deleted, I am posting it here as well as the DIY board. Why there has to be 3 boards about gear I don't understand. Regardless.....

Awhile back I created a pretty neat stove that is specifically for narrow bottom pots, cups, mugs, and boilers. In reality, it's a perfect match for 24 Ounce Heineken cans.

I have posted DIY videos on YouTube and on our website. The stove is also available in our store if anyone is interested.

The stove was tested pretty extensively by myself and 3 others between February and now. Mostly along the Madison river in Bear Trap Canyon outside of Bozeman here. The stove itself was also improved a great deal since the first DIY videos. It now includes a tighter jet pattern and about a 20 second blume time.

The stove also has a large fuel capcity and is capable of bring 4 cups of 60 degree water in my 4 ounce 1.1 Liter boiler to a boil in about 10 minutes on 1 1/2 ounces of Alcohol. This makes the stove a most excellent choice for multiple hikers as well. Of course we are at 4900 feet here in Bozeman so you may experience longer or shorter boil times dependent upon elevation.

Today I am working on editing a high quality product introduction video that will detail the stove a bit more. If your interested in seeing what the stove looks like, and building your own you can go to

If you're interested in purchasing one, well... yes, they are available too.

Have a great day.