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How to scale up an undersized curved pattern easily
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Pedro Arvy
(PedroArvy) - MLife

Locale: Melbourne
How to scale up an undersized curved pattern easily on 03/27/2008 21:01:06 MDT Print View

I am trying to make a paper pattern for the Six Moon Designs Meteor that comes with a PDF No problems there except that one of the pages shows a curved section.

A print out of the curved section produces an A4 page that is smaller than the curve needs to be in real life. There are two solutions:

1. Find a copier that enlarges and keep blowing up the page until it works. What a pain that would be.

2. Manually work out where all the points on the curve should be by scaling it up and drawing it on the paper. Tedious but it will work.

2 sounds like the go but I am interested in what other people do to solve this problem.

Brian UL

Locale: New England
Re: How to scale up an undersized curved pattern easily on 03/27/2008 22:19:37 MDT Print View

Im at the stage where I got to cut the mesh piece and I keep putting it off. I plan on just manually drawing the curves on heavy stock paper and using that to cut out the curves.
It would be awsome if SMD offered a life sized pattern.

Sebastian Ventris
(sabme) - F - M

Locale: SW UK
Tiles on 04/02/2008 09:48:26 MDT Print View

Hi Petras

Some printers have additional options to tile an image over multiple pages.

There is a site that will chop up the image for you to print on individual sheets. Can't comment on it's use though.

Another option is to use some image editing software and just cut up the image yourself for printing separate chunks.

I'm unlikely to make it back to this post again. Sorry.

Mike Hinsley

Locale: England, UK
How to scale up an undersized curved pattern easily on 04/02/2008 10:27:02 MDT Print View

Just approximate.

Section the curve onto a very coarse grid on your paper and then mark out the same sort of grid on your fabric using chalk or a marker.

Just copy approximately the curve. It doesn't have to be exact does it? You're not going to lose marks for a curve that is off by a few degrees.

A 4x4 grid will probably do the trick...

Michael Crosby
(djjmikie) - MLife

Locale: Ky
How to scale up an undersized curved pattern on 04/02/2008 10:56:41 MDT Print View

I have used the 4X4 grid to both upsize and downsize patterns. With a little care it will come out with no problems.

Jeremy Greene
(tippymcstagger) - F

Locale: North Texas
print shop on 04/29/2008 16:30:29 MDT Print View

Full size patterns can often be printed in one piece. Black and white plots are not expensive.