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UL gear ideas for extended Sierras couple
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G Dup
(lococoyo) - F
UL gear ideas for extended Sierras couple on 03/16/2008 05:25:55 MDT Print View

Slowly trying to get together UL gear as I stray away from way to rugged (read: heavy) backpacking. Main focus is extended hikes in the Sierras with girlfriend, but also jaunts into the Mohave and northern california (Lassen, Trinity, redwoods, lost coast, etc). I'm putting down some of my thoughts and i'm hoping to hear from anyone on what worked for them, suggestions, ideas, etc. Thanks for taking the time to take a look!


- Tring to decide between the mÜV and SteriPEN Adventurer.

weight price H2O/charge
mÜV 2.4 oz $50 12-20L
SteriPEN Adventurer
3.6 oz $100 100L

-Just from looking at the spec-sheet, the SteriPEN seems like the way to go... But the thing about the mÜV is that you can charge if off of just about anything. The manufacturer claims that you can get 15 charges off of a D battery, which should correspond to about 2 charges off of a AA. So at best, the weight per liters of water treated is about the same when carrying extra AA's for the mÜV. Still, the attractiveness in the mÜV is in its flexibility. I've heard some things about its contruction in the first batch, and it doesn't have the proven track record so that is of concern.

-While neither of these are truly SUL, I think the fact that I don't have to carry water for the 4hrs while its being treated (for crypto) will pay for itself. Does anyone have either of these devices and feel strongly one way or the other? I'm really split between the two, but i'll probably go for the SteriPEN because it seems more bulletproof. I also want to carry a chemical solution as backup. I think I want to go with aquamira tablets, I like the idea of blister packets. Any suggestions? Just want to stay as far away from iodine as possible!
problem - don't want to have to carry batteries with me. Will have aquamira tabs for backup.



- Going to be doing to 'freezer bag' thing for two people. I'm looking at the $13 'MK3CHA - AntiGravityGear 3 Cup Hard Anodized Cook Pot'. It weighs 3.8 oz with lid, and the pot gripper is 1.2 oz. At most we'd need 3 cups of hot water for meals, but typically 2 cups. I'm hoping the pot will be ok to boil almost 3 cups at a time... or would it be worth it to get the 2 quart pot (5.9 oz)? I'll also be making 2 insulating pouches for the freezer bags out of taped up reflectix (mylar coating bubblewrap) insulation. Thinking about using the FireLite SUL Long Handled Titanium Spoons, or similar plastic ones if I can find them.
- I'm going to be using a homemade alcohol soda can stove. Pressurized jet (screw in center) type with top and side jets, as well as a 3" diam windscreen (with holes punched out for ventilation) that will double as pot stand. Will be using a mini-bic lighter. Stove/windscreen should be under 1 oz.
- Think I want to use the Nalgene Cantene Water Bottle (3L, Wide Mouth) for storage potential on long stretches, refilling the vitamin water bottle on the shoulder strap holder.


Trying to find a good solution to keep the mosquitos off me while under the tarp. Will be using sleeping bag solo or 2 person quilt with the girlfriend, so bug protection is important and I don't think those little bug nets that fit over the top of the sleeping bag will work for 2 people in a quilt. I really like tyvek as a ground sheet, so I think i'm going to sew up a tyvek bathtup with a netting pyramid that clips to the underside of the tarp. Does anyone have any suggestions on alternatives or experience?

Really having a hard time trying to find a good LED headlight. I'm still using an old AA incandescent headlight thats incredibly heavy and inefficient. I also have a small photon-type LED light but really dislike the difficulty in constantly squeezing it. Any reccomended LED headlamp, possibly one that either clips to hat or has a headstrap (but being able to switch between the two would be the bomb!!) thats not $50 and that lasts a while? Mainly just need something for setting up camp or packing up early, so it wouldn't need to be anything super high powered. Night time hiking would be rare.

Planning on carrying one canister (bearikade if I can afford it!) as well as a ursack for trash/ish and for resupply before extended sections outside of the canister-req zones...

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Christopher Holden
(back2basics) - F - MLife

Locale: Southeast USA
Re: UL gear ideas for extended Sierras couple on 03/16/2008 08:06:35 MDT Print View

Water Purification:
I've not used either of the products you mention, but I think purification is something you need to work out on your own. Try a few methods and find the one that works best for you. I'm sure others can cite research data and notes from experience, but what some like, others may not.
My pack currently has liquid AM, with tablets as backup and a Frontier Pro filter. The use of the filter really depends on what the water looks like. So far, I have had gastrointestinal approval, or maybe just a bit of good luck. It works for me.

Again, trial and error. I've been using a SP Trek 900 for solo use. I'll nest it in a Trek 1400 if with someone else. This works well for me because the 900 holds the Bush Buddy, and the whitebox stove as backup fits well into the BB. It isn't light by comparison, but it works well for me.
To cut space and weight, currently I'm awaiting the arrival of a 500ml cup and will use it for solo, along with the Ti wing solid fuel stove. I'm still keeping the other setup for camping with others. I keep finding myself going back to the AGG site and looking at the Ti-Tri options too.

Skeeter Shield:
I'm on the hunt for similar. MLD has a Serenity Shelter for solo use, but I'd prefer something spacious for two under an 8x10 tarp. I have no sewing experience aside from an episode of first aid stitching that I hope to never do again. One of my friends says she might be able to make something for me, but I need to get her away from work and under the tarp so she can get measurements and discuss some ideas. I keep looking for a "duo" offering, but have yet to see any that work with a tarp. If you're open to other options, look at pyramids. They exist, and with mosquito nets too.

Petzl E+ Lite fits your description exactly. $20-30 and weighs less than an ounce. Worth every dollar and gram. The hat clip is removable and could be lost easily if not careful. The light has both white and red leds, even giving the strobe option of either for emergency signalling.

Bear can:
I went with the Bear Vault. The price and weight comparison doesn't favor Bearikade when looking into my wallet and wanting to replace other gear in my pack. That and I don't like the fiddle factor of coins and washers to open a lunchbox. The BV250 (older version of the BV350) weighs the same as the Bearikade Weekender, but is 440ci instead of the 650. For the same weight, I'll go for the smaller one when I can find it. Until then, I have the BV200 (older version of the BV400) and an Ursack.

Best of luck tweaking your pack and techniques!

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