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David McClure
(DQ) - F
PCT List on 03/10/2008 23:24:52 MDT Print View

Hey Guys,

Tell me what you think about this lineup; it's basically just a tweaked version of last year's AT loadout.

PACK - GoLite Jam2
TARP - Oware FlatTarp 6x8
BAG - Western Mountaineering UL
PAD - GG NightLight Torso
BIVY - Oware (old model)
old groundcloth

Komperdell Featherlights

Shirt/Shorts (Walmart)
Montrail Hardrocks
3xPatagonia Lightweight Endurance Quarter

Hand Sanitizer
Athletic Tape
Small Blade

GoLite Rainshell
Lightest poncho I can find (walmart)
Capilene top
Insulating Layer (not sure here..)
OR Cap/Bandana combo

FreedomForce Micro

Platys - 2x1L, 1x3L Zip
Bear Canister
Ice Axe - Camp Corsa

Am I missing anything big here? 2 quick questions:

1. What is the bug situation out there? I got eaten alive in Maine last summer, and I'm not in the mood to repeat the experience. Can I get by with bivy + tarp + headnet, or should I get some kind of real protection, like the SMD Wild Oasis?

2. How cold does it get in the Sierra? Can I get by with my base layer + capilene + light synthetic jacket, or do I need a good down jacket?

Thanks for any tips!

Jack H.
(Found) - F

Locale: Sacramento, CA
thoughts on pct list on 03/11/2008 00:01:29 MDT Print View

Bugs are generally only bad in the Sierra if you're in the wave, so add some protection for that section. Your setup should be adequate warmth wise for those mountains too. It's coldest in the N Cascades. Have more water capacity.