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Bozeman tarps and beaks
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Pedro Arvy
(PedroArvy) - MLife

Locale: Melbourne
Bozeman Mountain Works tarps and beaks on 09/08/2005 19:40:45 MDT Print View

I was wondering why the Bozeman Mountain Works Stealth 1 PRO (7x9) doesn’t have either beaks like the Golite Cave (see or closed ends like the Gossamer Gear Spin Shelter (see

Surely these features would stop wind blown rain from entering the shelter?

Also, are open ended tarps meant to be pitched side on to the wind, which would block wind blown rain? Or are they meant to be pitched parallel to the wind, which would cause rain to come straight through the door? A pitch parallel to the wind would resist higher wind speeds since the tarp provides the least resistance to wind blowing straight through it but it would also cause rain to enter the tarp.

Help would be appreciated!

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Mike Storesund
(mikes) - F
RE: BMW Tarps and Beaks on 09/09/2005 15:25:08 MDT Print View

I believe "beaks" may be trademarked; you may want to look at the post in the "Chaff" section on Ray Jardine Trademarks.
All kidding aside, I agree some form of protection on the open ends of a tarp will enhance the ability to keep foul weather out.
To answer your question on placement of tarp in the wind, yes, you do want to have as much of the wind as possible hit the side of your tarp rather than the opening at either end.
Additionally, the stronger the (expected) wind the lower you want to pitch the tarp; and have all your guylines secured.

Edited by mikes on 09/09/2005 15:32:30 MDT.

Ryan Jordan
(ryan) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Greater Yellowstone
Re: RE: BMW Tarps and Beaks on 09/11/2005 00:58:35 MDT Print View

1. Beaks do add protection.
2. Beaks do add weight.
3. Beaks do add complexity in pitching.
4. Beaks do flap in wind.
5. Beaks do trap condensation.

The Stealth tarps embody the design principle of "simple is enough".

Beaks add more, yes, but their benefit is realized primarily when the tarp is pitched extremely low and windblown rain is coming in sideways through the ends. If this is your normal backpacking mode then the insurance of beaks may be well spent.

paul johnson
(pj) - F

Locale: LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
Re: Re: RE: BMW Tarps and Beaks on 09/11/2005 02:41:03 MDT Print View

Dr. J,

thanks. adding your post to an "Important Info" file on my laptop.

really appreciate it when very knowledgeable individuals post to this site (both staff & others).