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Knobstone Trail Thru Hike gear list
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Jon Christensen

Locale: Midwest
Knobstone Trail Thru Hike gear list on 02/24/2008 18:28:40 MST Print View

Hey all,

Some friends and I will be thru hiking the 60 Mile Knobstone trail in southern Indiana from April 3rd to the 6th. The average temps for that time is a low of around 40 degrees or maybe a little cooler.

Gossamer Gear G6 Whisper 5 oz
Shoulder pads 0.3 oz per/ 0.6 oz t
hip pads0.2 oz per / 0.4 oz
Gossamer Gear pack liner 1.3 oz
Gossamer Gear hip belt pocket -0.72 oz.
BPL Nano stuff sack (for quilt) 0.29 oz
BPL Nano stuff sack bivy 0.29 oz
P.O Alosak for food 0.475 oz
Total = 9.075 oz

Shelter and Sleeping System
Gossamer Gear Spinntwinn with air core spectra 8.5 oz
Goassamer Gear Tite Lite Titanium stakes 0.2 oz per/ 8 = 1.6 oz
BMW Vapr Bivy 8.0 oz
BMW Cocoon 60 quilt 11 oz
GG Night Light Sleeping pad 3.4 oz
GG Thinlight 1/8 sleeping pad 1.0 oz
Montbell UL pillow 2.3 oz
Total = 35.8 oz / 2lb 3.8 oz

Aquamira with Bozeman droppers 1.0 oz
platypus 1 litter with spout cap (2) 1.6 oz
Total = 2.6 oz

Mini bull design Elite #2 0.3 oz
Hienikin pot 1.5 oz
Platypus Little Nippler(no cap) 0.5 oz
BPL nipple top 0.2 oz
BPL titanium wind screen 0.3 oz
Light My Fire Spork 0.3 oz
Matches (I box) 0.3 oz
Total = 3.4 oz

First Aid Kit and Towel
MSR Ultralight pack towel 0.7 oz
First Aid Kit 2.4 oz
2nd skin, 3 cough drops, floss and needle 2 saftey pins, 3x4 adherent pad, 2x2 Gauze 2 butterfly bandages, 2 bandages, 1 swabstick 2 anesthetic towelette, 1 Double antiboitc oniment 2 Diphen, 8 IB Prohpen, 4 Tylenol, 6 Excedrine 6 imodium
Total = 3.1 oz

Carried in golite shorts back pocket
Suunto Gem Micro compass 0.2 oz
ARC emergency whistle 0.2 oz
Photon Freedom light 0.2 oz
BPL Spark-Lite fire starter 0.7 oz
Total = 1.3 oz

Essentials in GG hip belt pocket
Razor Blade 0.05 oz
Photon Freedom light with clip 0.4 oz
Dr. Bronners Soap in BMWDropper 0.5 oz
Gossamer Ultralight sports finger tooth brush 0.05 oz
Purrell in Boseman dropper 0.3 oz
Olympus Digital camera 7.2 oz
Total = 8.5 oz

Clothes carried
BMW Cocoon 60 Hoody 10 oz
BMW Cocoon 60 pants 7.7 oz
Drop Stoppers rain jacket 6.6 oz
Drop Stoppers rain pants 4.4 oz
Smartwool hikers (sleep)2.9 oz
Mountain Laural Design waterproof gloves 1.1 oz
Possum Down Gloves 1.4 oz
Possum Down Hat 1.85 oz
Mountain Hardwear power stretch balaclava 1.5 oz
Total = 37.45 oz / 2 lb 5.45 oz

Total base weight = 101.225 oz or 6 lb 5.225 oz

Clothing Worn
Under Armour boxer briefs 3.2 oz
Patagonia Capilene Zip 2 LS 5.9 oz
Golite Skyrunners 4.0 oz
Golite whim pants 4.0 oz
Golite wisp shirt 3.0 oz
Smartwool trail runners 1.4 oz
Integral Design E-Vent gaiters 2.5 oz
Cubs baseball hat 3.2 oz
Golite Sun Dragon 28 oz
Total worn = 55.2 oz / 3 lb 7.2 oz

Other items worn/carried
Leki Ultalight Ti Argo trekking poles/plus duct tape 15.8 oz
HighGear Axis Altimeter Watch 1.9 oz Total - 17.7 oz / 1 lb 1.7 oz

Total worn/carried - 72.9 oz/4lb 8.9 oz

Total base weight = 101.225 oz or 6 lb 5.225 oz
Total skin out weight = 174.125 oz / 10 lb 14.125 oz

I understand that warmth is different fro all but anything thoughts on will I be warm enough at night with the quilt/bivy/cocoon jacket and pants? I have the WM pod 30 which is 18 oz and will be more then warm enough but I would like to use the quilt. I plan to try it out before I go because I just got the quilt but any input would be great.

Also is it worth the 1.5 oz for the balaclava or is that over kill with having the cocoon hoody and the hat? Anything else that I could cut out or change? On the wish list is lighter poles but don't have the money yet. Thanks in advance for all your great feedback!


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mary wilcoxson
(maryelle) - F
knobstone trail backpack on 02/24/2008 19:26:51 MST Print View

Hi Jon,
Glad to hear that you will be hiking on the KT. Can't give too much advice about your gear, you have to "hike your own hike" as the AT hikers say. You will need to know that unless the time that you are going on the KT is a very wet period the KT can be a dry trail and you will need to stash water at a few places.
The Hoosier Hikers Council is an organization in Indiana that does some maintenance work on the Knobstone and will have information about some of the trail conditions on their website, Check the website for KT info and for some contact phone numbers for more information.
Have a great hike. It is a great trail.

Jon Christensen

Locale: Midwest
KT April on 02/24/2008 19:55:59 MST Print View

We are going the first weekend in April. I'm thinking we should be OK for water. What do you think Mary?

mary wilcoxson
(maryelle) - F
Knobstone trail water on 02/25/2008 06:56:18 MST Print View

You should be OK for water in April, unless spring turns very dry, which doesn't seem likely right now. Do you have one of the blue maps? The KT is actually only about 48 miles, unless you do the figure 8 route at the north end, Delaney Park. That is a good place to leave your car if you are going north to south.
Enjoy the hike.

Adam Weesner
(davefan40) - F
Have fun on 03/05/2008 10:32:42 MST Print View

Looks fine to me. You have definitely thought this through and shouldn't have any issues with the gear. I did the KT 2 years ago in May, after a "dry" spring and still had plenty of water. Hope you have a fun couple of days.

Jim McGuire
(OnThRdaGn) - F
Gear List on 03/16/2008 18:11:34 MDT Print View

Hi I am very new to this but I am trying to learn by reading the posts. I like the lists, did I miss sleeping bags are they just not used backpacking as to heavy? How many of each item do you take or do you just adjust depending on the days?

It is probably to early for me to think about doing a hike of 60 miles but it is nice to see we have such a nice one, relatively close.

Finally I see you included the most important item, the Cubs hat, I guess it fits we should be wondering for years in the wilderness, not more then 100 though.

Jon Christensen

Locale: Midwest
Re: Gear List on 03/16/2008 21:34:05 MDT Print View

Welcome to the site, it's great to have you. As for the sleeping bag I have a quilt (from Backpacking light) that I will be taking depending on the temps. If it is going to be colder then 40 degrees I will change to a 30 degree bag because I can't push my quilt that low.

A lot of the smaller Items stay the say on each trip. The main things that change depend on the trip/temp/where at/time of the year. Example: Very raining and cold I will take rain jacket and pants but summer I will take a poncho tarp with no rain pants. Hope that makes sense.

As for hiking 60 miles depends on a lot of things. Take your time on it and you could do it in 5 or 6 days instead of 3.

Finally it is always great meet another Cubs fan. This is the year :):)

Hope this helps a little

Jim McGuire
(OnThRdaGn) - F
KT Gear List on 03/17/2008 16:45:19 MDT Print View

Helps a lot, I have time to learn and pick up pointers as I go along. Were do you buy most of this stuff?

Boy I hope the Cubs does it this year; if they do win I hope Chicago can withstand the party.

Jon Christensen

Locale: Midwest
Re: KT Gear List on 03/17/2008 22:04:49 MDT Print View

Most stuff I buy online unless you are lucky enough to live close to one of the companies. REI has a few items but most is smaller cottage companies. If you look at the gear guides on this site you will find all the different names of the companies.

I would also say take your time buying all your stuff. Do a lot of reading and research. Many on here would say, including myself, we have bought gear and never used it because we bought something lighter or something that worked better for our set up.

ps - I dont think CHI town would know what to do!

Edited by JonnyC on 03/17/2008 22:21:25 MDT.

David Stenberg
(dstenberg1) - F

Locale: South
Re: Re: KT Gear List on 03/18/2008 10:02:13 MDT Print View

I think having the Cocoon Hoody, Possum Down Hat, and Balaclava is overkill. I hike with a Patagonia R1 balaclava. I also use a Cocoon Hoody at night with my ARC Alpinist quilt. I usually never wear the balaclava and hoody while sleeping. That being said, I think you should leave the balaclava home and just take the Possum Down Hat. It should be plenty warm for hiking and at night use the hoody by itself for sleeping or the possum down hat and the hoody.

Jon Christensen

Locale: Midwest
Re: Re: Re: KT Gear List on 03/18/2008 11:24:39 MDT Print View

Yeah that is what I was kind of leaning toward. Thanks for the advise!

Jim McGuire
(OnThRdaGn) - F
KT Gear on 03/24/2008 18:39:12 MDT Print View

I think your right about taking my time and picking my gear carefully from what many people have written. I need to think about what kind of goals for hikes and the weather conditions to hike in. I don't know hard it really is but I would like to hike the Grand Canyon. We will see were I end up it should be fun but if it doesn't quit raining here in Illinois I may need to add a Kayak to my gear List.

(cuzzettj) - MLife

Locale: NorCal - South Bay
Knobstone Trail Thru Hike gear list on 03/24/2008 19:23:44 MDT Print View

Fantastic list. I think you just want a pat on the back!!!

I agree, get rid of the extra hat.

Good luck with the new quilt. That is the only place I rarely risk weight. I had an experience in Yosemite where it went from the low 80s at 8500 feet to snow in only about 5 hours. Because of the cold we started our hikes at 3:30 am to walk the chill out of us. We missed some great views because of this. Though we didn't see anymore snow of this 4 day trip, we luckily had a full moon to make for some great, dark, views of Cathedral Pass. So be flexible with the quilt if you can muster the courage.

But again. A fantastic list. I am impressed.

Mark W Heninger
(heninger) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Knobstone Trail Thru Hike gear list on 03/24/2008 19:27:52 MDT Print View

Personally, I wouldn't head into any wilderness situation without a knife I could depend on. That razor blade won't cut it (I kid, I kid) if you need to do some emergency work - just my two cents.

I used to hike with a Viktorianox Classic - now I have a 2.5 " full tang Sog with me.

You can do a lot in the wilderness with a pot and a good knife.

Steven Friese
(sfriese) - F

Locale: Hawaii
more pain meds on 04/25/2008 04:07:02 MDT Print View

shirt, LS Capilene top, wind jacket, rain jacket, puffy, and a quilt. gotta be something in there you can drop. wind and rain pants, do you really need 2 pair of pants for 60 miles? I might trade a couple of the immodium for a few more advil. the giardia won't hit for 7-10 days :). and I don't see duct tape, how can you go on a hike without duct tape? SF.

Jason Griffin
(JGriffinRN) - F
KT on 06/21/2008 21:39:08 MDT Print View

Good to see someone else on here hiking the KT. My buddy and I hiked there in January for the first time and really liked it. Next time we go; we'll know not to set up camp on the top of a ridge.......wind kicked up and made for a very cold night. Tent was iced over the next morning.