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Seeking proper fit shoe last!
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Bryan Redd
(pdx) - F
Seeking proper fit shoe last! on 02/23/2008 19:43:08 MST Print View

My feet need a wider toe box and a narrower heel. Thus far, I've found the New Balance SL2 last to be the perfect fit. Unfortunately, New Balance doesn't make any of their trail shoes in the SL2 last (despite my letters to them for the past 3 years.) I really prefer a trail shoe, which typically have a rock plate or simliar protector, which I find desireable.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other brands that might have a last similiar to the NB SL2 (wider toe box, narrower heel area) that also produce a good trail shoe?



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Mark Verber
(verber) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: Seeking proper fit shoe last! on 02/23/2008 23:06:08 MST Print View

Inov-8 Flyroc 310 and Terroc 330 both have narrow heel and wide toebox... but if you want a really stiff plate in the sole you should skip these shoes.


Mike W
(skopeo) - F

Locale: British Columbia
Seeking proper fit shoe last! on 02/24/2008 01:32:42 MST Print View


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Rod Lawlor
(Rod_Lawlor) - MLife

Locale: Australia
Salomon XA Sport on 02/24/2008 06:00:31 MST Print View

The old (original) XA Pro had a last similar to this. The XA Sport appears to be pretty much the same shoe.


Brian Lewis
(brianle) - F

Locale: Pacific NW
Golite --- wide toe box, anyway on 02/24/2008 12:05:43 MST Print View

I like the Golite shoe line for the wide toe box in, I think, all their models (I'm mostly using their Sun Dragons). The heel isn't particularly narrow, but maybe some sort of insert could help that (?). Dunno. What I do know is that after enough miles I get bunionette problems with normal trail runners, and I just don't with the Golites because of the shape of the front end of the shoe.

Ryan Luke
(rluke) - F

Locale: Atlanta (missing CA)
Re: Seeking proper fit shoe last! on 02/24/2008 12:13:08 MST Print View


I have the exact same problem, and I also like the NB SL2 last (I use running shoes made with that last). I have found that the wide version of the Montrail Hardrock fits GREAT. I have also found some Salomon shoes that have fit fairly well, but nothing compares to the fit of the Hardrocks.

Ryan Luke

Greyson Howard

Locale: Sierra Nevada
Golite shoes, gen 2? on 02/24/2008 12:14:18 MST Print View

Speaking of Golite shoes, is there any word on when the second generation will be released?
I was very interested in the Golite design, but I'm glad I held off from buying the first generation.
Lets hope the new models do better in the durability department!

Bryan Redd
(pdx) - F
Proper last fit on 02/24/2008 17:38:04 MST Print View


So, the Wide version of the Hardrocks are not too wide in the heel? I saw them at the Montrail website, and will see if I can find a pair locally to try on.

Thanks for everyone's feedback.

Now, Ryan, if we could just get NB to pay attention to the our customer needs, that would be great.



Locale: South West US
Re: Proper last fit on 02/24/2008 19:04:58 MST Print View


I have the NB 1010 which use the SL2 last and agree that it's awesome. They should make a trail running version. The closest fit which I've can think of is the Vasque Mercury trail runner.

Vasque has many differnet last and most tend to have very narrow heels and toe boxes. The Mercury's are different in that it has a nice and wide toe box.

Other shoes with a similar wide toe box are the Merrell Moab, Salomon XA Comp 2 and nearly all Keens. All have a slightly wider heel cup though.

The Inov-8 terroc and flyroc may work as well. I have also used the roc-lite 315 and f-lite 300's but had to buy half a size larger.

Good luck,


P.S. One thing I don't like about the wide montrail hardrocks is that while the forefoot is nice and wide, the toe box is still a bit pointy-ish and not rounded like the SL-2 is.

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Peter Fogel
(pgfogel) - F

Locale: Western Slope, Colorado
proper fitting shoes on 02/24/2008 20:01:08 MST Print View

Check out Pearl Izumi shoes!

Ryan Luke
(rluke) - F

Locale: Atlanta (missing CA)
Re: Proper last fit on 02/24/2008 20:04:16 MST Print View


I would agree that NB needs to make more shoes in the SL2 last. Hopefully their heightened focus on outdoor pursuits will result in more of those shoes (or at least one pair) made with the SL2 last!

Regarding the fit of the Hardrocks, the heel is narrow and doesn't slip when I hike or run in them. I did have to go up one size from NB (from a 12 to a 13) when I ordered them though. I would have to agree that the toe is more pointy than shoes made w/the SL2 last.

I know that Campmor ( has the older version of the Hardrocks (in the wide size) on sale in some sizes. Happy hunting!