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2008 AT NOBO List
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Travis Newman
(tarmand12) - F

Locale: AT
2008 AT NOBO List on 02/22/2008 13:36:09 MST Print View

Hello all,
This is my projected 2008 NOBO gear list. I will be starting in early May and pushing to finish by late August, as you know a rather speedy thru. Any suggestions for weight reduction would be greatly appreciated, as well as any ideas for gear substitution/reduction. Thanks,

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Frank Perkins

Locale: North East
Re: 2008 AT NOBO List on 02/22/2008 13:49:02 MST Print View

Welcome to BPL Travis. How do you feel about using the GG Nightlight torso as your sleep pad? I have only tried pairing it with a 1/8 pad and I'm tempted to go back to my POE pad.

Although I haven't been able to wear out my pad, 4 months might be an issue as I have read reports about compression loss.

Also, I see that you're using a tarp, but no bivy. Did you consider adding a bivy?

Travis Newman
(tarmand12) - F

Locale: AT
Re: 2008 AT NOBO List on 02/22/2008 15:08:01 MST Print View

Thanks for the comments. I have not had any issues with compression on the torsolite so far, but your right it might be a good idea to maybe have another one at home just in case. A bivy is one thing that I have been thinking a lot about. I justified against it so far because shelters are so prolific along the A.T. Yet the weight gain of a BMW bivy or an oware one would only raise my packed weight by four ounces if I scraped the Polycro ground cloth. It would also help a lot for nights in rain under the tarp. It is something that I am going to have to continue to think hard about.

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