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Frameless pack sleeping pad suspension options
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Locale: Greater Gila
Frameless pack sleeping pad suspension options on 02/14/2008 20:37:17 MST Print View

So, my MLD Zip is slowly being made and making it's way to my doorstep. I'm trying to decide what sort of system to try out for the suspension. I currently have a 2/3 GG NightLight pad. My original plan was to cut a piece of foam from this pad big enough to make a rectangle that would fill up backside of the pack. The rest of the pad would be stored on the outside of the pack.

Now I'm starting to wonder if just having one sitlite style pad as support is enough to effectively transfer the load to the hips. Does having a cylinder inside help that much more than just a flat rectangle against the back? If so, I have been considering using a GG Thinlite rolled up inside, cutting the NightLite down to Torso-length, and just stowing that on the outside. This setup would also help me sleep better at night I think.

Does the NightLite itself provide enough stiffness to act as a good frame, or does the sleeping pad need to be thicker?

EDIT: I'm not trying to get a MLD Zip specific system, I'd just to like to compare different setups which would work in all frameless packs.

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Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: Framelss Pack Pad on 02/14/2008 21:00:59 MST Print View

Eric, I have no experience with the MLD Zip, but I use a nightlite torso for my SMD Essence - good to about 20 lbs or so. I imagine the two would be comparable.


Locale: Greater Gila
Thinlight as frame? on 03/03/2008 22:13:03 MST Print View

I'm now contemplating using a combo of a Sitlite pad against my back, and then a 1/8" GG ThinLight pad unrolled as a cylinder around the inside of the pack. Unfortunately, I've never seen the ThinLight in person, and don't know how rigid it is. Would it really supply an rigidity to my pack? I'm probably just going to try a sitlite by itself, but I keep reading people say that a cylinder inside helps distribute weight even better.

In case you were wondering, I'm hesitant to unroll a whole GG NightLight inside because I know it will flatten quickly, and I'd like the interior space for storage...

Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
Frameless pack sleeping pad suspension options on 03/03/2008 22:36:18 MST Print View

I have the Thinlinght in 1/8" and the Nightlight in torso and single panel.
The Thinlight It is floppy and weak. It would not provide significant structural rigidity as a pack 'frame'. Even rolled up into a tube you can easily bend the entire shaft in half with two fingers. It is GREAT though, for adding insulation when sleeping on snow or ice.

The Nightlight is useful to give some shape and padding to a frameless pack such as my Golight Dawn.
I recommend both these products for those purposes. I dont use either one for adding comfort. For that I use my 5cm thick, 6-chamber Montbell inflatable sleeping mattress.(340g)