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Seychelle filter question
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Steve Young
(shakeylegs) - F
Seychelle filter question on 09/02/2005 16:38:20 MDT Print View

Just received the Seychelle in-line filter and as per instructions "prior to initial use", I'm trying to flush the filter. When I attach the flush bulb between faucet and filter, water won't pass through the filter. Some accumulates inside, but before any water emerges from the filter outlet, the bulb explodes off of the faucet! And the water pressure is barely on.
I've held the bulb onto on the faucet but it begins expanding like a balloon and I fear it will pop if I force the issue.
I'm tempted to open the filter and inspect for an obvious blockage however having read about problems reassembling the filter I'm asking first if there is something I'm overlooking.

Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
seychelle on 09/02/2005 18:08:53 MDT Print View

Steve are you inserting the right end into the inlet? May sound like a dumb question, but I am trying to help. Sounds like you're doing everything right. I did not have that trouble when I did mine. That is the only thing that I could think of. Maybe someone else can shed more light on this.

Mike Storesund
(mikes) - F
Re: Seychelle filter question on 09/02/2005 21:14:56 MDT Print View

The first time I flushed mine I actually put it inline with my Big Zip Platy - then let gravity do the work. May use a bit more water, and it took about 45 minutes to filter 3 liters the first time, but no mess and no bulb blowing off the filter or faucet.

Steve Young
(shakeylegs) - F
seychelle on 09/02/2005 21:41:08 MDT Print View

Thanks for the feedback.
I was careful to flush from the inlet side with water flowing in the direction of the embossed arrow.
There is a significant amount of water in the filter but none wants to leave via the outlet. I've had it sitting upright in a glass the better half of the day now and nothing drains. I would think that as a potential gravity filter something might trickle.

I guess next I'll try filling the platy, give it a squeeze and then let it attempt to drain.

All of this leads me to wonder about the directions which allow for backflushing after prolonged use. Directions are unclear to me as to whether the "flush should come from the "outlet port" or the "inlet port". Thoughts?


Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Syechelle on 09/03/2005 07:06:21 MDT Print View

I do remember mine blowing off the faucet. I did have a "bear" of a time for a small period of time. You just have to hold it real tight and have some good water pressure and that should work Steve. Sorry I can't be of much more help. I will tell you this, it works great in my system. I just fill my platy and away I go. No treating water (I use AM in camp)it really is worth the work to get it going. Good luck.

John Pickron
(pre) - F
instructions on the issue--just did it yday.. on 09/03/2005 07:20:15 MDT Print View

If you read the instructions carefully they should be telling you to put the white bulb on the "OUT".

This would be opposite the direction of the normal flow into your drinking container, hence the term "back-flushing"

I made this mistake the other day. Also the faucet need be a small trickle--low-low pressure--the filter does about .8L MIN.

Another tip, hold the hose above the water bag so air rises and you can suck it out, while starting the flow, then of course drop it down to ground level if using a gravity system...

I use that 3 in piece of tubing attached to the out for this function so I'm not contaminating the filter outlet w/ my mouth. Then just let the filter flow directly into my bottle or bladder hose....

Edited by pre on 09/03/2005 07:21:55 MDT.

Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
seychelle on 09/03/2005 10:01:58 MDT Print View

ahh you're right John. I said "inlet" when I should have said "outlet"

Steve Young
(shakeylegs) - F
seychelle on 09/03/2005 11:48:26 MDT Print View

Thanks Ken
Thanks John

I'll run home and reverse the process. I've been flushing from the inlet side. As a dot com refuge I learned to avoid manuals - lol - though I did read the manual, evelyn woods style.

A clear case of matter over mind!

Wish me luck!

Steve Young
(shakeylegs) - F
re: seychelle problem on 09/03/2005 17:36:31 MDT Print View


Not only have I tried flushing the filter from both inlet and outlet, but I've even read the directions again, carefully.

The directions included with my filter indicate that there is an inlet and an outlet but the directions do not specify from which "let" to flush; in or out.

Text says:
1) Remove the white rubber primer bulb.
2) Securely attach large opening of white rubber primer bulb over your water faucet pushing the bulb up as far as it will go.
3) Take the removable filter and push its threaded shank onto the small available opening of the primer bulb securely.
4) Turn cold water on SLOWLY, using medium water pressure, until water is flowing out of the filter. Allow water to run for approximately 1 minute to thoroughly flush filter prior to initial use of system.
5) Replace removable filter into the inline system and use.
6) Store white rubber primer for future use.

It appears on my instruction sheet that the text of step 2 runs off the edge of the page slightly, after the word "faucet". Could the answer reside there?

Do I have a defective filter? Anyone else had this problem?


Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
seychelle on 09/03/2005 18:27:55 MDT Print View

sounds like it might be defective. Bummer. Again I have used mine now for a year and it is a great addition to my pack. don't give up. Maybe exchange it?

Al Clemens
(al) - F
Instructions are vague, badly worded.. on 09/08/2005 13:16:00 MDT Print View

What they are trying to say is: open the filter case/shell, then unscrew the removable element itself from inside the shell half. One end of the element is glued into a base that has a threaded end with o ring seal to mate to the shell. (The hose adaptors on the outside of the shell have stepped hose barbs and technically aren't threads.) With the element removed there is only one end to attach to the bulb -I'd guess that's why the instructions don't specify inlet/outlet. I do believe you are backflushing through the outlet end though.

There are some reviews of the filter on where some of the users in the test group removed the element for initial cleaning and then cross threaded it when putting it back together! I think that has been remedied since. Had no problem with removing/reinserting mine.

That said, there's no reason why you shouldn't have been able to flush the filter through the outled without removing the element. Maybe one of the barbed adaptor ends is clogged?

Steve Young
(shakeylegs) - F
Re: Instructions are vague, badly worded.. on 09/10/2005 23:19:02 MDT Print View

thanks for your clarification of the Seychelle instructions. They make much more sense now. I've emailed cust. serv. but haven't heard back yet so I'll disassemble and try that route.

Ok, I disassembled the filter and the instructions make sense from the inside. Still, the filter will not flush. Backpressure builds and bulb bursts from the faucet, and nothing comes through the filter.
I think I have a defective unit.
Thanks Al for the tip
Regards Steve

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