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Pocket Slipper Camp Shoes
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David Passey
(davidpassey) - F

Locale: New York City
Re: Re: Pocket Slipper Camp Shoes on 03/07/2008 07:36:23 MST Print View


Nice! What materials did you use for your midsole/outsole?


John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Re: Re: ultralight water-trekking shoes (under 6.42 oz apiece) on 03/07/2008 09:13:57 MST Print View

Roleigh, the specific airwalk doesn't seem to be on the payless site any longer. I think Ben2World may have bought a pair. The family dollar types weighed about 5 oz apiece in size 11, but they are no-name.

Roleigh Martin
(marti124) - MLife

Locale: Moderator-JohnMuirTrail Yahoo Group
need for water shoes to support one under water on 03/07/2008 09:45:06 MST Print View

Many of the SUL solutions I've seen for use as a camp sandal and walking under water look to me like one could easily slip or lose one's footing while walking across a stream where one has to walk with feet on water bed. My goal has always been to find the lightest solution that dries fast, is useful for both camp sandals and water trekking. I'm curious if those who've used the lighter shoes find them to be fully supportive and gripping while walking across a stream. The Speedo sandals I got look like they'll do the job. Last year, I used the Salomon Water shoes (not the Amphibian but I think they're called "Karma" which are not made by Salomon anymore--they had holes in the bottom of the soles which enabled faster draining) which did a great job crossing streams, but they soaked up water and they weighed 10-11 oz apiece so this year I'm looking forward to trying out these light options, such as the Speedo shoes.

Roleigh Martin
(marti124) - MLife

Locale: Moderator-JohnMuirTrail Yahoo Group
Re: Re: Pocket Slipper Camp Shoes on 03/07/2008 09:46:39 MST Print View

I presume the weights are for both slippers, meaning they're about 4.4 or 3.85 oz apiece, correct?

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Re: Re: Pocket Slipper Camp Shoes on 03/07/2008 10:23:17 MST Print View

Roleigh, yes according to the website and Greg's weights listed.

Edited by jshann on 03/07/2008 10:24:01 MST.

Sam Farrington
(scfhome) - M

Locale: Chocorua NH, USA
camp slippers on 03/07/2008 18:58:46 MST Print View

Still maintain that ankle high neoprene dive sox are worth considering for around camp if your feet don't sweat when inactive. If sized correctly, they go on easily over boot sox, and protect (to ankle top) from moisture, such as dewy grass. Deep See makes a pair weighing 3.7 oz. for the pair in a size which fits my 10.5" feet, and with a textured sole. Disadvantages are that neoprene will become clammy and wet if left on for too long (just use them for short exits from tent or at high altitude), there is no stiff sole to protect from rocks (those who can go barefoot should have no problem) and muddy, squishy stream bottoms will suck them off (if no strap is added). They are also inexpensive, around $10.

Mike Saxton
(Hokie) - F
Camp/wading/shower shoes on 03/08/2008 05:37:52 MST Print View

Camp/wading/shower shoe - I also use the aquatics shoes mentioned in an earlier post. They are nylon white mesh shower or pool shoes that weigh 50 grams/pair for unisex size 11 that works for men's size 9-10. (Aquatics by Sprint- $5/pair). The mesh top stays on your feet for wading in small streams. The sole is thinner than the typical flip flop but similar in feel. So far my pair has lasted for about 7 nights in the trail and withstood going through the washing machine and dryer with plenty of life left.

The sole is too thin for actual hiking, unlike Crocs, but they are fine for short jaunts around camp and through the water.

Edited by Hokie on 03/08/2008 05:42:53 MST.

Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: Pocket Slipper Camp Shoes on 03/08/2008 06:24:37 MST Print View

"What materials did you use for your midsole/outsole?"

Pretty simple setup, I just traced my foot on an old z-lite sleep pad and cut them out. I fed some rope through small holes in the sole and tied knots to keep them from coming back out. My new version (can't find any pics now) have a couple of modified elestics to keep the sole of my slipper firmly planted to the heel of my foot - I can run in my new ones!

Dustin Meyer
(dustinmeyer) - F

Locale: Kansas City Metro
Foam Shoes on 03/12/2008 19:07:51 MDT Print View


Your z-rest shoes are a great idea. I went and picked up a cheap blue foam mat from walmart to play with and came up with a slightly modified design. I'm not sure the blue foam would be very durable, but it is very light. Here are some photos of the sandals and the template that I created base on an old pair of teva flip flops I had.

Foam camp shoes 01

Foam camp shoes 02

Foam camp shoes template

I just folded the side flaps up and taped them together with some duct tape.

Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: Foam Slippers on 03/12/2008 20:04:31 MDT Print View

Dustin, those are awesome! How much do they weigh?

Dustin Meyer
(dustinmeyer) - F

Locale: Kansas City Metro
RE: Foam slippers on 03/12/2008 20:25:18 MDT Print View

According to the digital scales at the post office, they weigh 1.40 oz for the pair.

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: RE: Foam slippers on 03/12/2008 20:38:17 MDT Print View

Very smart Dustin...

(cuzzettj) - MLife

Locale: NorCal - South Bay
Pocket Slipper Camp Shoes on 03/12/2008 21:17:01 MDT Print View

I accidently started a hike last year with Keen New Ports on. I meant to change my shoes.

I used them this winter with thorlos and Seal Skins in the rain. They worked perfect.

Killed to birds with one stone and don't have to worry about much.

If nothing else try the cord locks with your sandles for a little security.

Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: Foam Slippers on 03/12/2008 21:42:00 MDT Print View

"they weigh 1.40 oz for the pair."

I'm sold - I think I have some "z-rest" in the storage closet. Very nice Dustin!

Wade Henrichs
(WadeHenrichs) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Way to go Dustin! on 03/12/2008 22:02:42 MDT Print View

Many contenders here for the "The Best of MYOG Award"!

Way to go Dustin. Most ingenious and aesthetically pleasing in a acary/strange sort of way!

If you could use velco instead of Duct Tape they could be adjustable (socks/no socks) and could be opened up to lay flat in the pack.

What about a Croc/Keen modification wrapping up the front to enclose more of the forefoot to fend off wet grass and sticks?

Well done!

Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: Foam Slippers on 03/13/2008 07:17:12 MDT Print View

"If you could use velco instead of Duct Tape"

Good idea! If you cut the profile out of your sleep pad in a cookie cutter type way, you could replace the unfolded slipper back into it's "cutout" before hitting the hay...this would then eliminate the added weight of the slipper and also give a place to pack the extra weight added and no extra pack room taken!

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Foam Shoes on 03/25/2008 22:07:56 MDT Print View

I think I am going to make some CCF booties with foam sides to wear in cold temps. This past week I slept in 20 degree temps with only a GG nightlight torso and my feets got cold. A decent remedy was to wear my crock knock-offs in the sleeping bag with subway (sammich shop) bags covering them to keep my bag clean. It worked pretty good.

Edited by jshann on 03/30/2008 05:28:28 MDT.

Matthew Robinson
(mcjhrobinson) - F

Locale: Waaay West
slippers? on 03/25/2008 22:28:33 MDT Print View

maybe im crazy but i dont even bother with slippers. aloha

Edited by mcjhrobinson on 03/25/2008 22:31:36 MDT.

Joshua Mitchell
(jdmitch) - F

Locale: Kansas
Re: Re: Foam Slippers on 03/26/2008 10:23:15 MDT Print View

"cut the profile out of your sleep pad in a cookie cutter type way, you could replace the unfolded slipper back into it's "cutout" before hitting the hay."

sweet idea...

NYC Hiker
(NYCHiker) - F

Locale: NYC
Re: Zinetic Pocket Slipper on 06/02/2008 15:15:52 MDT Print View


I promised a review of these slippers. You can find it here:

Edited by NYCHiker on 06/02/2008 15:24:34 MDT.