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SnowPeak Trek 900 Pot Mod
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Jay Well
(jwell) - F

Locale: Willamette Valley
SnowPeak Trek 900 Pot Mod on 02/05/2008 00:03:10 MST Print View

SnowPeak Trek 900 Pot Modification

Let me just preface this post by saying what I am about to describe has most certainly been done a number of times. I just thought I would repost this just in case someone was interested.

I have been using the SP Trek 900 pot and my bushbuddy stove for about a month now. I really wanted to get the BPL 1100 pot made for the bushbuddy, but I didn't want to wait for it to come into stock. The trek 900 has worked well but no matter how I position the pot on the stove the handles become covered with soot so they had to go. In their place, a bail allowing me to lift the pot soot free.

Tools I used:
Dremel tool. Used both the cutting wheels; it took two to do the project. I also used a grinding wheel to grind down the spot welds after removing the handles.

Flat head screw driver. Used to pry and make sure I didn't cut into the pot with the dremel.

Needle nose pliers. Used to gently pry the handle sheath away from the spot welds.

What I did:
I used the dremel with the cutting wheel to cut the handles off. I cut along the raised portion of the handle sheath. Then, using the pliers, pried up the handle sheath and slowly started cutting it away with the dremel. I used the the screwdriver to pry between the spot welds (an old, small, flat piece of metal would work just as well) and cut the handle sheath with the dremel tool while the screwdriver was in between the handle sheath and the pot itself (see picture). I then just pried off the sheath from around the spot welds. Be careful when doing this. Even though the weld is stronger than the surrounding metal it can pull the weld apart from the pot leaving you with a small hole that needs to be patched. I then ground down the spot welds with the dremel tool and the grinding wheel to make them rounded so they will not catch on anything. You could grind them down a lot more than I did, but I didn't want to risk putting a hole in the pot. To attach the bail I just drilled two small holes opposite each other 0.5" down from the top of the pot. I cut a length of titanium wire that was donated by a most generous BLP staff member and bent it to fit. I made it long to keep it cool and soot free and easily removable so it could be stored in the bottom of the pot below the bushbuddy for ease of packing.

The end result:
Pot without lid before modification weighed in at 3.5oz. Removing the handles saved 0.5oz. Removing the handle sheath saved 0.15oz. The titanium bail added 0.10oz.
The final tally of the pot with a homemade lid, bail, and bushbuddy stove weighs in at 8.0oz.Using screwdriver to help protect pot when cutting with the dremelTools and the aftermathFinal weigh in

Edited by jwell on 02/05/2008 00:10:49 MST.

Sam Haraldson
(sharalds) - MLife

Locale: Gallatin Range
SnowPeak Trek 900 Pot Mod on 02/05/2008 00:07:53 MST Print View

Turned out great, Jay. And what a nice round number for the final weight!