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Gossamer Gear "The One" Video
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Brian OKelly
(losthillsguy) - F
Who bought (the) one today? on 02/15/2008 18:20:54 MST Print View

OK, who bought (The) One today?
First day on sale.
Feb 15, 2008

Cameron Moeller
(Chimble) - F
Purchase. on 02/15/2008 19:46:24 MST Print View

One for me.


Miles Barger
(milesbarger) - F - M

Locale: West Virginia
I bought (The) One on 02/15/2008 20:40:28 MST Print View

*Raises hand*

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
The One on 02/15/2008 22:22:25 MST Print View


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Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Who bought (the) one today? on 02/15/2008 22:25:42 MST Print View

Gear sluts! Every one of you!

Brian OKelly
(losthillsguy) - F
What big hikes are you taking the one on? on 02/15/2008 23:28:28 MST Print View

So you guys that have (the) one, are you taking it on any BIG hikes this year? Where are we going to see them? :-)

Miles Barger
(milesbarger) - F - M

Locale: West Virginia
Nothing big on 02/16/2008 00:19:58 MST Print View

No BIG hikes. I'm going to be guiding in Denali this summer (Kantishna, at the end of the road) and taking this on weekend overnighters. I wanted something that was light, very weather resistant, and comfortable in the midst of killer mosquitoes, and decided this was worth the high price tag. The Contrail came in a very close second, but the weight difference (although slight when you add in the ground cloth, stuff sack, and stakes), side-entry, and lack of tiny poles to sink into soggy tundra won. A tarp and bivy would be a lot lighter, but the luxury/weight ratio of The One is too tempting!

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Miguel Arboleda
(butuki) - MLife

Locale: Kanto Plain, Japan
Re: The One on 02/16/2008 04:50:19 MST Print View

I bought one, too. It was actually not a spur-of-the-moment purchase, though. Since 2003 I've shared discussions with Glen about shelter design and ideas for something like the One came up every now and then. As the Gossamer Gear website alludes to, the development of the One was a long, slow process that took many iterations to finally make it into something viable for commercial release.

I've had my eye on this type of design for a long time and even made several of my own similar designs prior to seeing the first prototypes of the One. I could never tweak the problems just right, though. I thought I found what I was looking for with the Rainbow (which is quite similar as a type of shelter), but I found a number of problems that didn't suit my needs (one of my ideas, the hiking pole grommets in the apex pole sleeve, was incorporated into the final Rainbow design).

I think the One does what I want a shelter to do, especially for summer alpine conditions. It is a very mature design (as most of the UL cottage gear designers will now be moving on to), based on the years of trial and error of earlier UL ideas. When I saw it I knew that it addressed just about every concern I have. The material is time-tested (and GRAY! One concern about the SpinnShelter, though not a big concern, was that it was white), the vestibule is big, it has a side entrance, a small footprint, is wind-shedding, doesn't have unnecessary weight by using a tent pole when I use hiking poles, has a bug screen and floor, uses a zipper for the door, and incorporates good venting. Until I have more experience with alpine tarping this is probably what I've been waiting for and I may never move beyond it. (being an architectural designer though, I'm bound to start seeking new solutions!). It is exactly what I would have wanted when I was in the Alps last year.

I've loved everything I've ever bought from early Glen van Peski gear and later Gossamer Gear and have never had any disappointments in any of the gear (except that the headroom of the SpinnShelter when in storm mode is way too low for comfort, but that's it). I fully expect the One to quickly become my favorite shelter.

Since ransacking for the last two months my apartment of all extraneous goods I'm down to three shelters (after having eight!!!). Now I need just two staple shelters: a good solo winter tent and yet something else to use with my wife. Does ANYONE have any experience with the GoLite Xanadu 1 ???

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David Lewis
(davidlewis) - MLife

Locale: Nova Scotia, Canada
Re: Nothing big on 02/17/2008 16:42:06 MST Print View

I agree with Miles... "The One" has probably the best "luxury to weight" ratio of any shelter I've ever seen. Very very tempting. Yes... there are lighter options... but those options are all more fussy to setup and leave you more cramped and less protected from bugs. "The One" is a winner. For sure. I may buy one and retire my SpinnShelter.

Chris Tarry
(christarry) - F

Locale: Williamsburg Brooklyn
RE: The One on 02/20/2008 08:32:02 MST Print View

Bought mine the day they came available! Using it for an 11day JMT through hike at end of July... there are four of us going, each person bought "The One" the day it came out! Just got the tracking number, should be here in a few days! Have a few trips planned to try it out over the next month or so here in NY, I'll try and post some arrival and unpacking pics.

Just joined the forum, hello everyone,


Cameron Moeller
(Chimble) - F
Tomorrow! on 02/20/2008 16:28:34 MST Print View

I also ordered mine the day they were put up for sale, and according to UPS, tomorrow it will arrive.



Its here! But no time to play with it... Stupid class.

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Paul Cronshaw
(beemancron) - F

Locale: Southwest US
My One Impressions on 03/09/2008 23:30:18 MDT Print View

An update on the One....

My life has been crazy for the last month. Springtime has arrived in Santa Barbara. The bees are finally on the move and swarming, I am building up my lost colonies. Unlike my bees and their plight with CDC, I suffered from a bad case of NDD = Nature Deficit Disorder!

So when the One arrived a couple of weeks ago, I had the perfect opportunity to cure my NDD, take two short overnight trips to one of my favorite campgrounds in the Los Padres Forest - Forbush Flats.

Prior to these trips, I reviewed the video of Glen Van Peski demonstrating how to set up the One:

This video gave me the basic steps on setup, but there is nothing like a true life experience, so after two weekends of "playing" with the One, here is my setup:

The One and sleeping system

My impressions:

1. Lighter than my favorite Rainbow by approx. a pound.
2. Easy and quick to set up; I timed myself at 3 minutes. 
3. Uses two trekking poles for structural support (Works well with adjustable poles; ideal length is 125 cm but can work with 115 cm fixed lengths and slight modifications).
4. Very sturdy in wind, little noise if everything is cinched down and taut. 
5. Spacious feeling, ability to sit up in center.
6. Zippered entrance system is easy to get in and out, no obstruction from the off-set pole. 
7. Zippered vestibule is better than a velcro system; no sticking problems with bug mesh
8. Great ventilation system.
9. Nice to have added flashlight clip and accessory mesh bag.
10. Packs nicely in its spinnaker sack and fits horizontal in my Miniposa pack
11. Comes with a 2 pack medium Polycryo ground cloth, share one with a friend.

In addition, I tested a new sleeping system:

A Montbell 30 degree bag + Torsolite pad (10 oz) + shortened GG 1/4” Thinlight Insulation Pad (3 oz) .

The weight of the two sleeping pads is less than a Prolite 4 (17 oz). Their combined R value (3.5 + .90) is more than a Prolite 4 (3.2). Less weight with the same comfort; could make for a good winter pad system.

In addition, the Thinlight gives good adhesion to the One’s spinnaker floor, prevents the Torsolite from slipping around during a restless night, and provides some insulation under my legs.

An extra feature of this system: the Thinlight pad, folded in 5ths, provides support in my GG Miniposa. The Torsolite pad, folded in 4ths slips, into the pack’s interior hydration sleeve.

I love the Montbell Super Stretch bags! No claustrophobic feeling...

This tent and sleeping system will now be my choice of equipment when I do PCT section A in a couple of weeks and the JMT in July.


Brian James
(bjamesd) - F

Locale: South Coast of BC
Re: My One Impressions on 03/11/2008 01:19:09 MDT Print View

Does anyone know if they'll be coming out with a "The TWO"?

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
The Two on 03/11/2008 08:11:15 MDT Print View


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Larry Risch
(dayhiker) - F
The TWO on 03/22/2008 12:57:51 MDT Print View

Something like the DUO for another say 4 oz (The Double Rainbow is 8 oz more than the Rainbow) would be nice!

I think the Rainbow and Double Rainbow with their poles would never be as light as this ONE, but then they wouldn't need trekking poles.

Zipper sounds nice, but I like the porch on the DR and not sure zippers would work that well with that, try switching in a storm for instance. Zipper would be more water proof?

16 oz even though it is smaller is tempting. Still I don't always use trekking poles, so it would be a special useage only.

David Lewis
(davidlewis) - MLife

Locale: Nova Scotia, Canada
Re: The TWO on 05/06/2008 18:32:56 MDT Print View

Any word on price and availability of the Cuban version? Not sure the price would be worth it for saving 4 oz... but I'd be curious to know.