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Derma-safe Knife
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Jesse Squires
(shinfuro) - F
Derma-safe Knife on 02/03/2008 19:47:09 MST Print View

I found a cool little knife that is essentially a foldaway razor blade. It is super sharp and very light. It weighs about .28 ounces. I paid $1.85 for it. It meets all my cutting needs while in the woods, they are disposable and inexpensive. I switched to this from my swiss army knife. You guys may find them useful too.

Ryan Gardner
(splproductions) - F - M

Locale: Salt Lake City, UT
knife... on 02/03/2008 20:01:29 MST Print View

Where did you get it at?

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: knife... on 02/03/2008 20:10:03 MST Print View

Probably same as this...

Edited by jshann on 02/03/2008 20:12:55 MST.

Jesse Squires
(shinfuro) - F
knife on 02/03/2008 20:10:57 MST Print View

I bought them here.
They can be bought by the hundred at derma-safes website. May be something to be added to the Backpacking Light shop.

Joshua Mitchell
(jdmitch) - F

Locale: Kansas
Re: county Comm on 02/04/2008 08:45:33 MST Print View

Even if it isn't the same, the count comm one is rather nice. and sharp...

Also they're SERE saw sounds potentially useful if one does wood stoves and wants to chunk thicker twigs smaller than hands can make.

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Derma-safe Knife on 02/27/2008 13:23:09 MST Print View

If/when the blade on this is broken or worn, can it be replaced or do you have to buy another?

Jesse Squires
(shinfuro) - F
Derma-safe Knife on 02/28/2008 21:55:26 MST Print View

You will have to buy another. I bought five myself, one for the pocket, one for my pack, and three replacements.
They are so cheap I dont mind buying the extras and they are incredibly sharp so watch out.

Sam Haraldson
(sharalds) - MLife

Locale: Gallatin Range
Derma-safe Knife on 08/05/2008 16:41:13 MDT Print View

Watch for these in the BPL store coming soon. As Jesse says, they are "super sharp and very light." It weighs in at 7.59g (.27oz).

Derma-Safe Folding Razor

Sam Haraldson
(sharalds) - MLife

Locale: Gallatin Range
Derma-safe Knife on 08/11/2008 20:23:25 MDT Print View

Get 'em while the gettin's good.

Dave T
(DaveT) - F
dermasafe. on 08/11/2008 20:28:53 MDT Print View

i'd love to buy a few, but does it REALLY cost almost 7 dollars to ship 5 razor blades across the country?

oh well.

Jason Klass
(jasonklass) - F

Locale: Parker, CO
Re: dermasafe. on 08/11/2008 20:54:46 MDT Print View

Yeah, that's outrageous. Shipping should be free for this item. Or, maybe $1.00.

Sarah Kirkconnell
(sarbar) - F

Locale: In the shadow of Mt. Rainier
Re: Derma-safe Knife on 08/11/2008 22:16:05 MDT Print View

I haven't a clue where we got them, but we have had similar ones in our house for years. love them! They are actually quite hard to break. I keep one in all our cars as well.

Andrew Richardson
(arichardson6) - F

Locale: North East
Re: Re: Derma-safe Knife on 08/12/2008 05:47:04 MDT Print View

I'd love to get one, but I placed an order about an hour before they came up and I'm certainly not going to pay such crazy shipping rates for a razor.

These will have to wait till my next purchase.

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Derma-Safe Knife on 08/12/2008 09:50:43 MDT Print View

I carry an el cheapo pocket knife purchased from Wal Mart -- love its low price and light weight. But I always have this nagging question: the time when I really need a blade -- how truly useful will this thing be?

No experience whatsoever with the Derma-safe knife, but the same nagging question arises. However, I am definitely intrigued and look forward to reading more user reports. Thanks for sharing, Jesse.

Edited by ben2world on 08/12/2008 10:00:25 MDT.

Sam Haraldson
(sharalds) - MLife

Locale: Gallatin Range
Derma-safe Knife on 08/12/2008 12:23:19 MDT Print View

Yes, $7 shipping was excessive. I adjusted the weight on it and it's now at $4.80. Ben, shipping something for $1.00 is not possible in this day and age. You can talk to the Post Office about that - not us. We charge the actual price of shipping, which is $4.80 and that doesn't include what it costs us to handle the item (people have to get paid too).

* Begin Sam's personal rant *My personal comment on this would be that it is environmentally irresponsible to be mail ordering a couple razors. That's a lot of fuel used to bring something so minimal right to your doorstep. These items make better add-ons to other orders. This will keep the shipping reasonable and the carbon footprint smaller. * End rant *

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Derma-safe Knife on 08/12/2008 13:08:23 MDT Print View


The $1.00 suggestion was made by Jason Klass up above. :)

Edited by ben2world on 08/12/2008 13:17:49 MDT.

Dave T
(DaveT) - F
postage. on 08/12/2008 14:36:44 MDT Print View

i'm sure i could put 5 dermasafe razorblades in an envelope and mail it to Bozeman for a dollar. i might even try it just for fun.

(rant on)

as far as ranting about carbon footprints and waste, i don't see much validity in that. it should just be a simple A10 paper envelope with 5 blades in it, just like the other billion pieces of mail going around the US every day. i've received little bits of kit from people (shires, mldgear, etc.) in A10 envelopes in the past, sent regular mail, not priority. most everything we do in modern life is wasteful, environmentally damaging, etc. this doesn't seem like a particularly good one to single out.

however, perhaps it's irresponsible to sell disposable, non-biodegradable, plastic stuff in the first place! it's probably shipped from china too!

(rant ovah)

Edited by DaveT on 08/12/2008 14:39:51 MDT.

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: postage. on 08/12/2008 14:49:03 MDT Print View

Or would you rather leave China out of the equation and pay $10.85 each plus $1 postage?

Brett Tucker
(blister-free) - F

Locale: Puertecito ruins
Re: postage. on 08/12/2008 14:59:30 MDT Print View

Dave wrote: "i'm sure i could put 5 dermasafe razorblades in an envelope and mail it to Bozeman for a dollar. i might even try it just for fun."

You could. And if it actually arrived without postage due, you could officially call yourself lucky. If this seems unlikely, then review the latest USPS first class rate sheet:

You'll be forgiven if your eyes glaze over trying to figure it all out.

Dave T
(DaveT) - F
postage phun. on 08/12/2008 15:05:41 MDT Print View


0.28 oz item x 5 = 1.4 oz
plus envelope < 2.1 oz?
equals 3.5 oz

according to the rate chart:
3.5 ounce letter = $0.93
sent "first class" in style.

i'd still have 7 cents left for a jolly rancher!

(i KNEW all this gram-weenie-ness would come in handy.)

Edited by DaveT on 08/12/2008 15:09:24 MDT.