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Gravity feed water filter hose length
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Tony Fleming
(TonyFleming) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
Gravity feed water filter hose length on 01/23/2008 20:38:07 MST Print View

I'm making a gravity feed water filter. Any suggestions on the optimum hose length? I remember a similar discussion years ago on yahoo groups backpacking light, but couldn't find anything. I don't want to add anymore weight in extra hose than I need to.



Andrew Richard
(fairweather8588) - F

Locale: The Desert
gravity hose length on 01/23/2008 21:18:20 MST Print View

my gravity filter uses a 2' hose, held up with a clip I borrowed from an old ID tag- you have to suck on it to get the flow started until the siphon effect works. 2' is keeping in line w/ my ultralight philosophy. :)

Tony Fleming
(TonyFleming) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
Any one have a ULA Amigo? on 01/24/2008 20:14:18 MST Print View

Thanks Andrew,

I didn't know the hose could be that short. I was planning to add a platypus filter link to the end. So sucking on it to get it started would be a little difficult. But I think that might be un-necessary added weight anyway. This is perfect for traveling alone, but the down side is, I will be traveling with other people that may not want my germs on the end of the hose.

I think the ULA Amigo works with out a jump start. Does anyone have a ULA Amigo that can post how long the hose is?



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Michael DeHart
ula filter on 01/24/2008 20:47:28 MST Print View

I have the ula filter.... hose is about 3 feet long and yes it needs jump started

Jason Turner
(headchange4u) - F
My hose length. on 01/29/2008 12:17:47 MST Print View

I just finished my DIY gravity filter based on the WalMart roll top compression/dry bag. I think I used maybe 3.5 - 4' of hose. Basically if the bag is hung at head height, there is enough hose to reach the ground. I first bought some 3/8" hose from Home Depot but after buying an NEW enema bag (don't laugh) from a medical supply store to get a pinch valve, I decided to use the hose from the enema bag because it fit the filter better and was smaller and lighter and more flexible.

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Joseph Jacaruso
(CaptainJac) - MLife

Locale: Southeast
Re: Gravity feed water filter hose length on 02/07/2008 15:02:15 MST Print View


I posted a design for a gravity filter several months ago on this site. The discharge hose was about 3 feet and it did not require priming (except for the first use after changing the filter).

I have a quick connect for a camelbak on it and using the additional height it will develop enough pressure to fill the bladder without opening my pack. Surpisingly I have found that the filter cartiage last long than it did in the pump. I used it on the AT last spring and it was a big hit with everyone that saw it at work. No pumping, no waiting for chemicals. Just fill the bag and start drinking.

The name of the post was "Light and Easy Water Filtration for the Lazy Backpacker". It is on page 5 of this forum.

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