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MYOG Momentum Bivy
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Keith Hultman
(helios) - F

Locale: Missouri
MYOG Momentum Bivy on 01/21/2008 18:29:22 MST Print View

I will be making a pair of water resistant bivy sacks, and would like some opinions on how to make a detachable head net, and any other feedback you could give.

This bivy will be used in addition to a silnylon tarp while backpacking, but I imagine that it will mostly be used for overnights while rock climbing during (predicted) dry weather. The second sack is for a friend who will be climbing with me in Colorado this summer.

I've designed it mostly from the description of the BMW VAPR bivy with a side zip and the six moon designs Meteor Bivy, but would rather have the bug netting be more roomy than a 'window' but not so large as the Meteor.

Some features: Momentum90 top, silnylon floor with 4" high bathtub walls, 8" high footbox, and 30" side zip from head opening down the seam of the right side. The head opening will have a shock cord in the body's seam sharing a cord lock with a thin webbing cord from the head seam.

As for the head net, I'm thinking that it could simply be draped over the top of the bivy, attached to the two tie-down loops on the head of the sack and be tucked under the body, perhaps with some velcro tabs. I'm hoping to avoid a second zipper. I thought a 2 foot long pyramid would be good. Although maybe its a bad compromise: way more than enough to keep off my face but not big enough to sit up in?

Bivy designs

I went crazy with Google SketchUp and came up with some designs. Not sure how to 'flatten' my bug net, so that I could get a 2D pattern out of it.

Oh, I'm 5'7" and my buddy is 6'2". For those who have used bivys, is about one foot of additional space about right? I don't think I will be storing much else inside, just sleeping pad and bag.

Paul Tree
(Paul_Tree) - F

Locale: Wowwww
separate head net on 01/21/2008 19:51:12 MST Print View

If needed, it's nice to be able to use that net around camp and on the move, as well as sleeping.

In buggy months, I take a headnet and wear my sun hat underneath to keep it off my face, although bendy pine twigs worked. A hat does tend to come off, tossing overnight

Keith Hultman
(helios) - F

Locale: Missouri
Re: MYOG Momentum Bivy on 01/22/2008 15:28:58 MST Print View

That's a really good idea. I'll try and make a head net that can fit on the bivy and also be used with a brimmed hat for around camp.