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Matt Brodhead
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Locale: Michigan
The Ball Pass on 01/16/2008 12:39:49 MST Print View

The Ball Pass


Ryan Teale
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Locale: Almost Yosemite
It's Awesome on 01/16/2008 18:51:01 MST Print View

I did this trip back in Feb 07 with Alpine Recreation. I actually did the Introductory Mountaineering course and we travelled over Ball Pass on the last day travelling the opposite way of your trip. The Caroline Hut is in an awesome spot. Good food, good guide. We got a visit at the hut by nine very curious Kea on the first night and they were still there in the morning before being buzzed by a falcon and scared off. Did you see any Kea? What else did you do down in NZ?

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Matt Brodhead
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Locale: Michigan
The Ball Pass on 01/16/2008 21:16:52 MST Print View

I saw many kea... smart birds. Actually I spent a good 6 months in NZ so there is pleanty more where this came from. In in the middle of uploading my pics from the last two months, but you can check out what I have at

Lynn Tramper
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Locale: The Antipodes of La Coruna
n on 01/20/2008 17:22:55 MST Print View


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