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Any quilt haters? quilt lovers?
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Patrick Craddock
(pcraddock) - F
Any quilt haters? quilt lovers? on 01/14/2008 17:56:21 MST Print View

So, I need a new bag for the PCT. A quilt sounds good but I can't try one because nobody in town has one for sale.

Why should I get a quilt?
Why should I NOT get a quilt and stick with a sleeping bag?

Let the games begin!

Steve .
(pappekak) - F

Locale: Tralfamadore
Re: Any quilt haters? quilt lovers? on 01/14/2008 19:21:12 MST Print View

The ultimate reuse (members click here).

David Neumann
(idahomtman) - M

Locale: Northern Idaho
To quilt or not on 01/14/2008 19:48:12 MST Print View

Patrick, I went for years hearing all the "good" things about quilts but never thought one would for me. I finally purchased an Arc Specialist from Nunatak and it has provided me with an excellent nights sleep. I do use a BPL Nano Bivy along with it and a GG ThinLite pad under my BPL Torsolite. I had no drafts, no problems and I think it was warmer than my various mummy nags of equal weight.

I like to move around when I sleep; the quilt really allows me to sleep the way I want.

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
"Mummy Quilt" on 01/15/2008 02:27:49 MST Print View

Last summer on a hot night in Buckskin Gulch, near the Paria Canyon, Utah I took my W.M. Megalite mummy bag, unzipped it all the way to the foot, hooked the foot of the bag over my full length light Thermarest and SHAZAM! I had a quilt and my most comfortable night of the trip.


Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Quilt for me on 01/15/2008 03:18:59 MST Print View

On my last long trip because we expected temperatures around freezing and below I left my JRB quilt at home and took the WM Ultralite with me.
I ended up doing exactly what Eric did and I was a happy chap.
Mind you I had an Exped DM 7 under me. I have no idea how anyone can sleep on one of those ThinLite thingos on hard ground ( even in summer)
I usually have the PO Max Thermo under me because I tend to "fall off" the Thermarest. ( I sink in the other two)

Brett Peugh
(bpeugh) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
non quilt on 01/15/2008 09:56:15 MST Print View

I would not suggest a quilt because I think for the PCT you would do better with the versatility of a mummy bag that you culd really button down when it gets cold or quilt out when it is warm.

Lynn Tramper
(retropump) - F

Locale: The Antipodes of La Coruna
Re: Any quilt haters? quilt lovers? on 01/15/2008 11:05:21 MST Print View

I think "quilt hater" might be a bit strong, but my personal preference is for a mummy stlye that can also be unzipped and used as a "quilt" (eg the WM UltraLite as mentioned above is a great bag for slimmer folks). I suspect sleeping style comes into it. I sleep on my back, I don't move around, I don't need much padding, and I HATE wearing hats. It's the hat thing that really puts me off quilts on a cold night.

Having said that, the bags I use now are both PODS from WM which can't be opened out quilt style. These bags offer the best warmth to weight ratio of any I've used so I'm willing to sacrifice a little verstility to use them.

Sean Nordeen
(Miner) - F

Locale: SoCAL
Vote for Quilt on 01/15/2008 19:54:02 MST Print View

I would suggest a quilt for the PCT since that is the route I'm going due to its versatility. Ray Jardine who helped pionerr the UL revolution and really defined how to hike the PCT for most people today (directly or indirectly) is a big quilt advocate.

Jeremy Cleaveland
(jeremy11) - F

Locale: Exploring San Juan talus
Re: Any quilt haters? quilt lovers? on 01/15/2008 22:29:42 MST Print View


I made a Ray Jardine quilt a few years ago, and liked the quilt idea, but the cut was a bit narrow, so didn't really love it until I made a 15 degree down quilt, that has now seen about 9 months of use (mostly in a camp, so it was mostly free from repeated stuffing and moisture) and I love it. the down is so thick and cozy and warm, and the quilt design accommodates a huge range of temps, from being hot and half out of the bag in 50+ degree weather, to bundled up and warm in 0 degree weather, it rocks. keep an open mind to quilts if you haven't tried one, after all it's only a fancy blanket just like at home. the bottom line though is as long as it is truly ultralight and warm enough, get whatever you want.