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Favorite Three Pieces of Gear Used in 2004?
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Ryan Jordan
(ryan) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Greater Yellowstone
Favorite Three Pieces of Gear Used in 2004? on 12/28/2004 20:18:24 MST Print View

What are your favorite 3 pieces of Gear used "day-in-day-out" so to speak during 2004?

Michael Martin
(MikeMartin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: North Idaho
Favorite Three Pieces of Gear Used in 2004 on 12/28/2004 21:07:52 MST Print View

1) Gossamer Gear Lightrek Poles -- the featherweight is sooo luxurious! Plus they multitask as shelter supports.

2) Montane Litespeed Jacket -- used for running, skiing, backpacking. Comfortable over an extremely wide range of conditions.

3) Reynolds Oven Bags -- finally a cheap, tough, light, completely waterproof stuff sack.

Happy Holidays!


Edited by MikeMartin on 12/29/2004 12:36:05 MST.

Bernard Shaw
( - F

Locale: Upstate New York
best gear on 12/28/2004 21:38:13 MST Print View

1. eVent ID rain jacket. This thing is the real deal, it fulfills the promise of early Gore-tex!, so many uses, soon they will have the pants also!

2. icebreaker superfine shirt. 4 season use, great with the eVent jacket.

3. Possum gloves and hat, super warm great temp regulators, really better than other wool products!

Edited by on 12/28/2004 21:41:44 MST.

kevin davidson
(kdesign) - F

Locale: Mythical State of Jefferson
fav 3 in 2004 on 12/29/2004 00:55:09 MST Print View

1.Black Diamond Lighthouse Tent--best 54 oz. of
shelter I've ever used.
2.Ibex Icefall softshell jacket--my single most
versatile jacket in all seasons.
3.ULA P-1 backpack---ultralight backpacking in

David Reid
(DavidR) - F
Favorite 3 pieces of gear in '04 on 12/29/2004 06:51:04 MST Print View

1. Oware Cat Tarp- I finally broke down and ditched my tent, could not be happier.
2. Bozeman Torsolight Pad- Ultralight and comfortable, great pad.
3. Nunatak Gear Arc Ghost- I was hesitant to try this style of bag but am glad I did. Very well made and extremely light. I haven't had a chance to use it yet but am looking forward to it.

Great thread.

Patrick Baker
(WildMan) - F
Fav's on 12/29/2004 06:51:06 MST Print View

1) McHale 0-Sarc BackPack

2) SilNylon Poncho/Shelter

3) Vasque Velocity Shoes

3 favs on 12/29/2004 06:56:21 MST Print View

1 - MSR 0,85 Titanium pot
2 - Berghaus Infinity Lite smock
3 - RAB Quantum top sleeping bag


Charles Maguire
(hikelite) - F

Locale: Virginia
fav's on 12/29/2004 08:11:50 MST Print View

1) Nunatak Arc Alpinist & Bacalava. Amazing gear.

2) New Balance 803 trail runners. Switched from boots to trail runners two years ago and never looked backed - love 'em.

3) Still my Golite Gust, awesome pack for weight and comfort.

2005 new gear:) Golite Breeze, and Sharpena Rhumba child carrier. Won't be leaving two year old at home this year.


Edited by hikelite on 12/29/2004 08:15:12 MST.

Peter Horan
(PCHoran) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
Fav gear on 12/29/2004 08:17:43 MST Print View

WM Iriquois--the perfect bag for 90% of what I do. Light. Beautiful.

GoLight Cave--finally got the hang of pitching it

MSR Pocket Rocket--lots of heat in a little package

Dondo .

Locale: Colorado Rockies
fav gear on 12/29/2004 08:55:17 MST Print View

Smartwool clothing--from socks to boxer briefs to tops. Worn every day for all activities. Great stuff.

Aqua Mira in Bozeman Mountain Works dropper bottles--simple, elegant, very light.

Superfeet insoles--I don't leave home without them.

William Webber
(micwebbpl) - F
2004 best gear on 12/29/2004 11:09:11 MST Print View

GoLite Umbrella. Keeps the sun off better than a hat, and doesn't have the heat build up a hat does in the summer. Also comes in handy for those summer showers, or if you need quick shelter while you dig gear out of a pack. Seemed silly at first, but once you get over it, a great idea.

Second place, those Photon lights. Took me a long time to realize they worked as well as the other, much larger and heavier led flashlights and headlamps.

Mark Larson
(mlarson) - MLife

Locale: Southeast USA
2004 Favorites on 12/29/2004 11:47:07 MST Print View

A couple standouts for me this year:

-GoLite Jam: This one comes with me for long day hikes/runs, week-long trips, and just about everything in between.
-Montane Featherlite or Litespeed: Indispensable for use in town or country. It's usually the only garment I know I'll have every time I leave home.


Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
favorite 3 pieces of gear for 2004 on 12/29/2004 12:42:35 MST Print View

1. ULA P-2
2. Tarptent Virga
3. Vargo Triad Alcohol Stove

honorary 4th item is my Vargo Titanium Stakes.

Edited by kennyhel77 on 01/18/2005 15:20:43 MST.

Phil Barton
(flyfast) - MLife

Locale: Oklahoma
2004 fav gear on 12/29/2004 20:27:54 MST Print View

1. Tarptent Squall
2. Tinman's AntiGravityGear pop-can alcohol stove
3. SnowPeak Ti pot

Jeroen Wesselman
(jeroenman) - F

Locale: Europe
Top 3 2004 on 12/30/2004 02:44:36 MST Print View

Tarptent Squall
GoLite Jam Pack
WM Ultralight

Nancy Fister
(nafister) - F
Favorite Gear on 12/30/2004 04:39:12 MST Print View

Tarptent Squall
Bozeman Arc Alpinist
Brasslite Stove

Jason Shaffer
(pilgrim) - F
3 fav's... on 12/30/2004 07:20:35 MST Print View

Tough to choose... its been a big year in gear! In no particular order:

BMW Vapr Bivy - been using since it came out, in a wide variety of conditions, w/ down and synth bags... can only agree with what's been said.
Montane Lightspeed - hood extends Aero into colder temps or lower aerobic level, the full zip extends into warmer temps / higher aerobic. 2 oz well spent.
Nat Geog Topo - used to spend nearly $80 on quads for a weeklong trip. Now I get the whole state!

Edited by pilgrim on 12/30/2004 07:21:28 MST.

John Davis
(JNDavis) - F

Locale: Isle of Man
Favourite Three Pieces of Gear on 12/30/2004 08:56:37 MST Print View

Cave 1 tarp. The effectiveness of this tarp in British conditions came as a big surprise. I sleep really well under it.

NB XRTerrain training shoes. Perfect for dryish moorland.

Nokian Trimmi wellies. Perfect for sodden moorland.

Mark Verber
(verber) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
three favorite items this year on 12/30/2004 09:37:34 MST Print View

Granite Gear Vapor Trail Backpack - I have actually forgotten I have this pack on with my normal loads of less than 25lb. There are a number of ways this pack could be improved, but it has removed the back and/or shoulder pain I used to have at the end of a long day.

Wright Double Socks - Becuase I haven't gotten a blister since I started to wear them.

Montbell Thermawrap Vest - Finally a worth successor to the original Patagonia Puff Vest. Light, compact, and covers my 3 season needs (e.g. warm standing around to 20F with a windshirt a good base layer, and warm hat).

Runners Up:

Patagonia Dragonfly Hooded Pullover. Super light. Windproof. Enouhj breathability while still being highly water resistant.

Photon III LED Light for everyday task lighting.

Tarptent Squall for three seasons in the Sierras. Light, fast and easy to set up, just the protection I need, looks great.

Mary Simpson
(maryphyl) - F
Favorite Three Pieces of Gear Used in 2004 on 12/30/2004 11:16:28 MST Print View

WM Ultralight
sil poncho
new LW thermarest--the thicker one--3/4