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Help with Shipping
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Sebastian Ventris
(sabme) - F - M

Locale: SW UK
Help with Shipping on 12/29/2007 08:43:43 MST Print View


From time to time I want to order stuff from the US but international shipping isn't available or is silly high. My dad lives in New Hampshire but doesn't like to forward stuff to me any more ;- (. I live in the United Kingdom.

Anyway wondering if any kind soles out there would be willing to ship the odd item or bundle of items to me in the UK? Obviously I would reimburse you. Also perhaps I could return the favor for European items you might need.

Thanks very much

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Donald Segretti
(Dick-Nixon-in-72) - F
Re: Help with Shipping - ********************************************** on 12/29/2007 09:37:35 MST Print View

Hi Sab,
Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day (belatedly) and Happy New Year.

The international shipping costs are going to be about the same (maybe lower for BPL) regardless whether BPL ships it direct or a private party ships it for you. Additionally, are you willing to pay for the extra US domestic shipping costs?

The Pound is at a near record high against the dollar, and the duties really are not that high when you look at the overall costs in Pounds. That makes me wonder...

As such, can you clarify please:

Are you asking BPL members to make false declarations on shiping documents (a US Federal criminal offense subject to penalties in 18 U.S.C. section 1001, and Export Administration Act 50 U.S.C. App 2410) regulated by US and UK law and other international agreements in order to save a few Pounds / Bucks / Euros?

Are you willing to cover any fines, legal cost or other inconviences (incarceration) suffered by helpers?

Aren't you really asking BPL members to violate US Federal Conspiracy Laws ( 21 U.S.C. section 846) to avoid these lawful duties and taxes on goods shipped?

Are you going to be up front and let those that agree to help that they will be committing a US Federal Crime?

Are you aware of the many 'remailing schemes' where US or EU persons are duped into trans-shipping goods into questionable circumstances. They are often stuck with the bill, and are within the jurisdiction of US Federal law (and the receiptient is not)?

Not that anyone thinks that you're a bad guy, but I'd sincerely hope you'd rethink what you're asking. Besides, you've made a very nice electronic, indelible offer the world an authorities can see that can be used for prosecution of anyone that offers to help you.

One could also intepret you've already publically committed Statutory Conspiracy under the UK's Criminal Law Act 1977 in your offer.

I don't expect that's what you really meant, it must have been a hacker on your account, or a monkey on the keyboard, or something else.

Please let us know that it was not really you asking for this.

Have a nice day,
(Not a lawyer, this is not legal advice, consult your own Barrister / Lawyer before hitting SEND.)

David Couch
(Davidc) - F

Locale: England
Help with Shipping on 12/29/2007 10:32:45 MST Print View

Hi DS. It is easy to see that you are, as you say, not a lawyer. Otherwise you would not have rushed into print (leaving an indelible electronic trail) with so many stupid and possibly actionable assumptions. Are you aware that there is a minimum value of parcels sent into the UK below which no charges or duties are payable? If you are, have you any reason to believe that Sab wanted parcels above that value?
Are you aware that there are some low value products available in the US but not the UK? Through the kindness of American friends I have been sent big (empty) Heinehen cans, sidecut can opener, aluminium (alright then, aluminum) bottles and one or two other goodies. Not a broken law of either nationality in sight.

Happy new year to you.

Sebastian Ventris
(sabme) - F - M

Locale: SW UK
paranoia on 12/29/2007 11:57:10 MST Print View

Hi guys - so serious!

Some US stores just don't ship to the UK full stop. Others have silly high shipping even for small items and we have to pay duty on the shipping costs as well. Also some US domestic shipping costs are very low or free.

No I haven't heard of 'remailing schemes', thought I'd be the one at risk anyway. And we can always edit our posts.


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