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What is the personality profile of a light weight backpacker?
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Tony Wong
(Valshar) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Personality profile of a light weight backpacker? on 12/27/2007 11:12:43 MST Print View

What sort of person is driven to weight their gear on a postal scale and hike distances that would make normal people question your sanity?

Post information about yourself and let's see if there is a pattern/profile that emerges to see what we all have in common.

My information:

Sex: Male

Age: 38

Marital Status: Married w/children

Race: Asian/Chinese

Occupation: Insurance Agent

Location: S.F. Bay Area/East Bay

Hobbies/Interest: Backpacking, Computer Games (FPS), History, Military History/Weapons, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Gardening, Paintball

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Brian UL

Locale: New England
Re: What is the personality profile of a light weight backpacker? on 12/27/2007 11:20:50 MST Print View

outside Boston
single no kids no direction
backpacking art history heavy metal/doom metal/stoner rock/ some hardcore
fine brews

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mark henley
(flash582) - F
Re: Personality profile of a light weight backpacker? on 12/27/2007 12:17:22 MST Print View

Age 46
Race: Total European Mutt
Single then Married with children, then single, then married again.
Mechanical Engineer working in the computer field.
Location: Deep in the Heart of Texas
Hobbies: Playing/Listening to music, reading, Backpacking, my Two dogs.

Edited by flash582 on 12/28/2007 12:17:17 MST.

Donald Segretti
(Dick-Nixon-in-72) - F
Re: Personality profile of a light weight backpacker? on 12/27/2007 12:24:56 MST Print View

My information:

Sex: When she feels like it

Age: A lot older than most of you

Marital Status: Been there, done that. Been there, done that. There now

Race: 10K's, marathons

Occupation: Whatever's on TV or some magazines

Location: At my computer

Hobbies/Interest: reading about what I used to do more often

Denis Hazlewood
(redleader) - MLife

Locale: Luxury-Light Luke on the Llano Azul
Re: Personality profile of a light weight backpacker? on 12/27/2007 13:36:51 MST Print View

Sex: At my age? Whenever possible.

Age: 69yrs on January 13.

Marital Status: Then: Been there, done that twice. Now: Freedom to "hop the fence" and run off to the mountains with no notice whatsoever.

Race: Human (of the WAS clan).

Occupation: Retired after 48 years of Architecture and (just barely) Civil Engineering.


Location: S.F. Bay Area/North Bay

Hobbies/Interests: Backpacking, MYOG projects, Making music (Jazz), Sailing/Rowing, Boat Building, Cooking, Handbuilt Ceramic Sculpture, Books (am not allowed to enter bookstores without adult supervision).

Update February 15, 2008: Add REI and Wilderness Exchange to "Unsupervised Entry Ban" list.

Edited by redleader on 02/15/2008 11:13:34 MST.

Adam Rothermich
(aroth87) - F

Locale: Missouri Ozarks
Re: Personality profile of a light weight backpacker? on 12/27/2007 13:47:20 MST Print View

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Marital Status: Single

Race: Caucasian

Occupation: Student (Electrical Eng)

Location: Missouri

Hobbies/Interest: Hiking, goofing around with computers, canoeing, just taking up the guitar, making my own clothing, gear, electronics, and gadgets, skiing (both water and snow).

Jonathan Ryan
(Jkrew81) - F - M

Locale: White Mtns
Personality profile of a light weight backpacker? on 12/27/2007 13:55:55 MST Print View

My information:

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Marital Status: engaged to be married

Race: caucasian

Occupation: Data Analyst at Staples HQ

Location: outside Boston MA

Hobbies/Interest: Fastpacking, long dayhikes, canoeing, XC skiing, snowshoeing/non-technical mountaineering, lots and lots of running, any road race over 5 miles and under 26.2, indy films and beer or wine with some good freinds

Great post idea, super interesting to see where other people come from...

Edited by Jkrew81 on 12/27/2007 13:57:36 MST.

Kathleen B

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Personality of a lightweight backpacker on 12/27/2007 13:57:53 MST Print View

Sex: Female

Age: 60, and I can still crank out the miles!

Marital Status: Married to a hiker/scrambler who resists backpacking

Race: I've lost every one I've ever been in.

Occupation: Paralegal

Location: Seattle

Myers/Briggs personality score: ISTJ - since we are discussing personalities and not just data, I thought I'd throw that in.

Hobbies/Interest: backpacking (of course), day scrambles and the occasional climb, teaching navigation for the Mountaineers, attending the theatre (for my sitting-down exercises) I don't have a dog, and I don't watch TV.

Edited by rosierabbit on 12/27/2007 16:29:15 MST.

Valentin Zill
(Valentin.Zill) - F

Locale: Europe
Re: Personality profile of a light weight backpacker on 12/27/2007 14:03:02 MST Print View

It is totally inadequate to put human beeings into categories as "race", not just because it is not scientific at all!


21 years old
grew up in the mountains
thinks he's to young to get married
interested in backpacking, travelling, music

Edited by Valentin.Zill on 12/27/2007 14:09:53 MST.

John Mowery
(Mow) - F

Locale: Minnesota, USA
Personality on 12/27/2007 14:25:21 MST Print View

Sex: Male
Age: 30
Marital Status: Married
Race: White (Norwegian/Anglo/Canadian American)
Occupation: Finance
Location: Minnesota, USA

Hobbies/Interest: backpacking, fly fishing, fly tying, yoga, my dog, occasional bird hunt, Trout Unlimited, snow shoeing, endless hours researching new lightweight gear and updating spreadsheets to create the "ultimate gear list", reading, drinking good French wine

larry savage
(pyeyo) - F

Locale: pacific northwest
personality profiling? on 12/27/2007 16:17:51 MST Print View

Sex: Male-ish

Age: older then the corks in your wine bottles

Marital Status: Single then married, single then married, and ...

Race: Strangely uninteresting

Preoccupation: I'm wiling to do just about anything for money except for what my current employer wants me to do.
I have very loose morals and exceedingly low standards, I'm like an ebay for hedonists, sadists, and assorted riff-raff.

Location: dead center in the state of Washington, really, exactly dead center.

Hobbies/Interest: I googled "g-spot" and came up with this place, what are you all sickos tramping around in less then a loin cloth with a tin cup and a bag of tea for? Does the fcc know about this? Why doesn't cyber-nanny block you people out?

Edited by pyeyo on 12/27/2007 16:21:35 MST.

Adam Kilpatrick
(oysters) - MLife

Locale: South Australia
My Profile on 12/27/2007 17:25:00 MST Print View

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Martial Status: Single, with the hope that being an avid bushwalker will get me somewhere...(unlikely)

Race: Caucasion (Scottish, Irish, English, German decent. Minimum 4th Generation Australian)

Occupation: Student [ B.Sc (Sustainable Environments), now doing honours degree in Soil and Land Systems-Spatial information. "Rangeland condition monitoring using remotely-sensed, cross-fence comparisons". ]

Location: right now? Waite Campus (The University of Adelaide), South Australia. Its a beautiful, hot sunny day, and I am in the office working (yeah, ok procrastinating) when my mates are fishing on a beautiful beach.

Hobbies/Interests: Bushwalking, Rogaining, Scouts (Rover Crew Leader and Assistant Venturer Leader), Travel, Cycle touring, Caving, the odd "vertical sport", physical training, carrying rediculously heavy rucksacks. Drinking (sometimes) and socialising, gossip, paying out mates mercilessly(its the Australian way).

Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Wine on 12/27/2007 20:54:03 MST Print View

ahhhh John, we have plenty of fantastic wine in the good ole USA. (wink!)

Shawn Basil
(Bearpaw) - F

Locale: Southeast
What is the personality profile of a light weight backpacker? on 12/28/2007 21:39:37 MST Print View

Sex: Male
Age: 36
Marital Status: engaged
Race: White (Scot-Irish, so VERY white)
Occupation: Teacher
Location: Tennessee
Hobbies/Interest: Backpacking, trail building, reading, movies, history, canoeing, Gothic industrial music, photography

EDIT: Since Aroth added his MBTI, mine is INTJ

Edited by Bearpaw on 12/29/2007 15:22:38 MST.

Colleen Clemens
(tarbubble) - F

Locale: dirtville, CA
a lightweight backpacker on temporary hiatus on 12/28/2007 23:00:28 MST Print View


youngish (but old enough that hippies shouldn't trust me)

married mama (the kidlets are why i'm on short-term hiatus)

mostly Caucasoid, with rumours of Cherokee

many different jobs (waitress, yogurt jockey, secretary, business manager, writer, succubus)

southern ca-li-for-ni-yay

alternate interests include building stuff, fixing stuff, painting stuff, sewing stuff, listening to stuff, reading stuff, discussing stuff, and cooking stuff. oh, and being mildly amusing (or aggravating, take your choice).

Adam Rothermich
(aroth87) - F

Locale: Missouri Ozarks
Myers/Briggs on 12/29/2007 07:25:15 MST Print View

Since it was brought up and I happen to remember mine, I'm ISTP.


Sarah Kirkconnell
(sarbar) - F

Locale: In the shadow of Mt. Rainier
Re: Personality profile of a light weight backpacker? on 12/29/2007 09:05:25 MST Print View

Sex: Female

Age: 34

Marital Status: Married w/one child

Race: White/Filipino

Occupation: Self Employed.

Location: Western Washington State, near Mt. Rainier.

Hobbies/Interest: Backpacking, hiking, snowshoeing, sewing, cooking, being a mommy and wife. Traveling. Being a touron.

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
One Hiked Under the Cookoo's Nest on 12/29/2007 09:34:02 MST Print View

Sex: Yes!

Age: Dirt addresses me as "sir"

Marital Status: Happy

Race: Human

Occupation: Food distribution

Location: Seattle

Hobbies/Interest: writing, photography, travel, hiking, gear, gadgets and gizmos

General personality of an UL hiker? Mildly obsessive. Kept in the attic by the family and released on weekends to wander the wilderness. Prone to cutting things off expensive gear and muttering about fabrics.

Jeremy Cleaveland
(jeremy11) - F

Locale: Exploring San Juan talus
Re: Personality profile of a light weight backpacker? on 12/29/2007 10:18:03 MST Print View

Sex: Male
Age: 24
Marital Status: Single
Race: Anglo-Saxon
Occupation: Christian Camp Gear Manager and Wilderness Guide
Location: San Juans, CO
Hobbies/Interests: God and the Bible, Backpacking, DIY Gear, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing!!!!!!!, telemark skiing and xc skiing, biking, slacklining, making stuff, baking,

my prediction of what we all have in common - backpacking, and perhaps a tendancy towards engineering nerdiness.

Kevin Clayton
(kclayton) - F

Locale: Greater Yellowstone
Re: Re: Personality profile of a light weight backpacker? on 12/29/2007 10:31:10 MST Print View

Sex: Male
Age: 18
Marital Status: Single
Race: white
Occupation: Unemployed
Location: Bozeman, MT
Hobbies/Interests: Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Ultimate Frisbee, slacklining, running, biking, kayaking.