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2008 Golite Sleeping Bags
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Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
2008 Golite Sleeping Bags @ on 12/20/2007 17:19:18 MST Print View


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aaron eshelman
(djaaronreed) - MLife

Locale: Central Rockies
Misprint maybe? on 12/21/2007 13:31:23 MST Print View

In the site the listed weight for the Ultra 20 degree Quilt is 1 pound 13 ounces!

I think this must be a misprint as I have seen the quilt first hand. It didn't "feel" like it was that heavy, and the attached retail information had the weight listed as 19 ounces total. BPL confirmed this lower weight as well during the Outdoor show. Hopefully isn't correct as this is/was going to be my next purchase!

Steve O
(HechoEnDetroit) - F

Locale: South Kak
Golite Bag on 12/21/2007 14:37:23 MST Print View

It's listed as 1 lb 3 oz now.

Joshua Knapp
(Joshjknapp) - F

Locale: Northern Mn, Superior Hiking Trail
Golite ultra 20 on 12/22/2007 13:31:30 MST Print View

I just ordered my Golite ultra 20 quilt. I'll confirm the weight when I get it next week!


John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Golite ultra 20 on 12/22/2007 13:47:43 MST Print View

Wonder if the ultra was orginally named the Venture, since Skurkas website mentions a venture quilt at the same weight.

Justin Ling
(ling_jd) - F

Locale: columbus ohio
golite ultra 20 on 01/08/2008 21:28:07 MST Print View

is it just me, or do these things not loft for crap?! it says on the tag that it's supposed to loft to 5", but it doesn't come anywhere close. it doesn't loft nearly as high as either of my 30 degree bags. Is anyone else having this experience?

Chris Wood

Locale: Eagle River, Alaska
GoLite Adrenaline on 01/08/2008 21:58:47 MST Print View

I ordered and received a 2008 Golite Adrenaline 20 from Backcountry. It was mismarked at 249.00 instead of $325 plus got the 20% off of that. Thought I got a good deal. NOT! 3 of the longitudnal baffles on the chest are only half-filled, and the circumfurential baffle just below the zipper is only 1/2 filled as well.

Backcountry said they will either refund me in full, or replace when they get new inventory in stock. I would like to keep the bag, it seems like solid construction, perfect for my needs, but like Justin said, underfilled. They also said they would reimburse me if I had a someone local fill the baffles and fix the deficiency! The customer service response (Backcountry's) almost makes up for the deficient product in the first place.

Anyone else?



Tommy Clapp

Locale: GSM Area
Backcountrygear :( on 01/09/2008 21:27:56 MST Print View

I ordered an Ultra from after calling them and confirming that they were not backordered the emailed me and said they were back ordered. golite has them instock on their own site now so I may cancel and order. I was wanting to have it for an MLK trip.


Kirk Beiser
(kab21) - F

Locale: Pic: Gun Lake, BWCA
Re: golite ultra 20 on 01/09/2008 22:06:03 MST Print View

Justin said - 'is it just me, or do these things not loft for crap?! it says on the tag that it's supposed to loft to 5", but it doesn't come anywhere close. it doesn't loft nearly as high as either of my 30 degree bags. Is anyone else having this experience?'

I'll await your gear review on this. 20F bag for 19oz sounds too good to be true.

Being able to save 6oz and gain 10F would be worth buying yet another sleeping bag. Current bag is a Montbell SS #3 rated at 32F and 25 oz.

Edited by kab21 on 01/09/2008 22:18:53 MST.

Aaron Sorensen
(awsorensen) - MLife

Locale: South of Forester Pass
Re: golite ultra 20 on 01/09/2008 22:50:46 MST Print View

I don't know why Golite would claim 5" of loft.

I made a 2 lb quilt to get down to 0* and it only has 4.75" of loft.
I am pretty sure I can get it down to 0* too.

So who out there that has one can tell us what the loft of the bag is???

Tommy Clapp

Locale: GSM Area
quilt vs bag loft on 01/10/2008 06:47:58 MST Print View

As said before I bet Golite is staying consistent and listing it with sleeping bag loft info. that puts it at 2.5 or so for a 20*. I have the golite feather and it lofts to about 5" and it is 20*. I think to market to more than the UL crowd they call it a sleeping bag as well as list it with the same data. I know when I first read about UL and using quilts I laughed because it seemed rediculous. but now I have 2 and I have an ULtra on order.


Ryan Faulkner
(ryanf) - F

Locale: Mid atlantic, No. Cal
Re: golite ultra 20 on 01/13/2008 12:54:24 MST Print View

Just a quick question...

does the Ultra have hang loops on the foot box? one thing I think my nunatak ghost is missing.

Kyle Rosenberger
(kyler55) - F

Locale: Greater Yellowstone
Golite Quilt on 01/13/2008 13:10:38 MST Print View

No hang loops

Joshua Knapp
(Joshjknapp) - F

Locale: Northern Mn, Superior Hiking Trail
Golite Ultra 20 on 01/13/2008 13:33:01 MST Print View

I have received my Ultra 20 and have had the chance to use it on two different nights. I wrote a review last week under reader reviews about my experience. Let me just use this opportunity to clarify a few things about the Ultra 20.

Weight with 5.5"x10.5" stuff sack=19.75 oz
Maximum loft measured when laid out on the floor=3.5"
Average loft is about 2.5"
And Yes this quilt does have a hang loop on the footbox

I have used it down to 31.3 degrees with only caprilene 2 top and bottoms, my pad was a GG nightlight with a GG 1/4 pad. I slept on packed snow.
I was super warm and now have no doubts that this quilt will live up to its 20 degree rating.

Please let me know if I can help out with any other questions!

Tommy Clapp

Locale: GSM Area
that is good to hear.. on 01/13/2008 14:04:30 MST Print View

that is good to hear. I am waiting on mine. suppose to come in this week. I am wanting it for a trip over the long weekend.


John G
(JohnG10) - F

Locale: Mid-Atlantic via Upstate NY
Re: Golite Ultra 20 on 01/13/2008 14:22:45 MST Print View

Josh, can you answer the following questions about your review of the quilt ?

1. Did you sleep primarily on your back or your side ?

2. Are you generally a restless or non-moving sleeper ?

3. Did you wrap the edges of the quilt under you, or just let the quilt lay over you ?

4. Did using the straps make it hard to turn over if you were sleeping on your side ?

5. Did your 3 season tent have a mesh area at the bottom that allowed the light breeze you encountered to blow on you ?


John G
(JohnG10) - F

Locale: Mid-Atlantic via Upstate NY
Oops - Nevermind on 01/13/2008 14:24:06 MST Print View

Josh - Just saw the answers to my questions you had already added to the bottom of your review.

Thanks !

Joshua Knapp
(Joshjknapp) - F

Locale: Northern Mn, Superior Hiking Trail
Golite Ultra 20 on 01/13/2008 14:24:46 MST Print View

Check out my updated review.

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Oops - Nevermind on 01/13/2008 15:40:02 MST Print View

The BPL reader reviews area should be different. On the review of this bag, two guys give it a 5 while asking questions in an area meant for an honest review. That sucks.

Siegmund Beimfohr
(SigBeimfohr) - M
Re: Oops - Nevermind / Reader Reviews on 01/13/2008 17:31:30 MST Print View

I agree that reader reviews are deteriorating. It seems that recently there have been more reviews that amount to nothing but superficial comments and, even worse, just questions to earlier reviewers that more properly belong in a gear thread.