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Making own fleece vest
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arjen vandoorn
(arjen) - F
Making own fleece vest on 12/15/2007 19:30:15 MST Print View

Right, am off to the US/CAN in a few days, and the goal is to climb ice there.
This means that I'll get very cold, but in a futile attempt am I trying to work out a clothing system that will keep me at an only slight hypothermic state.

The problem with climbing and normal jumpers is that if you lift your hand, your jumper rides up. Technical fleeces solve this, but they are 10 times more expensive than the ones at Aldi and made out of the same material. Not lifting up your hands is not really an option when climbing.

So I've been looking for a fleece vest, as I've figured out that too many layers are annoying in my arms, they restrict movement too much. The other advantage of a vest is that it doesn't ride up so much. Vests however, are for some bizarre reason hard to find in the place I live (Germany).

Now here the question- is it as straightforward as I think to make a fleece jumper into a fleece vest?
Is it as easy as cutting the sleeves off, or is there more to it?
Am new to the game of making clothes, so any input is appreciated...



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Frank Deland

Locale: On the AT in VA
vest on 12/15/2007 20:50:36 MST Print View

This one sure looks like a jacket with the sleeves missing. In fact I have seen jackets with sleeves that zip off to form a vest.

David Gilbert
(david0815) - F
Vest on 12/16/2007 04:25:49 MST Print View

hej Arjen,

I made my vests by just leaving sleeves away.
But for your special needs I´d suggest an insulated vest (Polarguard, Primaloft)instead of using fleece.

You can see some selfmade vests here:

Do you know It´s probably the best source for MYOG-Materials in Germany. And they offer Primaloft and light but waterproof (pertex endurance) Shell-Materials.

David - also from Germany!

arjen vandoorn
(arjen) - F
RE on 12/16/2007 06:00:22 MST Print View

These suggestions are all very nice, but I'm leaving wednesday and have to work on monday and teusday, so there's no time to make on-
I just want to buy a cheap fleece jumper and cut the sleeves off, but would like tips/pointers before I do so.

There's no place under my windproof for a primaloft layer... and synthetic insulation is also not very breathable, I'd rather have fleece. When climbing I won't be that cold (probably scared to death), and when belaying I'll throw a very thick down/synth. jacket on.

Jim Colten
(jcolten) - M

Locale: MN
Re: Making own fleece vest on 12/16/2007 09:20:14 MST Print View

If your travel schedule gives you time in a large city you could consider buying a fleece vest in the US.

If not, all you have to lose is the cost of the cheap fleece jumper so give it a try.

The ragged edge fleece blankets my daughter makes don't seem to unravel on the edges but just in case, I'd probably cut the sleeves off a fraction of an inch (OK, centimeter) from the seam joining the arm to the body ... leaving the seam in place on the altered garmet.

Also, I THINK that vest arm holes tend fit tighter to the torso in the underarm area than jackets do. If it feels too open there you could easily hand stitch it tighter.

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Fleece is cheap on 12/16/2007 10:23:10 MST Print View

Fleece vests are a dime a dozen in the northern US. What size?

arjen vandoorn
(arjen) - F
Re: Fleece is cheap on 12/16/2007 11:18:00 MST Print View

My size is normally medium- I just don't know if I have a chance to do some shopping there, I'm not in control over the planning.
And it's cool if home-made stuff works, innit?

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Re: Fleece is cheap on 12/16/2007 11:49:12 MST Print View

Nothing wrong with making your own, its just the time/cost/hassle factors. I can buy used name brand fleece vests for $5 all day long, that's all.

If you get into any large city, there will be vendors selling fleece vests everywhere.

Where are you climbing?

Joe Kuster
(slacklinejoe) - MLife

Locale: Flatirons
Thumb Loops on 12/16/2007 13:09:27 MST Print View

Uh, ever considered getting a jacket that has thumb loops? It prevents the jacket from slidding down while reaching up. Works like a charm when I'm out climbing.

arjen vandoorn
(arjen) - F
Re: Re: Re: Fleece is cheap on 12/16/2007 14:29:08 MST Print View

I'll be climbing around Quebec and in Vermont- that's all I know.

Re-thumb loops, this stops the sleeve coming down, but not the hem riding up... and exposing your waist. This is mainly a problem of cheap fleeces, but as being said- the better designs are expensive.