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Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Member Search on 12/13/2007 13:22:23 MST Print View

Is there a way to search member profiles? ie. I want to PM someone but can't find a post/thread with them to link from.
A better way to put it is - how do I PM someone if I can't find a post/thread with them in it?

Andrew Richardson
(arichardson6) - F

Locale: North East
Re: Member Search on 12/13/2007 13:27:50 MST Print View

I've wondered this myself Steven. I usually have to type in words that I remember being in threads they posted in. Then I browse the results until I find the thread. If you don't even know a thread they've posted in then I guess it's more difficult...

Dan Whalley
(thedanwhalley) - F

Locale: peakdistrict natonial park, UK
member search on 01/02/2008 15:08:47 MST Print View

iv also wonderd this! just thought i havnt found out how to yet!

There has been time when i tryed to search just to read about there trips or profile etc!

be good if you could!

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Member Search on 01/02/2008 15:18:22 MST Print View

1. Go to

2. Type in "member name"

ex: steven evans

leave off quotes and it will give many/most of their posts.

Edited by jshann on 01/02/2008 15:21:33 MST.