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Super Noodles - newbie
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Duncan Bell
(T800) - F
Super Noodles - newbie on 08/15/2005 05:01:52 MDT Print View

Just a quick newbie question that I couldn't find on a search. At the moment I'm using a Pepsi can alcohol stove and a 400ml cup for tea and super noodles on peak bagging trips in and around Europe. The longest peak bag is typically one overnighter. The super noodles are easy to cook, taste pretty good and weigh 85g. Is there anything better that's readily available that will provide me with more energy for less weight etc etc?

I'm not really as knowledgeable about trail food and energy/protein requirements as I should be so I apologise in advance for my ignorance on the subject.

Kind Regards
D. Bell

Christopher Collinson
(eurus) - F
re: super noodles on 08/15/2005 07:59:28 MDT Print View

Hi Duncan

In terms of kcals per gram you can't get a much better ratio than you do with Super Noodles.

Expedition foods make some good dried meals that you just pour hot water into, they have more protein than a Super Noodle, which might be a consideration on a longer trip, but no real difference in kcal/gram. They feel a bit more like a proper meal, but cost £4.00+ instead of 50-80p. I don't use them anymore. You can always take a pepperami or similar to add protein.

What I do take now are packets of noodle soup from Chinese shops. They are bigger than Super Noodles, and have more dried veggies in them. Still very cheap at 55-85p, easy to cook, and the same kcal/gram.

To boost calorie density in a dried carb based meal, the only method is to add fat. Add a thick slice of butter to pasta, noodle or cous cous. Or take olive oil in a light plastic bottle. Makes it taste better too.

Duncan Bell
(T800) - F
Super Noodles on 08/15/2005 13:38:17 MDT Print View

Thanks Christopher, that's great info!
The Olive oil trick sounds like a good idea. Just a few teaspoons in a dropper bottle would do the trick. I take along power bars as an en route snack also.

Any tips for making a good brew while your at it? I currently make a cup of Camemile tea becasue it's easy to clean, has a settling (slightly dissinfectant) effect on the stomach and doesn't contain tanine of caffeine, two things I don't need (the thought of hitting the peak/summit and views are usually more than enough of a "kick" for me!). However appart from hydrating and putting warm water in my belly for an overnight bivy it has no calorific or energy giving properties. Could I simply add glucose powder do you think? As I say, any tips would be most welcome.

Thanks again for your response.