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Solid fuel users
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Lynn Tramper
(retropump) - F

Locale: The Antipodes of La Coruna
Solid fuel users on 11/28/2007 14:27:44 MST Print View

I'd like to do a survey of who uses what kind of solid fuel (Esbit, Coghlan's, etc...), and what sort of volumes of water are you heating?

I have personally found Coghlan's to be both cheaper and slightly more fuel efficient than Esbit, but there are other brands out there too.

Einstein X
(EinsteinX) - F

Locale: The Netherlands
Re: Solid fuel users on 11/28/2007 14:47:07 MST Print View

I use Esbit. I take two or three tabs (@ 4 grams each) and boil about 3/4 to one pint.


Lynn Tramper
(retropump) - F

Locale: The Antipodes of La Coruna
4 grams? on 11/28/2007 15:13:03 MST Print View

Einstein, do you mean 14 gram tabs?

Einstein X
(EinsteinX) - F

Locale: The Netherlands
Re: 4 grams? on 11/29/2007 04:24:28 MST Print View

Nope. Esbit comes in different shapes and sizes. In the us apparently Esbit tabs weigh 14gram and the ones I can buy here in Holland weigh only 4 g. So in the beginning (after reading on BPL that one tab is enough for boiling a pint) I ended up with luke warm water. After asking on this forum what everybodies tabs weigh I learned I should use three tabs. But if I now say here that I use three tabs to boil a pint one could wonder why I use so many tabs, hence I specified the weight of my tabs, which really are 4g a piece.


George Matthews
(gmatthews) - MLife
solid fuel on 11/29/2007 06:27:25 MST Print View

FireLite Titanium Esbit Wing Stove 11g

FireLite Solid Fuel Tablet 14 g each

Typically 16 oz of water boils in about 8-10 minutes using either:

FireLite SUL-1100 (1.15 L or 39 oz capacity) Titanium Cookpot 3 oz

MSR Titan Kettle ( .85 L or 28 oz capacity) titanium 4 oz

Joshua Mitchell
(jdmitch) - F

Locale: Kansas
Re: Re: 4 grams? on 11/29/2007 08:05:14 MST Print View

??? Really? That's wierd... do they come in, like a jar or a baggie? I can't imagine having to individually unwrap those tiny ones...

Christopher Plesko
(Pivvay) - F

Locale: Rocky Mountains
Re: solid fuel on 11/29/2007 08:14:29 MST Print View

12oz water using 1/2 tab (7g) of Esbit

Einstein X
(EinsteinX) - F

Locale: The Netherlands
Re: Re: Re: 4 grams? on 11/29/2007 08:48:33 MST Print View

They come in a small box of 20 tabs, they're not indifidually packed like in the US, which kinda sucks cause you shouldn't really touch Esbit with your hands.



Roger B
(rogerb) - MLife

Locale: Here and there
What container on 11/29/2007 09:27:33 MST Print View

What pot and esbit holder do you use

Christopher Plesko
(Pivvay) - F

Locale: Rocky Mountains
Re: What container on 11/29/2007 09:29:20 MST Print View

BPL ti-wing stove. Sterno can pot. 12oz is totally full so perhaps it's an oz less? It's enough boiling water for one of those couscous boxes and my tea/cocoa which is about all I ever cook.

In winter I have a Coleman xtreme for snow melting.

Roger B
(rogerb) - MLife

Locale: Here and there
Lateral on 11/29/2007 10:24:39 MST Print View

Thanks Chris

Love you and your wife's blogs still trying to work out all those laterals

David Lewis
(davidlewis) - MLife

Locale: Nova Scotia, Canada
Esbit on 11/29/2007 17:32:41 MST Print View

I use Esbit... it's the only brand I can buy in Canada. I use one 14g tab to boil about 2 cups of water in 8-10 mins using a beer can stove.

Ken Bennett
(ken_bennett) - F

Locale: southeastern usa
fuel on 11/29/2007 19:16:46 MST Print View

I use the Firelite tablets, usually 1/2 of a 14g tab is enough to boil 500ml of water. It has taken more fuel in very cold and windy weather (worst case was 2 full tabs for morning coffee at an A.T. shelter where the wind was coming straight in the open front.)

I did some testing against Esbit tabs when I first got the Firelite stove and fuel, and the Firelite was better in every test. (But Esbit, bought locally, was cheaper.) Haven't ever tried the Coughlan's.

Edited by ken_bennett on 11/29/2007 19:17:20 MST.

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
ESBIT & FireLite on 11/29/2007 19:57:56 MST Print View

I use both ESBIT & FireLite but like FireLite best B/C they are a bit hotter & cook faster.

My solid fuel "stoves" are many:
1. BPL Ti wing "stove" W/ aluminum pipe flame concentrater
2. Vargo Triad EX *My preferred stove*(alky burner removes for solid fuel use)
3. ESBIT folding steel stove
4. ESBIT-like (but smaller) aluminum folding stove

An MSR aluminum windscreen is used with all stoves I own.
My "pot of preference" is a 1.5 L. JetBoil with its very efficient "Flux Ring" heat exchanger bottom. I usually heat only 1 to 3 cups at a time.


Edited by Danepacker on 01/26/2011 14:02:12 MST.

Lynn Tramper
(retropump) - F

Locale: The Antipodes of La Coruna
Re: fuel on 11/29/2007 19:58:55 MST Print View

Ken, when you say Firelite was better in every test, do you remember what kind of margin it was better by? Faster cooking by minutes or just seconds, or just longer burning? I certainly find the Coghlan's to be both faster AND longer burning than the equivalent weight Esbit, and this is supported by Zen Stoves info:

George Matthews
(gmatthews) - MLife
Re: Re: fuel on 11/29/2007 20:22:40 MST Print View

from the BPL shop...

Comparison: FireLite vs. Esbit
Tests were performed on a Backpacking Light Folding Titanium Solid Fuel Stove and 16 oz of cold tap water (same temperature for all tests) in a Vargo Titanium Mug (indoors, no windscreen).

Comparison of FireLite and Esbit solid fuel tablet performance. Esbit FireLite 14g 1/2 Esbit 1/2 FireLite 14g FireLite 10g
Tablet Weight (g) 14 14 7 7 10
Burn Time (mm:ss) 20:20 20:00 14:40 14:50 17:00
Boil Time 9:00 7:30 9:45 9:30 9:30


Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: Esbit on 11/29/2007 21:42:26 MST Print View

David Lewis - who are you going to for your esbit now? I have read your "esbit in Canada?" thread, very i nformative, but just wondered who you found easiest to deal with or if you had any new leads.

David Goodyear
(dmgoody) - MLife

Locale: mid-west
esbit stove modifications on 11/30/2007 07:26:51 MST Print View


Do you have any links for your modification of the wing stove? "1. BPL Ti wing "stove" W/ aluminum pipe flame concentrater "

I am trying to lighten my kitchen and I am considering the esbit style of stoves.



Gregory Doggett
(Gregory) - F

Locale: Mid-Atlantic
Solid fuel users on 11/30/2007 08:42:56 MST Print View

My set-up:
Firelite Ti Wingstove
Firelite 14g. tabs
Aluminum under the stove to reflect heat and catch any of the burning liquid that might drip from the Firelite tab
Ti foil windscreen
Firelite SUL-550 pot/lid
Firelite SUL Folding Ti Spoon

I can get one Firelite tab to boil water to rehydrate a "Freezer Bag" style dinner and, while the dinner is cooking in the bag, boil water for an 8 to 12 oz. cup of hot chocolate which I drink from the SUL-550 pot.

Lynn Tramper
(retropump) - F

Locale: The Antipodes of La Coruna
Re: esbit stove modifications on 12/02/2007 14:13:20 MST Print View

David, if you want to seriously lighten up your system using solid fuel, you should keep an eye on Trail Designs. They are in the process of designing a Ti solid fuel stove that weighs less than 3 grams, is incredibly fuel efficient when used with a Caldera cone, and has some ability to control the heat output. This stove was one of the reasons I started this thread, as the guys designing the stove need to know what size and shape fuel everyone is using so it will be versatile enough for many uses. I've been testing the prototype of this stove, and it really rocks!