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Make Your Own Gear: Aloksack Chest Pocket
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Benjamin Smith
(bugbomb) - F - M

Locale: South Texas
Make Your Own Gear: Aloksack Chest Pocket on 11/13/2007 21:46:49 MST Print View

Companion forum thread to:

Make Your Own Gear: Aloksack Chest Pocket

Note that the article title was edited to reflect the correct spelling of the Aloksak product.

Edited by bugbomb on 11/14/2007 10:17:44 MST.

Jeremy Cleaveland
(jeremy11) - F

Locale: Exploring San Juan talus
sweet! on 11/13/2007 22:33:58 MST Print View

Nice job, and great idea! I wonder how good Aloksacks sewn onto a hip belt for simple hipbelt pockets would work.

Frank Deland

Locale: On the AT in VA
pocket on 11/14/2007 08:59:28 MST Print View

I do not see why they would not work as a hip belt pocket, but I would warn about carrying a camera on the hip. When you undo the hip buckle and remove your pack, the belt with the weight of the camera will swing around and be prone to bang or drag on the ground. Most times you will remember to remove your pack carefully, but when tired you might forget. It has happened to me. I now carry my camera in a case lashed to the shoulder strap. I like the idea of the waterproof zip-lock as long as it does not swing around too much when one walks.

Lowe Johnston
(LoweJo) - MLife

Locale: Missouri and Texas
Sewing Machine on 11/16/2007 09:50:18 MST Print View

What hobbyist sewing machine are you using and where did you get it? What sewing machine and options do you recommend?
Lowe Johnston

raphael b hartley II
(runaheadfar) - F
aloksack chest pocket on 11/28/2007 14:14:14 MST Print View

can you tell me where you go the light weight cording; I am having trouble finding microweight cording.


Mike Clelland
(mikeclelland) - MLife

Locale: The Tetons (via Idaho)
Aloksack Chest Pocket on 11/29/2007 08:39:51 MST Print View

Answer to where to get LIGHTWEIGHT cordage:

Mike Clelland
(mikeclelland) - MLife

Locale: The Tetons (via Idaho)
Aloksack Chest Pocket on 11/29/2007 08:55:43 MST Print View

Alas, I do NOT have a sewing machine.

But, I could see taking this same design and tweaking it by using DUCT tape and webbing and some glue.

Barge cement would be tidy and plenty strong.

And, GORILLA GLUE makes a "fabric" duct tape that rocks! Thick, strong and sticky. Highly recommended.

- ALSO -

I've been backpacking for a buncha years, and I have ended up with a rubbermaid tub full of little stuff sacks and pouches with zippers. Anybody reading this probably has accumulated a similar pile of cute stuff.

I think I could rig up something out of this tub to work nicely. I worry about bush-whacking thru noth cascade devils club with an alock-sac being so vlnerable to theose prickers!