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Replacing Salomon shoe laces
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Levander Thomas
(levander) - F
Replacing Salomon shoe laces on 10/29/2007 18:01:32 MDT Print View

Everybody knows about the Salomon lacing system, right? You don't tie the laces. They're these smaller strings that you just tug up the tongue of the shoe, then there's a "latch" thing at the top that you squeeze on, and pull the laces through to make the laces stay in place.

My laces tore on one shoe before the shoes themselves stopped providing good support, so I'm trying to replace the laces. I've managed to figure out how to get the laces all the way to the top of the shoe (you have to thread the laces through a paperclip), and managed to get that latch thing on at the top.

Then, you've got two strings sticking out the top of the latch, that you're supposed to secure together somehow. I guess I need to use a knot to secure them together. Because, the provided tubes that you're supposed to slide over the strings and snap the tubes together, those tubes are just too small to get the strings through. I've been trying for half an hour. Paperclips, I looked for a needle, but couldn't find one with an eye that was big enough for the strings.

Has anyone successfully replaced the laces on their Salomon shoes?

Salomon has made the magnanimous decision on their web site to remove any email contact and phone number. There humble suggestion is to talk to your local retailer... Basically, we're just supposed to get support wherever we can find it.

No one has a Salomon phone number so I can call and harass them do they?

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Rod Lawlor
(Rod_Lawlor) - MLife

Locale: Australia
Try this on 10/29/2007 18:14:56 MDT Print View

I'm not sure if this will work, but you could give it a try.

Grab some dental floss, preferably the slippery tape one.

Feed a loop of it DOWN thru the clip. (You might need to use a needle for this)

Pass the end of the lace thru the loop by about an inch.

Now pull the floss UP thru the clip. I think you'll get the double lace thru if you're pulling rather than pushing.

Good luck, Rod

Rod Lawlor
(Rod_Lawlor) - MLife

Locale: Australia
Oops on 10/29/2007 18:17:58 MDT Print View

Sorry, I may have misunderstood what stage you were at.

What's the function of the tube you're stuck at?


Levander Thomas
(levander) - F
Salomon laces on 10/29/2007 19:37:02 MDT Print View

No, your first post is a good suggestion.

You have to get each of the two strings though a tubes. E.g., there are two tubes, one for each string. This is where I'm stuck.

After that, you connect the two tubes together and they snap in place. Thus, joining the two strings together.

I actually just got the two strings together using a "water knot" - something I found on the internet. But, it's kind of a clumsy I think, it looks a little not right. I'll probably try again with the dental floss trick.

I tried to get the shoes laces themselves through a needle, but didn't think to use a bit of indirection with some floss.

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
AHA! on 10/29/2007 21:26:41 MDT Print View


Salomon shoes OR ski boots never fit me well. The "unique" shoe lace setup is just another reason why I shouldn't buy the hiking boots.

(Wait, no customer service? ANOTHER reason)


Michele Mason
(bianchilvr) - MLife
Salomon's Laces on 10/30/2007 05:36:15 MDT Print View

I successfully contacted Salomon USA about 2 years ago and complained that my laces broke. They sent me another pair for free, and they arrived within the same week. Try contacting them from their website.

Levander Thomas
(levander) - F
Salomon laces on 10/30/2007 12:02:51 MDT Print View

In the FAQ on Salomon's web site, they've got a note stating that starting in April '07, they've removed the email link from their web site and recommend you contact your local Salomon retailer. Two years ago was well before April '07.

I knew I was frustrated, but hadn't thought to put it in the terms of "no customer service". But, that's exactly what it is. The shoes are good shoes...

Still planning on trying that dental floss trick.

Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: Replacing Salomon shoe laces ??? on 10/30/2007 15:00:29 MDT Print View

> Everybody knows about the Salomon lacing system, right? You don't tie the laces.
My Salomon Extend Low shoes have ordinary laces going through ordinary eyelets. They work excellently.
What shoes are you talking about?

Joshua Knapp
(Joshjknapp) - F

Locale: Northern Mn, Superior Hiking Trail
Next pair of Salomon's on 10/30/2007 15:45:59 MDT Print View

I have been a big fan salomon shoes, in fact I think i'm on something like my tenth consecutive pair. Love the shoes until the Kevlar laces inevitably fail. For me the laces seem to fail in the same spot, so after a few pairs I realized that a little inconspicuous piece of electrical tape wrapped around the first lace crossing closest to the toe works great. I haven't had a lace fail on me since!

Rob Blazoff
(Genetic) - F

Locale: Out back, brewing beer in BPA.
Re: Replacing Salomon shoe laces on 10/31/2007 01:51:16 MDT Print View

Are you looking for these?Salomon Kevlar Laces Kit.

REI has them.

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Douglas McCoy
(dmccoy) - F

Locale: Spokane Wa
Ordinary laces on 11/01/2007 23:23:17 MDT Print View

I too experianced the same issue with Soloman shoes plus a few other failures that I was dissapointed with (don't go boldering/bushwhacking in the xtr's) I ended up having to just cut the laces off of both shoes and use regualar laces and lace them like regualar shoes and forget about the clippy thingy. I still tuck the excess in the tongue, but they have since became my work shoes becuase they are no longer good for Bping.

Erik Pieh
Re: Replacing Salomon shoe laces on 01/22/2010 12:07:04 MST Print View

I found the number!


They said I had to deal with a local shop.

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Re: Replacing Salomon shoe laces on 01/22/2010 13:01:31 MST Print View

I'm guessing the laces from an old pair of Salomons cannot be removed and used on another pair?

Art ...
(asandh) - F
. . . . . on 01/22/2010 13:24:56 MST Print View

. . . . .

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(vis1234) - F
success withREI kit on 05/31/2010 19:20:42 MDT Print View

I think most of the difficulty owners are having with the replacement laces is due to the large balls that form after burning the tips of the laces. I was able to thread the laces through all of the components once I cut off my first attempt and re-melted the tips just enough so they held together. There was a little excess on them still at this point so I trimmed that off with a scissors. As long as the melted tips are not wider than the laces they fit fairly easily through everything. I think the main point is initially melt them with the idea that you are trying to thread the laces and nothing else. You've also got a lot of lace to work with so don't worry about doing it several times if you need to. After I had everything threaded I melted a much bigger ball at the ends to ensure they wouldn't fray. Another tough spot I had was locking the two Break-Away laces together. I got this to work once I pushed the knot on the wide end through the small tube on the other end before I pushed them together.
Other notes: The REI laces are not the same material as the originals. This makes melting the tips easier, but may mean that the flexibility of these laces is not the same. As far as reusing laces from an old pair instead of buying the kit I think it could be done--the only thing missing is the lockers. But without the lockers it wouldn't be pretty, and it would probably be a lot more trouble than it's worth.

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