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totally off topic
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david epley
(RenMan) - F
totally off topic on 08/07/2005 20:19:06 MDT Print View

Hi all,
This really isn't chaff, but I had to share this tale with somebody.

I make my living writing and performing comedy shows at renaissance festivals. In between shows I work as a firefighter/EMT.
The other night we had a unique call. It was my wife's 40th birthday party and my radio pager went off for an EMS call at the local university. I hopped in the truck, headed to the station and joined the rest of the crew on duty that night. Lights and sirens ablaze we headed to the dorms, screached into the parking lot, grabbed equipment, and headed up to the room in question.
We arrived to find a *BEEP* pot-luck gone wrong. (OK, the fact that it was an all *BEEP* gathering has absolutely no bearing on the pertinent facts, but you gotta admit, the phrase conjures comedy.)
Anyway, as we arrived one girl was fuming at the others for calling 911 and shouting that poison control was nothing but a "strategic font of capitalistic propoganda." She, of course, was not sick. The 6 other girls who had eaten the homemade "wild carrot" stew, which happened to have been made by the vocal militant one, were holding their guts, moaning in pain, and basically unable to move. In short, they were way sick.
As we packaged the girls for transport we gathered information and learned that the non-sick girl had gone onto the school golf course that night and harvested what she thought were wild carrots and cooked what was apparently a delicious stew. Within 15 minutes the girls were all feeling the pains of gastrointestinal distress, called poison control, and swallowed that big brother propogandist line of "Call 911".
In the end the girls all turned out OK, thanks to the hospital staff doing some quick research and realizing that these young ladies had unkowingly sat down that night for an evening of comeraderie, some good natured ribbing, and hot steaming bowls of Hemlock soup.
Socrates would've been proud.

Doug Johnson
(djohnson) - MLife

Locale: Washington State
great story on 08/08/2005 08:20:31 MDT Print View

David- what a story! Thanks for sharing- that's a memorable one!


Ryan Jordan
(ryan) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Greater Yellowstone
Hey DJ Get to Work on 08/08/2005 11:05:40 MDT Print View

What is staff doing hanging out in chaff?


Agree, that's a good tale!

paul johnson
(pj) - F

Locale: LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
Hey RJ, Re: Hey DJ Get to Work on 08/08/2005 14:47:20 MDT Print View

>> oh...BTW...if you weren't checking "Chaff" yourself, how did you know DJ had posted? sends automated SMS messages to my Blackberry when staff is goofing off. It's been going off a lot lately. Pre-OR calm before the storm. We're all very excited and get distracted.

Yes, feeling better. Bone is fused, PT starts. 4 more weeks to freedom, hopefully.

Edited by ryan on 08/09/2005 01:30:35 MDT.