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"Intelligent conversations about lightweight backpacking technique, gear, and philosophy from the most passionate backpackers in the world..."

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Reader Gear Reviews
Gear reviews submitted by readers, complete with ratings.


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GEAR | 25031 threads, 302676 posts

GEAR talk. Everything GEAR. All about GEAR. Ultralight backpacking gear. Lightweight backpacking gear. Hiking gear. Anything GEAR. Gear that sucks, gear that works, gear that's cheap, gear that's cool, gear that's overrated by lying manufacturers, gear that's only available from a side street Spanish market, gear that breaks, gear that's multi-use, gear that can be Googled, GEAR GEAR GEAR GEAR GEAR. Now go. Talk 'some gear.

Re: Re: Re: how cold can you use a ...
12/18/2014 02:09:31 MST
by Justin Baker
Gear Lists | 1662 threads, 21306 posts

Post your gear list here, get some feedback, debate the choices. Trying to cut down from 35 pounds? 6 pounds? It doesn't matter where you're at with your ultralight journey... we're here to help!

Heavy Hammockers?
12/17/2014 23:22:47 MST
by Bob Shuff
Multiple Use Gear | 309 threads, 3497 posts

"Multiple Use" as applied to a piece of gear is a foundation principle of lightweight backpacking. This forum deals with the topic in greater depth.

Swedish lip balms
12/10/2014 11:52:22 MST
by Christian Edstrom
Make Your Own Gear | 5642 threads, 55020 posts

Do-it-yourself tips and tricks, material sources, patterns, techniques, and discussions of how to HACK UP off the market products to make them lighter (and sometimes, better).

Re: Re: Re: A new Silnylon availabl...
12/17/2014 23:19:35 MST
by Roger Caffin
Gear Deals | 4750 threads, 27897 posts

Announcements of online & local sales, coupons, etc. Commercial posts OK, but ONLY if you are announcing a sale or coupon.

Re: Re: 5.10 closeout sale 29-39$ g...
12/17/2014 13:41:35 MST
by Seth R
Gear Swap | 37237 threads, 156864 posts

New and used gear to buy, sell, or trade.

Membership Required to Create New Threads: Offers to buy and sell used gear is a privilege of Membership. Please support our forums and SUBSCRIBE today.

  • For Sale postings may not include references (especially URLs) to any external listings. We'll cheerfully remove such cross-posting information.
  • Begin your post with FS (For Sale) or WTB (Want To Buy) for clarity.
  • Once your item has sold, please edit your first post to reflect that fact.
  • Posting a price reduction on an unsold item is perfectly OK, as is posting that some items have been sold. However, 'bumping' postings so they are back at the head of the queue is severely frowned upon and may result in the removal of the whole thread. The same applies to WTB posting.

12/18/2014 03:41:14 MST
by John Davis


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General Lightweight Backpacking Discussion | 3584 threads, 49561 posts

General discussion of lightweight hiking/backpacking and other backcountry activities.

Re: Naughty list....
12/18/2014 00:37:51 MST
by Cameron M
SuperUltraLight (SUL) Backpacking Discussion | 124 threads, 2604 posts

Discussion of SUL hiking/backpacking and ways to trim even MORE weight from your pack.

Re: SUL List - Thru Hike Capable?...
12/17/2014 20:20:27 MST
by Aaron Sorensen
Philosophy & Technique | 1077 threads, 21157 posts

Discussions about the ethereal philosophy of going light, balanced (maybe) by both rational and (very likely) irrational discussions of "best practices", techniques, etc.

10 Tips on Staying Warm in Winter b...
12/17/2014 23:18:45 MST
by eric chan
Food, Hydration, and Nutrition | 1549 threads, 19503 posts

All is well if you have an eight pound base (dry) pack weight, but you have to add food and water sooner or later. Use this forum to discuss the acquisition, packaging, and preparation of backcountry ingestibles. Post your favorite trail recipes too.

Re: Why just Aquamira??
12/17/2014 14:06:38 MST
by Bob Gross


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Backpacking Light with Scouts | 128 threads, 1519 posts

A place to share experiences, stories, techniques, and gear ideas for backpacking light with Scouts.

Great start
11/18/2014 09:05:23 MST
by ed dzierzak
Philmont | 148 threads, 1822 posts

A place for the discussion of gear, techniques, and strategies for High Adventure at the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

Glad that I had...
11/20/2014 11:52:44 MST
by Gerry Brucia


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Editor's Roundtable | 1002 threads, 25160 posts

Discussions related to specific articles published at, as well as open letters to the editor.

Re: Re: Lightweight Backpacking New...
12/17/2014 19:46:07 MST
by Christopher *
Pre-Trip Planning | 1412 threads, 10386 posts

Ask questions, post your plans, gather feedback.

12/18/2014 00:57:11 MST
by Bob Gross
Hiking Partners / Group Trip Announcements | 1573 threads, 17672 posts

Need a partner? Need a shuttle? Find them here.

Re: winter backing trip(s) in north...
12/15/2014 22:22:06 MST
by Ian B.
Post-Trip Reports | 2110 threads, 16154 posts

Post trip reports, backyard gear testing fiascos, etc.

Re: video
12/17/2014 16:11:36 MST
by Randy Nelson
On the Web | 539 threads, 3031 posts

Post your surf slop here - personal websites or other Web resources that will be informative to lightweight backpackers.

Re: Spider Goat Silk
12/17/2014 14:26:28 MST
by Justin Whitson
Chaff | 2112 threads, 38509 posts

Unrelated to any of the forums above. No rules regarding the topic. Opinions, politics, the benefits of heavy gear, you name it. Please, no commercial posts, and NO SPAM. Courtesy is monitored in the other forums. In this one, you may need some thick skin to play with the big dogs.

Re: Trolls May Possibly Be BPL Staf...
12/17/2014 21:46:54 MST
by Ken Thompson
Photo Gallery | 376 threads, 3921 posts

A place to post photos - we're just testing this feature for now to see how it goes.

Nice shots
12/17/2014 17:20:14 MST
by Tom Kirchner


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Packrafting | 171 threads, 1188 posts

Packrafting is the use of a backpackable, inflatable boat for wilderness travel and sport. Discuss gear, techniques, trips, and the latest in packrafting trends here.

Re Small Rafts
12/17/2014 17:48:01 MST
by Luke Schmidt
Mountaineering & Alpinism | 282 threads, 2665 posts

Discussion of ultralight techniques, gear, and philosophy as they directly relate to more vertical pursuits above the treeline.

53 vs 58 cm ice axe
12/11/2014 12:21:49 MST
by rOg w
Winter Hiking | 519 threads, 5747 posts

If your mission is vertical, check out the "Mountaineering and Alpinism" forum. All other winter hikers, this is your gig. Techniques and gear for dealing with SNOW and COLD.

Snow in my mountains!
12/16/2014 18:37:48 MST
by Eric Blumensaadt
Fishing | 254 threads, 2206 posts

Fly fishing, spin fishing, lightweight gear and techniques for the backcountry.

12/03/2014 18:10:29 MST
by Matthew Turner
Photography | 572 threads, 5896 posts

Camera gear, techniques, strategies for going light, etc.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Better than the...
12/17/2014 17:28:16 MST
by Ian B.
Other Activities | 204 threads, 1673 posts

Other activities not specifically related to hiking or camping, or the other Off-Piste forum topics.

Re: Re: Re: re: Where to buy......
12/16/2014 17:13:01 MST
by Katherine .
Bikepacking & Bicycle Touring | 125 threads, 979 posts

A place to discuss ultralight bicycle touring also referred to as ultralight bikepacking.

Around 9.5 lb on a Krampus
12/14/2014 12:54:06 MST
by Kevin Buggie
Hammocks | 139 threads, 1316 posts

Specifically for those lightweight hangers in our midst.

Re: 9x9 Tarp for a Hammock
12/15/2014 13:35:44 MST
by Ian B.


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Content Solicitations | 9 threads, 88 posts

Solicitations for editorial content for authors, photographers, podcasters, and video producers.

Website & Forum Admin/Support | 569 threads, 4330 posts

A place where members can ask specific questions from the forum community about using the website or its forums that can be answered by other community members. Support issues related to membership account maintenance should be referred directly to BPL Support Staff.

Re: HTML Tags Allowed in Forum Post...
12/17/2014 23:46:06 MST
by Robert Blean
User Test Forum | 1020 threads, 1974 posts

For testing the forum interface. A place where newbies can post test messages without getting flamed. Nothing informative here, total trash.

test bg
12/17/2014 23:19:18 MST
by Robert Blean