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"Intelligent conversations about lightweight backpacking technique, gear, and philosophy from the most passionate backpackers in the world..."

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Reader Gear Reviews
Gear reviews submitted by readers, complete with ratings.


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GEAR TESTING | 2 threads, 7 posts

This is an experimental Channel at this stage. It seems some vendors are willing to offer to BPL Members (M and L) a small quantity of some backpacking items for TESTING and REVIEW. To claim one of these items you should send a small email request to (the email addy may change later) naming the item, giving your full name and address (for posting), a promise to write a small Review later on, plus any other details needed (like size or colour). There will be a time limit for this. We will forward the names and addresses of the successful bidders to the vendor so they can do the posting. Yes, this is a closed channel: no posting here.

Lost canyon by Nina Revoyr
10/02/2015 16:36:19 MDT
by Roger Caffin
GEAR | 26787 threads, 327835 posts

GEAR talk. Everything GEAR. All about GEAR. Ultralight backpacking gear. Lightweight backpacking gear. Hiking gear. Anything GEAR. Gear that sucks, gear that works, gear that's cheap, gear that's cool, gear that's overrated by lying manufacturers, gear that's only available from a side street Spanish market, gear that breaks, gear that's multi-use, gear that can be Googled, GEAR GEAR GEAR GEAR GEAR. Now go. Talk 'some gear.

Re: Re: Backcountry Word Processing...
10/04/2015 13:33:04 MDT
by Paul S
Gear Lists | 1777 threads, 22655 posts

Post your gear list here, get some feedback, debate the choices. Trying to cut down from 35 pounds? 6 pounds? It doesn't matter where you're at with your ultralight journey... we're here to help!

10/04/2015 11:08:44 MDT
by Kenneth Keating
Multiple Use Gear | 326 threads, 3850 posts

"Multiple Use" as applied to a piece of gear is a foundation principle of lightweight backpacking. This forum deals with the topic in greater depth.

Re: Question about mobile phone ser...
09/30/2015 19:26:24 MDT
by Dale Wambaugh
Make Your Own Gear | 5943 threads, 57918 posts

Do-it-yourself tips and tricks, material sources, patterns, techniques, and discussions of how to HACK UP off the market products to make them lighter (and sometimes, better).

Re: Re: Re: Re Larger pots
10/03/2015 09:06:25 MDT
by David Gardner
Gear Deals | 5022 threads, 30344 posts

The Gear Deals channel is offered as a service to BPL members.

It allows for announcements by vendors subject to certain conditions:

  • Items MUST be relevant to light-weight backpacking and BPL
  • Commercial postings require full disclosure of affiliation
  • Such postings must represent a DEAL for BPL members, in the form of a discount or coupon which is UNIQUE to BPL members, not just available to anyone via a web site or where-ever.
  • Kickstarter announcements do not include a BPL-specific DEAL and do not qualify for listing.

On the other hand, if you are reporting on what could be a good deal you have seen somewhere else, not connected in any way to you, that is usually OK.

We reserve the right to delete unacceptable postings.

Mini tents
10/04/2015 12:47:32 MDT
by Matthew Perry
Gear Swap | 42268 threads, 174357 posts

New and used gear to buy, sell, or trade.

Membership Required to Create New Threads: Offers to buy and sell used gear is a privilege of Membership. Please support our forums and SUBSCRIBE today.

  • For Sale postings may not include references (especially URLs) to any external listings. We'll cheerfully remove such cross-posting information.
  • Begin your post with FS (For Sale) or WTB (Want To Buy) for clarity.
  • Once your item has sold, please edit your first post to reflect that fact.
  • Posting a significant price reduction on an unsold item is perfectly OK, as is posting that some items have been sold. However, 'bumping' postings so they are back at the head of the queue or posting trivial price reductions of less than 2% is not permitted and may result in the removal of the whole thread. The same applies to WTB posting.

WTB: Zpacks Poncho, Twin Size...
10/04/2015 13:27:50 MDT
by Likes Hikes


Latest Post

Speed Hiking and Fastpacking | 32 threads, 611 posts

Dedicated to Speed Hiking and Fastpacking TRIPS themselves. Gear discussions should go in the SUL or Gear channels.

either way...
10/03/2015 07:18:05 MDT
by Jennifer Mitol
General Lightweight Backpacking Discussion | 3796 threads, 53352 posts

General discussion of lightweight hiking/backpacking and other backcountry activities.

Re: AC joint injury
10/04/2015 12:20:33 MDT
by Greg Mihalik
SuperUltraLight (SUL) Backpacking Discussion | 138 threads, 3132 posts

Discussion of SUL hiking/backpacking and ways to trim even MORE weight from your pack.

Re: My SUL setup ,what i like about...
10/01/2015 20:05:51 MDT
by Eric Hine
Philosophy & Technique | 1141 threads, 22619 posts

Discussions about the ethereal philosophy of going light, balanced (maybe) by both rational and (very likely) irrational discussions of "best practices", techniques, etc.

Together and apart.
10/02/2015 19:37:06 MDT
by Sean G
Food, Hydration, and Nutrition | 1660 threads, 21025 posts

All is well if you have an eight pound base (dry) pack weight, but you have to add food and water sooner or later. Use this forum to discuss the acquisition, packaging, and preparation of backcountry ingestibles. Post your favorite trail recipes too.

Bear Naked
10/03/2015 19:32:59 MDT
by William Giles


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Backpacking Light with Scouts | 134 threads, 1564 posts

A place to share experiences, stories, techniques, and gear ideas for backpacking light with Scouts.

09/24/2015 13:36:55 MDT
by Rex Sanders
Philmont | 162 threads, 2014 posts

A place for the discussion of gear, techniques, and strategies for High Adventure at the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

Crew Slots
10/02/2015 08:12:44 MDT
by Jamie Barnes


Latest Post

Editor's Roundtable | 1085 threads, 26531 posts

Discussions related to specific articles published at, as well as open letters to the editor.

10/02/2015 11:08:36 MDT
by Robert Diehl
Pre-Trip Planning | 1751 threads, 13028 posts

Ask questions, post your plans, gather feedback.

daily mileage
10/04/2015 12:48:26 MDT
by Joe Tidwell
Hiking Partners / Group Trip Announcements | 1646 threads, 18736 posts

Need a partner? Need a shuttle? Find them here.

Re: Hiking partner
10/04/2015 13:23:06 MDT
by Greg Mihalik
Post-Trip Reports | 2279 threads, 17295 posts

Post trip reports, backyard gear testing fiascos, etc.

09/30/2015 11:12:56 MDT
by Allen Butts
On the Web | 634 threads, 3530 posts

Post your surf slop here - personal websites or other Web resources that will be informative to lightweight backpackers.

Night Hiking To Mars!
10/01/2015 08:53:48 MDT
by Shane O'Donnell
Chaff | 2389 threads, 43576 posts

Unrelated to any of the forums above. No rules regarding the topic. Opinions, politics, the benefits of heavy gear, you name it. Please, no commercial posts, and NO SPAM. Courtesy is monitored in the other forums. In this one, you may need some thick skin to play with the big dogs.

The Carbon Flame War
10/04/2015 11:59:07 MDT
by Willie Evenstop
Photo Gallery | 417 threads, 4256 posts

A place to post photos - we're just testing this feature for now to see how it goes.

Re: Jen's Colorado Trail almost-Thr...
10/02/2015 08:13:11 MDT
by Billy Ray


Latest Post

The Natural Environment | 7 threads, 57 posts

This channel, in response to popular demand, is for discussions about flora, fauna, geology and all the wonders of Nature. (It's not for Trip Reports or Gear or other such things.)

Re: Favorite Birds!
09/26/2015 16:29:33 MDT
by Bob .
Packrafting | 184 threads, 1326 posts

Packrafting is the use of a backpackable, inflatable boat for wilderness travel and sport. Discuss gear, techniques, trips, and the latest in packrafting trends here.

Ultra HD video ?
09/16/2015 23:17:56 MDT
by Willie Evenstop
Mountaineering & Alpinism | 294 threads, 2875 posts

Discussion of ultralight techniques, gear, and philosophy as they directly relate to more vertical pursuits above the treeline.

Re: Re
09/24/2015 19:02:38 MDT
by Stephen M
Winter Hiking | 544 threads, 6042 posts

If your mission is vertical, check out the "Mountaineering and Alpinism" forum. All other winter hikers, this is your gig. Techniques and gear for dealing with SNOW and COLD.

Down in the Smokies
10/04/2015 09:14:01 MDT
by Ben Crocker
Fishing | 284 threads, 2519 posts

Fly fishing, spin fishing, lightweight gear and techniques for the backcountry.

09/07/2015 23:26:25 MDT
by brian H
Photography | 605 threads, 6370 posts

Camera gear, techniques, strategies for going light, etc.

10/02/2015 11:06:33 MDT
by Bob Shaver
Other Activities | 206 threads, 1700 posts

Other activities not specifically related to hiking or camping, or the other Off-Piste forum topics.

Magazines vs floorplates
05/26/2015 01:01:06 MDT
by Dave P
Bikepacking & Bicycle Touring | 146 threads, 1122 posts

A place to discuss ultralight bicycle touring also referred to as ultralight bikepacking.

Re: Upcoming Arkel Bikepacking Bag...
09/28/2015 16:36:54 MDT
by John McAlpine
Hammocks | 154 threads, 1458 posts

Specifically for those lightweight hangers in our midst.

09/30/2015 15:52:22 MDT
by Brendan Yeager


Latest Post

Content Solicitations | 9 threads, 83 posts

Solicitations for editorial content for authors, photographers, podcasters, and video producers.

Re: Bump
09/18/2015 16:23:40 MDT
by Bradford Rogers
Website & Forum Admin/Support | 601 threads, 4827 posts

A place where members can ask specific questions from the forum community about using the website or its forums that can be answered by other community members. Support issues related to membership account maintenance should be referred directly to BPL Support Staff.

09/27/2015 09:46:13 MDT
by David T
User Test Forum | 1101 threads, 2100 posts

For testing the forum interface. A place where newbies can post test messages without getting flamed. Nothing informative here, total trash.

Re: HTML Test
09/15/2015 14:01:29 MDT
by Ken T.