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M Foot Care for Diabetic Hikers

by Gerard Olenick

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Article Summary:

Diabetics risk developing all sorts of long-term complications. A very common problem is the development of foot problems (nerve and blood vessel damage), which if left unnoticed and untreated can lead to amputation. Diabetes causes hardening of the arteries, thereby restricting blood flow to the extremities; a majority of diabetics that enter the hospital have foot related problems. I am in the high-risk category for foot problems being over 50, male, and approaching 10 years as a diabetic, with the added handicap of a very weak ankle from numerous bad sprains when I was young. So I have to pay special attention to my lower extremities. What follows is the foot care regimen I have developed to keep my feet healthy. Many of the things I discuss are common sense and will work for the non-diabetic just as well.


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